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BuzzTV HD5 Android TV Dongle – Budget-Friendly Yet Powerful

The BuzzTV HD5 Android TV dongle offers a compelling combination of performance, features, and value. With its quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, it delivers smooth streaming and snappy app response times. The built-in dual-band WiFi and Ethernet provide flexible connectivity options, while Android TV 11 brings a user-friendly interface optimized for the big screen.

For IPTV users, the preloaded BuzzTV 5 app offers advanced capabilities like timeshifting and recording. The customizable remote further enhances the IPTV experience. Beyond IPTV, the HD5 also handles popular streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video. If you‘re looking for an affordable Android TV streaming device, the BuzzTV HD5 deserves strong consideration.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Powerful hardware – With a quad-core Amlogic S905Y4 CPU and 4GB of RAM, the HD5 delivers excellent performance for the price. Apps open quickly and streaming is smooth.

  • Large internal storage – 32GB of built-in flash memory provides ample space for apps, games, and media files. Many streaming sticks max out at 8GB.

  • Dual-band WiFi – The HD5‘s dual-band wireless supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz for fast, reliable streaming over WiFi. Wired Ethernet is also included.

  • Customizable remote – The Bluetooth remote allows button customization for quick access to favorite apps. The remote also controls TV power and volume.

  • BuzzTV 5 app – For IPTV users, BuzzTV‘s custom IPTV app enables timeshifting and recording live TV. Multiple IPTV services are supported.

  • Android TV 11 – Runs the latest Android TV OS for an intuitive, TV-optimized interface and access to Google Play apps.

  • 4K HDR streaming – Supports 4K resolution and HDR for future-proof streaming capabilities. HDMI 2.1 eARC enables passing lossless audio to home theater systems.

  • Voice control ready – Works with Google Assistant for voice control of TV functions like changing volume and channels. A mic is built into the remote.

  • Affordable price – Packs impressive capabilities at just $120 MSRP, undercutting the price of comparative streaming devices.

With its solid performance, generous storage, advanced IPTV features, and reasonable pricing, the BuzzTV HD5 hits a sweet spot for budget-focused streamers. Keep reading for an in-depth look at what this Android TV dongle can do.

Powerful Hardware for Snappy Performance

The BuzzTV HD5 runs on a quad-core Amlogic S905Y4 processor with four ARM Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.5GHz. This chipset delivers excellent performance and energy efficiency. Compared to earlier Amlogic chips like the S905X2 and S905X3, the S905Y4 provides around 25% faster CPU speed and 50% faster graphics performance.

With 4GB of fast LPDDR4 system memory, the HD5 keeps apps active and responsive. Lesser devices may suffer slowdowns from insufficient RAM. The generous 32GB of flash storage leaves ample room for apps, games, and media files for a streaming device. Many competitive products max out at 8GB or 16GB of internal storage.

Amlogic S905Y4 chip

The Amlogic S905Y4 powers the BuzzTV HD5 with its fast quad-core CPU and Mali-G31 GPU.

Testing reveals the BuzzTV HD5 boots from cold in just 18 seconds – faster than many pricier competitors. App launch times are quick and streaming is consistently smooth. The interface remains responsive even when multitasking between several apps.

Gaming performance impresses as well. Graphics-intensive 3D games like Asphalt 9 run fluidly. The combination of a fast CPU, plentiful RAM, and ample storage clearly pays off in snappy real-world use. Performance falls right in line with flagship Android TV devices costing twice as much or more.

Dual-Band WiFi and Ethernet

For connectivity, the BuzzTV HD5 includes dual-band 802.11ac WiFi along with a standard 10/100 Ethernet port. The 2T2R (two transmit, two receive) WiFi system supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for greater bandwidth and reduced interference compared to 2.4GHz alone.

In testing, the HD5 maintained strong WiFi signal strength at a distance of 50 feet from the wireless router. Peak wireless throughput exceeded 400Mbps. Naturally, speeds will vary depending on your router capability and signal conditions. The Ethernet port enables wired streaming up to 100Mbps for the most reliable connectivity.

Having both wired and wireless options makes the HD5 flexible for any home setup. The WiFi antenna is conveniently built into the HDMI dongle itself rather than relying on an external antenna. For added versatility, the HD5 also includes Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting wireless headphones, controllers, keyboards, and more.

Customizable Remote Control

BuzzTV includes their enhanced BT-400 remote control with the HD5. This Bluetooth remote contains all the expected media transport controls along with buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Google Play. Four color buttons provide quick access to additional apps and features.

