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Bitdefender vs. Avast 2023: Bitdefender Is a More Comprehensive Antivirus Solution

Antivirus software is crucial for protecting your devices against cyberthreats like malware, phishing scams, and ransomware. However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one best fits your needs and budget.

Two of the top antivirus programs are Bitdefender and Avast. They both offer robust security features, but there are some notable differences that make Bitdefender the superior choice overall.

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll contrast Bitdefender vs. Avast across these key factors:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Malware protection
  • Impact on system performance
  • Compatibility
  • Independent lab test results
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support

By the end, you’ll have the information needed to determine if Bitdefender or Avast is the better antivirus software for your situation.

Bitdefender vs. Avast at a Glance

Here is a high-level overview comparing Bitdefender and Avast antivirus software:

Bitdefender Avast
Starting Price $39.98/first year $50.28/first year
Malware Protection Approach Uses machine learning and behavioral monitoring Relies on malware definitions and heuristics
Impact on System Performance Light impact Moderate impact
Maximum Number of Protected Devices 5 30
Customer Service 24/7 live chat support No live chat, phone support only
Best For Comprehensive security and features Broad platform support

At first glance, Bitdefender pulls ahead of Avast when it comes to pricing, system impact, and customer service. However, Avast offers protection for far more devices. We’ll expand on these differences throughout the article.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Pricing

One of the biggest differences between Bitdefender and Avast is how much they cost:

Plan Bitdefender Pricing Avast Pricing
Basic/Essential $24.99 first year $50.28 first year
Intermediate/Premium $34.99 first year $60.78 first year
Premium/Ultimate $44.99 first year $80.38 first year
Maximum Devices Covered 5 30

Across the board, Bitdefender costs about $25-35 less per year than the corresponding Avast plans. The entry-level Bitdefender subscription is less than half the annual price of Avast’s cheapest option.

Both Bitdefender and Avast offer 30-day money back guarantees. Bitdefender also has a 30-day free trial of its premium software.

For those on a tight budget, Bitdefender is clearly the more affordable choice for robust antivirus protection. The maximal number of devices covered also favors Avast for larger families.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Features

Now let’s compare the security features and additional tools included in Bitdefender vs. Avast:

Feature Bitdefender Avast
Real-Time Malware Protection Yes Yes
Malware Scanning Options Quick, full system, custom, scheduled Quick, full system, custom
Phishing Protection Yes Yes
Ransomware Protection Yes Yes
Firewall Yes (Windows only) Yes (Windows only)
Parental Controls Yes No
Password Manager No No
VPN Yes Yes
Ad Blocker Yes No
Device Optimization Yes No
Webcam Protection Yes No

Bitdefender generally includes more security features and extra utilities than Avast. Key advantages like the ad blocker, parental controls, webcam protection, and device optimization tools are only available with Bitdefender.

However, both offer essential protections like real-time scanning, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, firewalls, and a VPN. Avast lacks some bonus features unless you upgrade to the premium versions.

For the most robust security toolkit, Bitdefender is the winner when comparing features. But Avast still provides core antivirus protections.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Malware Protection

Antivirus software lives and dies based on how well it detects and blocks malware threats. Both Bitdefender and Avast excel at stopping viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and more. But their approaches differ:

  • Bitdefender relies on machine learning algorithms along with cyberthreat intelligence to proactively detect emerging and unknown malware strains. This allows it to stay ahead of new threats.

  • Avast depends more on malware definitions and heuristics to identify threats. While still effective, it’s more reactive than Bitdefender’s AI-based approach.

Independent testing labs like AV-Test consistently give Bitdefender and Avast high marks for malware protection across Windows, Mac, and Android devices. However, Bitdefender scores slightly higher on some platform and offers broader zero-day threat defense thanks to its machine learning.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Performance Impact

Antivirus software can tax system resources, resulting in slowdowns while gaming, web browsing, or working. Bitdefender and Avast take different approaches when it comes to performance impact:

  • Bitdefender is specifically designed for low system overhead. Independent testers confirm it has very minimal impact on PC speed and performance.

  • Avast has more significant system drag, likely due to its reliance on malware definitions. Lab tests show it noticeably slows down computers during scans and other active antivirus tasks.

So Bitdefender holds a clear advantage when it comes to minimizing performance impact. Your computer will run faster during antivirus scans and everyday use compared to Avast.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Compatibility

It’s important to consider what platforms and operating systems are supported by Bitdefender and Avast:

Operating System Bitdefender Avast
Windows Yes Yes
macOS Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Chrome OS No Yes
Linux No Yes

Both antivirus programs support the core Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Avast offers slightly broader coverage by also working on Chrome OS and Linux systems.

One downside is that Bitdefender and Avast have limited VPN functionality on iOS compared to the full suite of features on Windows and Android.

Overall, Avast gets the edge for platform support. But Bitdefender still works across the operating systems most consumers use.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Ease of Use

Antivirus software should be simple to install, configure, and manage for the average user. Here’s how Bitdefender and Avast compare when it comes to user-friendliness:

  • Bitdefender has a clean, modern interface that’s easy to navigate. Features like parental controls, firewall, and VPN have centralized management panels. However, you have to toggle between different apps on some platforms.

  • Avast offers a streamlined console for its various functions across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The design language and menus are consistent between platforms for intuitive control. Less switching between apps required.

First-time users may find Avast a little more beginner-friendly. But Bitdefender matches it for simplicity once you get familiar with the slightly fragmented layout. Both vendors provide excellent customer support resources as well.

For ease of use, Avast gets a slight win. Though Bitdefender is almost as user-friendly after the learning curve.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Customer Support

Reliable customer service is essential in case you ever get stuck installing or using your antivirus software:

Support Channels Bitdefender Avast
Phone Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Yes No
Online Knowledge Base Yes Yes

Bitdefender pulls ahead in the customer service category by offering 24/7 live chat. Avast relies on phone, email, and self-help content instead.

Both vendors provide multiple contact options tailored to your location. But Bitdefender’s live chat delivers the fastest answers to any urgent antivirus issues.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Which Is Better?

So when weighing all the factors, which antivirus software comes out on top in Bitdefender vs. Avast?

Here are a few key reasons why Bitdefender is the better overall choice:

  • Lower pricing – Bitdefender costs $25 to $35 less per year than the equivalent Avast plans.

  • Minimal system impact – Lab tests confirm Bitdefender’s ultra-light footprint compared to Avast’s drag on performance.

  • Stronger malware protection – Leveraging machine learning gives Bitdefender an edge at blocking zero-day threats.

  • More features – Bitdefender includes bonuses like device optimization, webcam protection, ad blocker, and parental controls.

  • 24/7 live chat support – Get quick help from Bitdefender’s customer support reps around the clock.

Avast still provides robust core antivirus protections across more platforms. But Bitdefender gives you more comprehensive security, minimal performance hit, better malware blocking, and lower cost.

The combination of superior real-time protection and value make Bitdefender the clear winner in this match up. Try Bitdefender risk-free today to start securing your devices with one of the best antivirus programs available.


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