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The Best Password Managers 2023

The number of online accounts the average person has in 2023 is astounding. From social media to email, financial, shopping, entertainment, and more, most people have over 100 online accounts that require passwords.

Juggling all those passwords is an immense challenge. Far too many people resort to using weak, reused, or easily guessed passwords across accounts. This puts their privacy and security at great risk.

Using a dedicated password manager solves these problems. A password manager allows you to use long, complex, unique passwords for every account while only having to remember one master password. The password manager handles remembering all your passwords for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover:

  • The benefits of using a password manager
  • Key criteria for choosing a password manager
  • An in-depth review of the top 6 password managers of 2023
  • Additional password security tips and practices
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about password managers

Let‘s dive in to help you choose the best password manager for your needs and improve your online security.

The Benefits of a Password Manager

A high quality password manager provides significant benefits:

  • Strong unique passwords – Generate and store long, complex passwords for every account. No need to reuse weak passwords.

  • Convenience – Password manager fills login credentials automatically. No need to memorize or type passwords.

  • Centralized storage – All your passwords and sensitive information stored securely in one place.

  • Accessibility – Access your passwords from any device using the browser extension or mobile app.

  • Security – Your sensitive data is encrypted and protected behind one master password. Much more secure than unprotected documents holding passwords.

  • Password sharing – Securely share specific passwords with family, friends, or coworkers when needed.

  • Reduced risk – Unique complex passwords and two factor authentication reduce risk of accounts being compromised.

  • Saves time – No more resetting forgotten passwords or contacting service providers. Password manager remembers them for you.

  • Peace of mind – The stress of password fatigue disappears when you trust your password manager.

With so many accounts to keep track of, a quality password manager has become an essential tool to maintain good security hygiene in the digital age.

How to Choose the Best Password Manager

All password managers promise robust security and easy password management. But there are key factors that separate the truly excellent options from the mediocre ones.

Here are the criteria we focused on when comparing password managers:

  • Security protocols – Encryption methods used, zero-knowledge architecture, and vulnerability assessments. Security is the top priority.

  • Platform support – Availability of apps and browser extensions for your devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

  • Cost – Pricing of paid plans and availability of free version with basic features. Value for money.

  • Features – Password sharing, 2FA, password generator, breach alerts, and other useful extras.

  • User experience – Simplicity of the interface and ease of use. The more intuitive the better.

  • Customer support -Availablity of helpful customer support in case issues arise.

  • Third party audits – Independent security audits provide added reassurance there are no flaws.

  • Transparency – Companies that openly share their security protocols invite more trust.

We signed up, tested, and compared the top password managers based on these criteria to identify the best choices available in 2023.

The 6 Best Password Managers of 2023

Based on our extensive evaluation, these password managers rose above the competition and provide the complete package of security, utility, and value that most users need.

1. NordPass – Best Overall

After thorough testing, NordPass emerged as the best overall password manager for personal use in 2023. Developed by NordVPN, NordPass has quickly become a top option combining security, ease of use, features, and affordability.


NordPass utilizes top-tier AES 256 bit encryption along with Argon2 and XChaCha20 protocols. Zero-knowledge architecture means only you control your master password.

Advanced features like password breach scanning, dark web monitoring, and two-factor authentication provide layered security.


NordPass makes password management easy with features like autofill, password sharing, and a password health dashboard. The generator creates robust passwords.

Useful extras include secure notes, form fill, and digital wallet for storing credit cards and personal info safely.

Ease of Use

The clean intuitive interface makes NordPass very user-friendly. Setup takes minutes with multi-device syncing ready to go. Biometric login with fingerprint or face ID is supported.


Affordably priced plans start at just $1.59 per month. A free version is also available with some limitations. NordPass provides tremendous overall value.


  • Very secure zero-knowledge architecture
  • User-friendly design and operation
  • Handy security insights and reports
  • Affordable pricing even for premium plan
  • Available on all major platforms


  • Free version only works on 1 device
  • Lacks advanced roles based access controls

For personal use, NordPass delivers everything you need in a password manager at a great price. Powerful security paired with ease of use makes NordPass our choice for best overall password manager in 2023.

2. Bitwarden – Best Free Option

For those looking for a fully-featured password manager at no cost, Bitwarden can‘t be beaten. The free version of Bitwarden offers equivalent utility to paid competitors.


Bitwarden utilizes end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption to secure data locally before it syncs across devices. Zero-knowledge architecture is used as well.