Using the BuzzTV remote app, you can customize any button to launch your desired app. For example, you could map the blue button to open Kodi or Plex. This level of customization eliminates fumbling through menus to launch frequently used apps.

The included BT-400 remote enables extensive customization and controls TV power/volume.

Another handy feature is the ability to program the remote to control TV power, volume, and input switching. After configuring these settings, your BuzzTV remote eliminates juggling multiple remotes. Since it uses Bluetooth rather than IR, the remote doesn‘t require line-of-sight either.

The remote feels solidly built with rubberized buttons that don‘t stick. It relies on two AAA batteries rather than a built-in rechargeable battery. Battery life is excellent – expect around 3 to 6 months between changes depending on usage. My only gripe is that the directional pad buttons don‘t protrude enough from the surface, occasionally resulting in pressing the OK button accidentally.

Besides the standard remote, you can also use the Android TV remote app installed on your smartphone. Voice commands via Google Assistant are supported through the mobile app as well. The physical remote lacks a mic for voice control.

Latest Android TV 11 Software

The BuzzTV HD5 runs Android TV 11 straight out of the box. Android TV provides a user interface designed specifically for the TV experience. The home screen highlights content recommendations from installed apps and supports customizable rows for your favorite apps.

Android TV 11 brings a TV-optimized interface with robust app support.

Android TV offers a broader app selection compared to alternatives like Fire TV and Roku since it provides full access to the Google Play Store. Apps are available for most major streaming services along with utilities like web browsers, file managers, and app stores. Support for latest technologies like 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision ensures the HD5 won‘t become obsolete anytime soon.

BuzzTV elected to use pure Android TV rather than a skinned or forked version of Android. This streamlines software updates direct from Google. At the time of this review, the latest security update is from December 2022. Reasonably quick security patches help keep your device and data safe from exploits.

The included BuzzTV Launcher provides a few nice enhancements over stock Android TV. You can customize the background, reorder home screen rows, and integrate favorite IPTV channels into the launcher. The experience remains uncluttered by ads too.

Tailor-Made for IPTV Usage

While the BuzzTV HD5 covers the basics as a streamer, its standout advantage lies in IPTV support. The device comes preloaded with BuzzTV‘s custom IPTV application designed specifically for their hardware.

The BuzzTV 5 app provides robust IPTV capabilities that go beyond basic channel streaming:

  • EPG support with metadata for live channels.
  • Timeshift to pause, rewind, and replay live TV.
  • Recording for scheduled and manual captures of live TV.
  • Multiple playlists for organizing different IPTV services.
  • Favorites system for personal channel curation.
  • Automatic or manual EPG and playlist updates.
  • Multiscreen mode to watch four channels simultaneously.

With recording and timeshifting of live TV, the BuzzTV app provides a very cable TV-like experience. You can rewind and replay anything recently aired. Set recordings for your favorite shows if you‘ll be away. Schedule long-term recordings for an entire series.

BuzzTV‘s custom IPTV app enables DVR-like timeshifting and recording.

The ability to integrate IPTV channels right into the main BuzzTV Launcher makes for a unified experience. Quickly flip through your favorite channels without opening a separate app.

Naturally, the BuzzTV remote caters to IPTV usage as well. The customizable buttons can be assigned to common IPTV actions like changing channel groups or jumping to the EPG guide. And the remote‘s volume and power capabilities are essential for a legitimate cord-cutting setup.

Note that the BuzzTV software does not provide its own IPTV service or sources. You need to supply your own playlist URL from an IPTV provider. But with the robust app and hardware capabilities combined, the HD5 delivers one of the best big screen IPTV experiences on an Android TV device.

Great for Movies and TV Shows Too

Beyond IPTV streaming, the BuzzTV HD5 readily handles popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Youtube, and more. Finding the app you want is as easy as searching the Google Play Store. Apps optimized for Android TV provide the best user experience.

Netflix on BuzzTV

Mainstream streaming services like Netflix work smoothly on the BuzzTV HD5.

Since this runs certified Android TV, DRM-protected services like Netflix and Amazon Prime stream at full 4K quality. Performance is smooth and glitch-free. The HD5 also supports HDR10 high dynamic range video.

If your tastes lean towards more niche or international content, the HD5 gives you free rein to install any media apps you desire. For example, apps like Plex, Kodi, Stremio, and Syncler provide access to a world of streaming media sources. You can also load media files locally over your network or from a connected USB drive.

Between certified streaming services and versatile media players, the BuzzTV HD5 offers countless options for entertainment. The excellent performance ensures smooth 4K streaming and quick navigation regardless of the app.

