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Avoid the Endless Frustrations of BestBuyIPTV – A Cautionary Tale of Illegal IPTV Services

As an experienced streaming analyst, let me walk you through the reasons why I strongly advise staying away from the so-called IPTV provider known as BestBuyIPTV. I‘ve tested out dozens of legal and illegal IPTV services in my day – some stellar, and some downright horrid. Unfortunately, BestBuyIPTV falls firmly in the latter camp.

My journey down the live TV streaming rabbit hole started years back when cable TV became too expensive for my budget. After getting fed up with insufficient channel packages at outrageous prices, I ventured into the wild west of internet TV known as IPTV. At first, it was exhilarating to access virtually endless channels for just a few bucks a month. But I quickly learned that many of these cheap IPTV providers were too good to be true.

Let me tell you about the endless frustrations I ran into when trialing BestBuyIPTV, so you can avoid their dishonest claims and lackluster, potentially illegal service.

BestBuyIPTV Makes Big Claims But Continually Disappoints Users

The main marketing angle of BestBuyIPTV is promoting access to over 7,300 live TV channels for dirt cheap rates starting at just $10 per month. Now, as someone who has researched the ins and outs of live TV streaming, that volume of content for so little money immediately raised red flags.

After digging into BestBuyIPTV, user complaints confirm this service fails to deliver on its lofty promises and promotions:

  • Much more limited channel selection – Despite advertising over 7,000 channels, BestBuyIPTV users report only finding a couple hundred channels actually working, with limited HD quality options.

  • Unwatchable streams – Customers cite constant buffering, stuttering, and stream downtime making channels unviewable after the first month.

  • Nonexistent customer service – Support tickets consistently go unanswered according to reviews, leaving users stranded without solutions.

  • Mysterious billing charges – Multiple concerning reports point to credit card fraud and stolen identities after signing up for BestBuyIPTV.

  • No refunds – Their strict no refund policy leaves you out of luck when channels stop working or accounts get mysteriously suspended.

These endless headaches around unreliable streams, fraudulent charges, and lack of support demonstrate why it‘s too risky trusting BestBuyIPTV.

The High Costs and Penalties of Using Illegal IPTV Services

Beyond terrible service, using unauthorized streaming sources like BestBuyIPTV potentially exposes you to:

  • Large fines for piracy – Accessing pirated streams can lead to copyright infringement penalties of up to $150,000 per stream if pursued legally.

  • Account bans – Streaming devices or app store accounts can get suspended for terms of service violations when using illegal IPTV apps.

  • Identity theft – Sharing your personal information on shady sites puts you at great risk of fraud. 16.7 million Americans were victimized by identity theft in 2017 according to Javelin Research.

  • Malware infections – Cybersecurity firm NortonLifeLock found that 1 in 10 pirated movie streaming sites expose visitors to viruses and malware.

When you weigh the risks of massive fines, identity theft, and device bans against the $10 or $15 monthly price, relying on sketchy unauthorized IPTV services just isn‘t worth it.

Vetted, Legal Alternatives for Streaming Live TV

Instead of risking so much for unreliable illegal streams, here are some fully-licensed options I recommend:

Service Price Per Month Pros Cons
Sling TV $27.50/month 30+ top channels
Free Cloud DVR
Limited channel selection
Hulu + Live TV $64.99/month 75+ channels
Hulu on-demand library
No 4K or 1080p streams
YouTube TV $64.99/month 85+ channels
Unlimited DVR
No NFL Network
FuboTV $69.99/month 100+ channels
Focus on sports
More expensive

While pricier than promotional rates from BestBuyIPTV, these legal options provide high-quality streams, responsive account management, and far less risk of fines or identity theft. I recommend trying out their free trial periods to experience their services firsthand.

Safely Evaluating New IPTV Providers

If you do choose to continue exploring the IPTV market, here are some tips to avoid unstable or fraudulent services:

  • Research reviews – Search IPTV provider names on YouTube, Reddit, TrustPilot to gather user experiences. This feedback is invaluable.

  • Use anonymous payment – Never give your primary payment info. offers virtual debit cards to protect your real credit card.

  • Start with short subscriptions – Don‘t lock into year long contracts. Pay month-to-month to maintain flexibility.

  • Test on a secondary device – Use a cheap streaming stick rather than your primary TV setup to first evaluate IPTV.

Being vigilant is essential to safely navigating IPTV services as availability rises. Steer clear of most promotions that seem too good to be true.

The Bottom Line on BestBuyIPTV

I hope relaying my own struggles and lessons learned from trialling shady IPTV providers like BestBuyIPTV convinces you to stay far away. Don‘t fall for their dubious claims and tempting low prices. In my experience, these illegal services rarely pan out and expose you to significant identity theft and piracy fines. You are better off paying a bit more for reputable live TV streaming from Sling, YouTube TV, or other legal options. Protect yourself and your data by streaming safely and legally!


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