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The Best LastPass Alternatives 2023 | All About Cookies

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LastPass has long been one of the most widely used and popular password managers. However, given its history of concerning security issues over the past few years, many users are now looking to switch to a more reliable LastPass alternative.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share my in-depth research and insights as an experienced cybersecurity professional to help you find the most secure and capable alternative to LastPass for your needs.

Why So Many Users Are Leaving LastPass

Before we dive into the top alternatives, let‘s quickly recap the main reasons so many people are moving away from LastPass in 2023.

LastPass has suffered multiple security breaches since 2015, exposing user data on several occasions. However, the most serious and troubling incident occurred in August 2022 when threat actors hacked LastPass again and accessed sensitive customer information.

According to the investigation, the hackers were able to steal customer data such as IP addresses, billing addresses, email addresses, and more from the cloud storage vendor that LastPass relies on.

While full password vaults were not compromised, this breach understandably damaged trust in LastPass‘s security and data handling policies. It also surfaced concerns about LastPass‘s reliance on third-party cloud storage providers.

Previous to the 2022 incident, other alarming issues that eroded confidence in LastPass include:

  • Weak master password policies – LastPass came under fire in 2019 for allowing customers to set dangerously weak master passwords, introducing another attack vector. They have since strengthened master password requirements.
  • Lack of transparency around breaches – LastPass was repeatedly criticized for failing to clearly disclose the scope and impact of breaches in a timely manner. This lack of transparency worried many companies and security-focused individuals.
  • Reducing its free plan allowance – LastPass sparked backlash in 2021 when it restricted its free plan to one device type instead of the more generous multi-device access offered previously. This alienated budget-conscious users relying on the free plan.

According to Statista, LastPass market share decreased from 24% in 2020 to 21% in 2021, indicating users were indeed abandoning the service. Most cite recurring security issues as their top reason for leaving.

While LastPass has taken some steps to bolster its security posture, trust has been broken for many customers. Fortunately, there are now excellent password manager alternatives available that offer superior security, features, and transparency.

Evaluating the Top LastPass Alternatives for 2023

Based on extensive research and evaluation of criteria like security protocols, encryption standards, independent audits, pricing, features sets, and customer satisfaction, I‘ve highlighted the top-rated LastPass alternatives to consider switching to below:

NordPass – Best Overall Alternative

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For the best all-around alternative to LastPass, I recommend NordPass. It offers industry-leading security combined with an intuitive interface and helpful features.

NordPass was created by NordVPN, which has a trusted reputation for protecting online privacy. Here are some of the key advantages NordPass has over LastPass:

  • End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption – Your data is securely encrypted locally before syncing across devices via TLS channels. LastPass faced criticism for not encrypting locally.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture – Only the user controls the encryption key. Not even NordPass can access your passwords or data. This is crucial for maintaining privacy.
  • Cheap premium plan – NordPass Premium starts at just $1.99 per month if billed annually. Far more affordable than LastPass.
  • Password health report – Check the strength of your passwords and if any were involved in known data breaches.
  • Breach scanner – Automatically scans the web and alerts you if your info appears in third-party data breaches.
  • No serious hacks to date – NordPass has an unblemished security record so far without any major breaches. This builds confidence.
  • Easy import from LastPass – Securely migrate your vault items with a straightforward data import process.
  • Intuitive design – The clean interface makes navigating your vault uncomplicated across the desktop and mobile apps.
  • Handy features like password sharing, secure notes, and offline access. Help make NordPass a password manager suitable for both personal and business use.

With top-notch security, affordable premium pricing, and a smooth user experience, NordPass is my top recommendation for those looking to switch from LastPass.

Visit NordPass

1Password – Best for Families and Teams

1Password logo

For users that share passwords frequently with family, colleagues, or teams, 1Password is an outstanding alternative to LastPass.

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, 1Password provides excellent organization tools tailored for managing shared passwords securely. Standout features include:

  • Watchtower security dashboard – This central hub shows all your vaults, password security scores, re-used passwords, and breach reports to monitor everything in one place.
  • Advanced permissions – Easily grant time-limited and role-based access to vault items when sharing passwords with others.
  • Code auditing – 1Password has its code audited and evaluated by independent security firms like Trail of Bits to ensure no vulnerabilities. LastPass has not completed similar audits.
  • Travel mode – This temporarily locks and removes vault data from devices when traveling through airports or crossing borders to prevent unauthorized access.
  • No serious hacks to date – Like NordPass, 1Password also retains an unblemished security record without major breaches.
  • Smooth onboarding & implementation – 1Password provides excellent enterprise support and training resources to get teams and companies transitioned and using it efficiently.

The only downside is that 1Password lacks a free plan. But for family or business use, its premium plans provide immense value. If you need to share passwords frequently and control access, 1Password is a top choice.

Visit 1Password

Bitwarden – Best Free Alternative

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For those seeking a full-featured password manager that‘s 100% free, Bitwarden is an excellent LastPass alternative to consider.

As an open source solution, Bitwarden enables complete transparency – its code is posted publicly on GitHub for anyone to inspect. Key advantages include:

  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption – Your data stays securely encrypted. Bitwarden has been audited by Cure53 and other firms.
  • Zero-knowledge – Only you control your encryption keys. The Bitwarden team cannot access your vault.
  • Unlimited free plan – Bitwarden‘s free plan supports unlimited devices with core features like password generation and storage. LastPass limits you to one device type.
  • Open source code – Because Bitwarden is open source, its code is constantly audited by security researchers. Bugs and vulnerabilities get patched quickly.
  • Smooth web vault – Bitwarden‘s cloud password manager performs well and integrating the browser extension is simple.
  • Essentials like TOTP 2FA and breach reports – Bitwarden Free contains key utilities including support for 2FA codes and data breach warnings.