The open source codebase allows constant auditing of its encryption implementation to ensure no flaws exist. Bitwarden puts security first.


The free version includes everything most individuals need like unlimited password storage, password generator, auto-fill, and syncing across unlimited devices.

Optional organization for shared access and secure file attachments require a paid membership. But the free features meet most needs.

Ease of Use

Bitwarden offers a clean, intuitive interface making it easy for anyone to get started quickly. The browser extension and mobile app work seamlessly.


A fully-functional free plan is available. Premium add-ons like advanced 2FA start at $10 per year. For software that‘s both free and secure, Bitwarden is tops.


  • Full-featured free version with robust encryption
  • Open source code supports independent auditing
  • Easy to use on all devices and browsers
  • Optional paid tier with additional features
  • Consistent top ratings from experts


  • Free version lacks some convenience features
  • Sharing capabilities are limited

For individuals who prioritize getting a trustworthy password manager at no cost, Bitwarden‘s excellent free version is the clear choice.

3. Dashlane – Best for Teams

For businesses and other groups needing to securely share passwords across teams, Dashlane Business is an ideal solution.


Dashlane uses zero-knowledge encryption meaning no one including Dashlane staff can access your passwords without the master password.

Role based access controls, two-factor authentication, and other advanced controls keep business passwords protected.


Dashlane makes it effortless for employees to share passwords but maintain total access control. Settings can force password changes after employees leave.

Admins have central oversight into permissions and events. Integration with single sign-on tools is also a big plus for business use.

Ease of Use

The well-designed interface is polished and consistent across desktop and mobile. Excellent organization tools help managers stay coordinated.


Plans start at $4 per month per user when billed annually. A free option for individuals exists but has limited password sharing.


  • Powerful role based access controls
  • Easy to configure and manage users and permissions
  • Admin dashboard provides central visibility
  • Advanced security controls like 2FA and directory integration


  • Can be expensive for larger teams
  • Free version has minimal functionality

For team password management at scale while maintaining security, Dashlane is the premier choice.

4. LastPass – Most Established Brand

With over 25 million users worldwide, LastPass is the most established and recognizable name in password management. It‘s a proven solution for personal use.


LastPass uses industry standard AES-256 bit encryption along with PBKDF2 SHA-256. Zero-knowledge architecture means LastPass never know your master password.

While LastPass suffered a breach in 2022 impacting customer data, they responded quickly and enhanced security controls.


LastPass bundles everything an individual needs like password vaults, sharing, breach alerts, password generator, auto-fill, and biometrics.

The password security dashboard clearly shows weak, reused, or compromised passwords needing your attention.

Ease of Use

Setup is fast and easy with LastPass. The clean responsive design works great across desktop and mobile. Fingerprint unlock makes access seamless.


An ad-supported but functional free version exists. Paid plans start at $2.90 per month billed annually. Family plans are available.


  • More than 25 million customers worldwide
  • Proven history of reliable password management
  • Intuitive design across devices
  • Password security dashboard identifies risks
  • Free version available


  • Recent 2022 security breach impacted some user data
  • Lacks advanced controls of business focused alternatives

With years of experience managing billions of passwords, LastPass remains a smart choice for individuals and families seeking a trusted solution.

5. 1Password – Best for Families

1Password excels at managing passwords across family members while maintaining security and convenience. It‘s a top family choice.


Your data is secured with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption before leaving devices. 1Password also uses zero-knowledge architecture and mandatory two-factor authentication.

Regular white box cryptographic audits and bug bounty programs keep 1Password‘s security posture strong.


Shared password vaults called "Families" make it effortless to manage access among family while limiting visibility.

Watchtower provides visibility into compromised or weak passwords needing attention. Useful tools like Travel Mode provide extra protection when traveling.

Ease of Use

1Password aims to balance robust security with maximum convenience. Biometric unlock makes access seamless while protecting data.


Plans start at $2.99 per month billed annually. 1Password lacks a free tier but does offer a 30 day free trial to test it out.


  • End-to-end encryption ensures protection
  • Easy to share passwords within a Family
  • Watchtower identifies risks for you
  • Supports wide range of platforms and devices
  • Travel Mode for heightened security when on public WiFi


  • No free version available
  • Advanced controls for business teams lacking

For family password sharing that maintains security, 1Password is an outstanding solution.