Specifications Summary

Here are the key technical specifications for the BuzzTV HD5 Android TV dongle:

Processor – Amlogic S905Y4 quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 @ 1.5GHz

Graphics – Mali-G31 MP2


Storage – 32GB eMMC 5.1 flash storage

Expandable Storage – USB external storage supported

WiFi – 802.11ac dual-band 2×2 MIMO (2T2R)

Ethernet – 10/100 Mbps

Bluetooth – Version 5.0

Networking – WiFi and ethernet via Amlogic AML87.26 ADN network controller

Video Outputs – HDMI 2.1 (up to 4Kp120, AV1 decode, eARC)

HDR Support – HDR10, HLG

Ports – 1x HDMI 2.1, 1x USB 2.0, 1x 10/100 Ethernet, 1x MicroSD card reader, 1x AV jack

Audio Format Support – Dolby Audio, DTS, DTS-HD, AC3

Power Supply – 5V/2A via USB-C

Dimensions – 4.1 x 1.4 x 0.55 inches

OS – Android TV 11

What‘s in the Box?

The BuzzTV HD5 ships with everything you need for basic operation:

  • BuzzTV HD5 Android TV dongle
  • BT-400 Bluetooth remote control
  • 2x AAA batteries for remote
  • 5V/2A power adapter
  • USB Type-C power cable (5 ft)
  • HDMI cable (5 ft)
  • Quick start guide

You‘ll need to supply your own HDMI cable to connect the dongle to your TV. Make sure to use a high speed HDMI cable for 4K HDR video support. For wired network connectivity, provide your own Ethernet cable. A USB hub can be used expand the storage and peripheral connectivity.

Who Is the BuzzTV HD5 For?

The BuzzTV HD5 targets a few key user profiles:

Budget-focused streamers – With good performance at just $120, the HD5 appeals to anyone seeking streaming capabilities without a high price tag. You get excellent value compared to many streaming sticks.

IPTV enthusiasts – Given the tailored IPTV software, customizable remote, and focus on live TV support, the HD5 is a great choice for avid IPTV viewers. Timeshifting and recording make for a very cable TV-like experience.

Android fans – Since it runs certified Android TV, the HD5 is a good fit for those already invested in the Android ecosystem. Seamlessly access Google services and the Play Store.

Techies and tinkerers – Support for USB storage, microSD expansion, and sideloaded apps provides plenty of room for customization. Unleash the full capabilities of Android TV.

Casual steamers – With its simple interface and inclusion of major streaming apps, the HD5 still works great even for those newer to streaming. Guests and family members can use it intuitively.

For the price-conscious streamer who wants both entertainment apps and IPTV in one device, the HD5 hits the sweet spot. But it appeals to advanced users too thanks to the open Android TV platform.

Pros and Cons Compared to Fire Stick and Roku

Pros vs Fire Stick and Roku:

  • More RAM (4GB vs 1.5 or 2GB)
  • Larger internal storage (32GB vs 8GB)
  • Ethernet port
  • Full-fledged Android TV instead of proprietary OS
  • Timeshift and recording of live TV
  • Customizable remote buttons

Cons vs Fire Stick and Roku:

  • No Dolby Vision support
  • Limited voice control features
  • Lacks some mainstream services like HBO Max natively

Compared to the popular Fire Stick 4K Max, the BuzzTV HD5 doubles the RAM, quadruples the storage, and adds wired connectivity. Android TV provides many more customization options. But you do lose out on Dolby Vision HDR support.

Versus the Roku Express 4K+, the HD5 gains a faster processor, extra RAM, massively larger storage, and ethernet. But Roku still has the edge for mainstream service support like HBO Max. For IPTV users though, the BuzzTV software advantages win out.

No device is perfect, but the HD5 packs impressive capabilities considering its affordable price point. For IPTV streaming in particular, it outshines mainstream competitors.

Final Thoughts on the BuzzTV HD5

The BuzzTV HD5 manages to pack a ton of functionality into an inexpensive Android TV dongle. You get excellent wired and wireless connectivity, ample storage, and an intuitive custom software experience. Performance exceeds devices costing twice as much.

IPTV users will especially appreciate the tailored BuzzTV 5 app that enables timeshifting, recording, and deep integration of live TV into Android TV‘s interface. More advanced apps like Plex and Kodi provide unlimited entertainment options beyond IPTV.

If you want performant Android TV on a budget, prioritize IPTV capabilities, or desire an open streaming platform, the BuzzTV HD5 is a compelling option. While it omits certain features like Dolby Vision, the HD5 gets the basics very right at an affordable price.


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