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How to Watch Brooklyn Nine Nine Online Free

This show was hugely popular and was suddenly left with nowhere to go by Fox. With no explanation at the time why Brooklyn Nine-Nine was hung out to dry, it was snapped up and revived by NBC for season six.

The biggest problem for viewers who want to catch up on back episodes before the new season kicks off, is where to find Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5? It was like it vanished from view, and being able to watch it online for free is just a dream.

Luckily, that is what we are here to show you, but before doing so, we should say that it involves using a top VPN service.

What is Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

The show follows the exploits of Det Jake Peralta and his love interest Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago. During season 5, we had Captain Holt running to become chief commissioner along with some other classic episodes and escapades that the full team of characters took part in.

Season 5 episode 19 saw Charles plan a scavenger hunt for Jake, while Amy found out she was previously sexually entangled with a member of the wedding band. The Jake bachelor party side of things was pretty tame compared to this news.

Or Game Night (episode 10) where Jake was helping Rosa break some big news to her parents.

This was followed by episode 11 where it was found out Holt owed Seamus Murphy a favor, so the entire precinct joined in to find a way out of it. Legally.

If these episodes are funny in their own right, it was the start of season 5 that set the ball rolling when Jake and Rosa were adjusting to prison life, and it was ages before Holt showed any interest in being Chief commissioner

Top ranking episodes of Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were Episode 4 where the annual Halloween heist was being held, or Safehouse (ep12) where Holt devises an elaborate plan to save Kevin.

With all that in store, we now need to see how to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online.

Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine Online

Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t available anywhere. Unfortunately there is no Brooklyn Nine-Nine Netflix, and since canceled by Fox the places to watch old episodes is limited.

If it weren’t for Hulu, then there would be little chance to catch back episodes. What we need to do here is bypass any restrictions to access Hulu, and this is where a VPN comes into play. A good one can bypass any geo-blocking of streaming sites and mask connections to it gives the impression you are in any country than you actually are.

Aside from this, ISP’s retain data and are well known for throttling streaming connections. VPN’s hide that you are accessing Hulu, so no buffering or slow connections.

Now, we better take a quick look at how to sign up for Hulu:

Hulu TV comes with 2 packages.

The lowest is $7.99 per month and comes with ads, or you can choose Hulu with live TV. The live option costs $39.99 but delivers plenty more content.

To sign up, you do need a VPN in place because you need to convince the service you are inside the USA.

  1. Select a US-based VPN server from your VPN client.
  2. Navigate to the Hulu website
  3. Click on the ‘Start free trial’ button
  4. Select your plan
  5. Fill in the simple details, add an address, and Zip code. If you don’t want to use a real one, find one on the internet.
  6. You are then given the option of downloading the Hulu Plus app from Google Play, so download and install.

It should be noted, you get a more extended free trial with the smaller package, albeit with adds. You can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine all episodes and cancel before you need to pay.

That’s all there is to it, but you still need to unblock with a VPN. So here are a couple of recommendations, sort of.

NordVPN can be a viable choice, but they are slow on some of their connections. This can be due to servers being overloaded at certain times of the day. They also don’t offer split tunneling, and their recommended server feature doesn’t work.

Coming in as the most recommended option is ExpressVPN that leads the industry in most areas.

They might have a slightly smaller VPN network than Nord, but they deliver faster speeds, are highly secure and prevent any ISP from seeing what you are doing online.

Sign up for this VPN, and you have a 30-day money back guarantee so you can watch all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with your Free Trail on Hulu and cancel this VPN service, but not many people do that once they have seen how good it is.


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