6. RoboForm – Best Budget Option

RoboForm provides core password management functionality at an affordable price point. It‘s a great budget-friendly choice.


Your data in RoboForm is protected using AES-256 bit encryption. Zero-knowledge architecture means the master password is never known.

While not as advanced as some competitors, RoboForm checks the major security requirements.


You get a password manager with encryption, password generator, form filler, secure notes, password sharing, and sync across devices.

Ease of Use

While the interface shows its age a bit, RoboForm gets the job done with the features needed for solid password management.


Extremely competitive pricing starts at just $1.42 a month or $18 biennially. A free version is also offered but has limitations.


  • Inexpensive paid plans
  • Covers all core password management features
  • Free limited version available
  • Trusted solution since 1999


  • Very basic interface and user experience
  • Smaller user base than leaders like LastPass

If you want proven password management on a tight budget, RoboForm delivers nicely.

Password Manager Statistics and Trends

To help illustrate the importance of password managers, reviewing a few usage statistics and trends is enlightening:

  • 53% of people globally reuse passwords across accounts, according to Statista. This remains widespread despite the risks.

  • Research suggests the average internet user has over 100 online accounts requiring passwords. Managing that many unique complex passwords without assistance is unrealistic.

  • 81% of hacking related data breaches are due to compromised passwords according to Verizon‘s 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report. Weak passwords continue to be low hanging fruit for attackers.

  • Among business password manager users, 94% say their solution makes complying with password policies easier according to a LastPass survey. They also report increased productivity.

  • Password manager adoption is growing rapidly. There was a 13% increase in 2022 up to 81 million consumers worldwide using password managers according to Statista estimates.

These statistics demonstrate why secure password hygiene is critical along with the key role password managers play in making robust passwords achievable.

Good Password Habits You Should Also Follow

While a password manager is invaluable, other good password practices add additional layers of security. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Use 2FA – Enable two-factor authentication on sensitive accounts for added protection. Many password managers help facilitate 2FA.

  • Avoid security questions – Skip security questions when possible as they can be guessed by hackers. Rely instead on a master password and 2FA.

  • Watch for breaches – Monitor HaveIBeenPwned to see if your accounts appear in known breaches so you can reset passwords.

  • Change critical passwords annually – Update passwords periodically for your highest value accounts like banking and email.

  • Never reuse passwords – Every account should have a long, unique, randomized password, which password managers enable.

  • Be wary of public WiFi – Avoid accessing sensitive accounts over public WiFi. Use a VPN if you need to login.

Adopting these practices in addition to using a password manager provides powerful multi-layered protection for your online accounts and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Password Managers

There are a few common questions that arise when considering a new password manager. Here are answers to some key questions:

Are password managers secure?

Quality password managers use encryption and zero-knowledge architecture to keep your data secured and inaccessible without the master password. Your passwords are more secure inside a manager versus unencrypted documents or other storage methods.

What if my password manager gets hacked?

Hacks are possible but very rare for reputable managed providers because of the advanced security protocols used. If a hack did occur, you simply reset your master password. Since the manager only stores encrypted password data, the hacker could not feasibly crack and expose your passwords.

Can I share passwords with a password manager?

Yes, all the leading password managers allow sharing certain passwords securely with other users. This is useful for families, teams, or coworkers that need to jointly access passwords. Granular permissions restrict access only to those passwords chosen to share.

Is an offline password manager safer?

Offline managers that store data only locally can eliminate the online attack surface. However, this means no syncing across devices and greater risk of data loss if the local system is compromised. For most, a cloud-based syncing manager with robust encryption is sufficiently secure and much more convenient.

How do I switch between password managers?

Switching is easy. You simply export your encrypted password database from your current manager and then import that into the new manager. The new manager will walk you through the process. Just be sure to completely uninstall and remove the old manager when done.

Conclusion: Choose the Best Password Manager for You

Passwords may not provide the cryptographic perfection of security keys and biometrics. But they remain the predominant method used to protect online accounts.

With password fatigue affecting millions of internet users, a password manager provides welcome relief while boosting your overall security.

Take the time to evaluate your specific needs and priorities to determine the ideal password manager for your situation. Several free options exist to get started with no commitment.

Boost your online security by combining a leading password manager with additional safety habits like two-factor authentication and avoiding public WiFi when accessing sensitive accounts.

Your online life contains a treasury of valuable and private information. Protect it with a quality password manager as your first line of defense.


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