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CatMouse Not Working? Here are the 7 Best Alternatives

If you‘ve been using CatMouse APK for streaming movies and shows, you may have found it‘s no longer working. The developers announced CatMouse is shutting down for good.

But don‘t worry, you have plenty of great options to replace this popular cord-cutting app. In this guide, I‘ll compare the top 7 alternatives to CatMouse for seamless streaming.

I‘ve tested and used all of these apps extensively, so I‘ll provide detailed instructions to get you set up. By the end, you‘ll have a new go-to streaming app – let‘s get started!

Why Did CatMouse Stop Working?

First, let‘s quickly recap why CatMouse is not working. On March 2nd, 2021, the developers tweeted that CatMouse would be slowly winding down operations.

Here is the full announcement:

CatMouse shutdown tweet

Shortly after this tweet, CatMouse users found the app shut off completely. The ability to download CatMouse APK from the web was also removed.

So it seems the developers decided to close up shop on CatMouse for good. Reports indicate they wanted to take a break and work on other projects.

This isn‘t the first popular streaming app we‘ve seen disappear. Services like Terrarium TV and Mobdro also shutdown out of nowhere.

Being an unofficial 3rd party app outside of app stores leads to instability. Plus hosting large amounts of copyrighted content adds further risks.

While sad to see CatMouse go, the good news is we have great alternatives! Next I‘ll overview my top 7 recommended replacements.

7 Best CatMouse Alternatives

I‘ve compiled this list of the top streaming apps to use instead of CatMouse based on:

  • Content selection – number of movies, shows, channels
  • Stream quality – SD, HD, 4K sources
  • Debrid support – ability to integrate Real-Debrid or Premiumize
  • Device availability – iOS, Android, Firestick, etc
  • Stability – likelihood of continued uptime

Let‘s jump in!

1. Cinema HD – Best Overall Replacement

I recommend Cinema HD as the closest match to replace CatMouse outright.

This popular streaming app provides thousands of movies and shows within an easy-to-use interface. Plus Cinema HD integrates seamlessly with Real-Debrid services for higher quality streams.

Some key features that make Cinema HD the best CatMouse alternative:

  • Large library of movies and TV shows
  • Streams in SD, HD, and 4K quality
  • Support for Chromecast streaming
  • Real-Debrid and Trakt integration
  • Intuitive navigation and menus

Overall, Cinema HD mimics the CatMouse experience very closely in terms of both content selection and usability. Fans of CatMouse should feel right at home with this excellent app.

Let‘s compare some more details between Cinema HD and CatMouse:

Cinema HD CatMouse
Content library size Over 5,000 movies, over 750 TV shows Over 4,000 movies, over 500 TV shows
Stream quality SD/HD/4K SD/HD
Hardware support Firestick, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Firestick, Android, Windows
Paid debrid links Yes (Real-Debrid) Yes (Real-Debrid)

As you can see, Cinema HD either matches or exceeds CatMouse in nearly all streaming features.

The installation process is also fast and easy across devices. Simply download the Cinema HD APK file onto your device such as a Firestick, install, and start watching.

I have Cinema HD installed on all of my streaming devices and use it daily with great results. I‘m confident you‘ll love it too!

Click here to see my full Cinema HD installation guide and review »

Cinema HD streaming app

2. Kodi – Most Customizable Streaming

If you want maximum customization for your streaming, Kodi is a top choice to replace CatMouse.

Kodi works as a media center hub that you can outfit with tons of community-made addons and builds. This gives you options galore when setting up your entertainment experience.

Some key benefits of Kodi include:

  • Massive selection of addons for all content types
  • Highly flexible interface with custom skins and views
  • Availability on pretty much any streaming platform
  • Integration with free and debrid-powered streams

For example, you can use Kodi addons like The Crew, Fen, and Ezra to replicate the movie and show selection of CatMouse. Then expand even further to live TV, music, gaming, and more – Kodi does it all.

The main downside to Kodi is the setup process is more complex compared to "out of the box" streaming apps. You‘ll need to install Kodi, get addons/builds, and customize configurations.

But in the end you get an infinitely flexible streaming machine on whatever device you want. Kodi has been a top streaming platform for over 15 years for good reason!

Get my full Kodi setup walkthrough here »

Kodi media center

3. Stremio – An All-in-One Media Center

Stremio is another media center in the same vein as Kodi that makes for awesome CatMouse alternative.

This app consolidates different content libraries into one place through the use of addons. This gives you a one-stop shop to stream from a bunch of different sources.

Some of the benefits of using Stremio include:

  • Unified streaming experience from various addons
  • Intuitive interface and navigation
  • Casting capabilities to external devices
  • Integration of Real-Debrid for premium streams
  • Availability across many platforms like Firestick and Android

For example, Stremio addons like ThePirateBay, RARBG Torrents, and YouTube let you stream video, audio, and more from both legal and p2p sources.

The addon system provides endless flexibility just like Kodi. You can craft Stremio into the perfect streaming toolbox no matter the content you desire.

I suggest Stremio for any previous CatMouse users looking for robust features beyond standalone apps like Cinema HD. The possibilities are endless!

Get my Stremio setup guide here »

Stremio streaming

4. Syncler – Specialized for Movies & TV

If you want an app specifically designed to replicate CatMouse‘s focus on movies and TV shows, check out Syncler.

Developed as a clone of the popular streaming APK TVZion, Syncler is laser-focused on providing premium movie and show streams.

Some of the benefits Syncler provides include:

  • Huge catalog of movies and shows from torrent trackers
  • Link filtering to surface only the best quality streams
  • Trakt and Real-Debrid integration
  • Multi-source scraping to combine links
  • Downloading content for offline playback

The setup process for Syncler is a bit more complex because it relies on external providers. But once configured fully, it‘s a seamless way to watch the latest films and episodes in HD and 4K quality.

For Cordcutters missing their favorite shows on CatMouse, Syncler brings that back through sleek interface and integration. Give it a try!

Get the full Syncler install guide here »

Syncler streaming app

5. Plex – For Streaming Your Own Media

Plex takes a different approach from the previous apps by focusing on your personal media collection. But it still ranks as a great CatMouse alternative.

This tool lets you aggregate and stream content from your owned files and devices. For example, you could:

  • Stream movies on your home server to your phone
  • Cast home videos to your family‘s tablets
  • Sync your photo library across devices
  • Access your music from anywhere

Plex essentially creates your own personal streaming network.

Some key features include:

  • Apps across all major platforms
  • Intuitive viewing and playback
  • Some free content included
  • Ability to add plugins and channels
  • Remote streaming outside home

There is a learning curve to get Plex fully up and running compared to other apps here. You‘ll need to install the Plex server and connect your devices. But once configured it‘s fantastic for accessing your owned media anywhere.

Give Plex a try for building your own streaming ecosystem beyond what CatMouse offered.

See my guide on setting up Plex »

Plex media server

6. The Crew – Popular Kodi Addon

The Crew is one of the most popular Kodi addons for streaming movies, shows, sports, and more. I recommend it as both a standalone option and expansion to beef up your Kodi setup.

Some key features of The Crew:

  • Movies sorted by genre, release year, Most Popular, etc
  • TV shows sections for Newest Episodes, Popular Shows, Networks
  • Wide range of live sports from NFL to NCAAF, Soccer, Boxing, and more
  • Ability to integrate Real-Debrid for high-quality streams

This community-run addon indexes links from around the web so you can access a huge library of content. The Crew captures a lot what made CatMouse special in terms of entertainment options.

You can install The Crew a few different ways:

  • Within Kodi as an addon – This lets you use it alongside other Kodi addons seamlessly
  • APK for Android – Sideload the app directly without Kodi
  • On app boxes like Firestick or Chromecast

However you use The Crew, you‘ll unlock thousands of streaming options. It‘s a stellar CatMouse replacement!

Click here to get my Crew install guide »

Kodi Crew addon

7. Tubi – A Free Streaming App

My final CatMouse alternative recommendation is Tubi for entirely free, ad-supported streaming.

Tubi TV provides thousands of movies and shows totally free. There‘s no signup or subscription needed to start watching.

Some highlights of Tubi:

  • 100% free library of movies and TV shows
  • Content available on demand with no subscription
  • Easy navigation by genre
  • Available on pretty much all devices – Firestick, Roku, iOS, Android, etc

You won‘t get premium integrations like Real-Debrid or advanced playback features with Tubi. But it excels at easy, unlimited on-demand streaming.

Tubi works great for those missing the simplicity of CatMouse but not wanting the complex setup of heavy duty media centers. Give it a shot!

See how to watch Tubi TV here »

Tubi TV

Wrap Up

I know it‘s disappointing to see a popular streaming app like CatMouse go offline unexpectedly. Luckily there are tons of great replacements available in 2022.

Now that I‘ve covered my top 7 recommendations, you have plenty of options to choose from. I suggest starting with Cinema HD or Kodi depending on if you prefer a simple streaming app or maximum customization.

No matter which alternative you pick, I do recommend pairing it with a good VPN for privacy and security. My favorite is Surfshark due to the unlimited connections and blazing speeds.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions about setting up your new CatMouse alternative. Happy streaming!


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