For those who relied on LastPass‘s more generous free plan, Bitwarden delivers those capabilities and more with the confidence of open source transparency.

Visit Bitwarden

RoboForm – Best Form Filler

Roboform logo

RoboForm stands apart from other LastPass alternatives with its form filling capabilities. If you regularly need to fill in long web forms, save multi-page checkout details, or log into sites, RoboForm can save an enormous amount of time.

Top features that make RoboForm great for automating form completion include:

  • One-click logins – Roboform reduces multi-page login forms to a single click.
  • Adaptive form filling – Custom fields allow Roboform to accurately fill out even complex custom forms.
  • Syncs across all devices – Form data seamlessly syncs across desktop and mobile for convenience.
  • Strong encryption – Roboform uses bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect stored passwords and data.
  • Identity management – Roboform can also store personal identities with address, credit cards, passports, and other info for easy form filling.
  • Affordable pricing – Just $23.88 per year makes the premium version very affordable.

By offloading form-filling to RoboForm, you can avoid repetitive typing and save hours of your time. If forms are a daily hassle, consider this unique LastPass alternative.

Visit RoboForm

Keeper – Best for Business Use

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For enterprise and small business users, Keeper stands out as the leading LastPass alternative. Keeper offers robust password management tailored to business needs:

  • Admin console – Managers can easily control roles and permissions for employees from a central dashboard.
  • Advanced permissions – Fine-tune vault access with customizable roles, permissions, and secret password sharing.
  • File storage – Keeper allows attaching files to records for centralized access to documents, like ID scans or insurance papers.
  • SSO integrations – Keeper lets you integrate with existing single-sign on solutions to align with company infrastructure.
  • Scalable plans – Keeper offers plans designed for solopreneurs, SMBs, and large enterprises with prices scaling based on company size.

Keeper also has top-notch security protections like zero-knowledge encryption, private blockchain technology, and data center threat monitoring.

While more expensive than consumer options, Keeper offers tremendous capabilities for businesses migrating from LastPass.

Visit Keeper

Dashlane – Best Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane logo

For individuals and teams concerned about password leaks, Dashlane‘s dark web monitoring capabilities make it a strong LastPass alternative.

Dashlane continuously scans black market websites and other shadowy corners of the web to check if your info is being sold or shared by criminals. If it detects your data, it will promptly alert you.

Additional useful features provided by Dashlane:

  • Password changer – With one click, instantly change compromised passwords detected in breaches.
  • Emergency access – Designate trusted contacts who can access your vault for you in an emergency situation.
  • VPN – Dashlane‘s premium plan includes an encrypted VPN for secure browsing on public WiFi.
  • Free tier available – A basic free version is available with core password management.
  • Family plan – Dashlane‘s family plan allows securely sharing passwords across 6 users.

For those willing to pay a premium for maximum account security, Dashlane is worth considering.

Visit Dashlane

Key Factors to Evaluate When Choosing a LastPass Alternative

When researching alternatives to LastPass, there are several critical factors I advise keeping in mind:

Encryption Standards

  • Always verify a password manager uses end-to-end military-grade encryption. AES 256-bit is the current gold standard. Some managers settle for weaker 128-bit encryption.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture ensures only you control encryption keys. Not even the company has access to your data.

Security & Compliance Auditing

  • Look for independent security audits and penetration testing. Reputable firms like Cure53 and Trail of Bits perform these audits.
  • Check if the provider has achieved compliance certification standards like SOC2, ISO 27001, or GDPR. These validate security precautions.

Free Plan Availability

  • A free plan allows you to test drive a service before committing. Most providers offer a functional free version nowadays.
  • Evaluate if the free plan‘s limitations are reasonable. Avoid those that over-restrict or omit encryption entirely.

Customer Support & Reviews

  • Strong customer support availability via live chat, phone, ticketing, and knowledge base access is vital when issues arise.
  • Verify a provider has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. This signals ease of use and satisfaction.

By thoroughly investigating these aspects, you can zero in on secure, sustainable LastPass alternatives suitable for your needs. Never compromise on encryption and security fundamentals.

How to Securely Transfer Your Data from LastPass to a New Provider

Once you’ve chosen a new password manager, you’ll want to transfer your vault from LastPass securely.

Here is the safe process I recommend following to migrate your password repository without exposing credentials:

  1. First, install your new chosen password manager on your devices and get your account configured. Make sure to set up the browser extensions.
  2. Next, log into your LastPass account and navigate to Settings -> Advanced Options -> Export. Select .csv as the format and export your vault data.
  3. Your vault .csv file will download locally. Verify it contains your passwords, then upload or import it into your new provider‘s web app or software. The data will automatically transfer over.
  4. Immediately delete the LastPass vault .csv file from your device after a successful import. Leaving this unencrypted export lying around is dangerous.
  5. Wherever you used your LastPass master password for convenience, take time to change it now to your new provider‘s master password. Don‘t reuse passwords between managers.
  6. Finally, cancel your LastPass subscription within your account dashboard. You can now solely rely on your new provider.

While it takes a bit of care, this process allows you to fully transition to a new provider without security gaps or leaks. Take time to clean up old passwords and de-authorize LastPass once the transfer is complete.

Closing Recommendations and Next Steps

I hope this overview has helped demonstrate that moving on from LastPass no longer has to be difficult or risky with the right alternative solution in place. Excellent password managers like NordPass, 1Password, and Bitwarden now offer better security, transparency, and features than LastPass‘ troubled offerings.

Here are my final recommendations on finding the ideal LastPass alternative for you:

  • Carefully factor in your specific needs – do you want family sharing? Business use? Form filling? Use the comparison above to match a provider to your priorities.
  • If affordable pricing is crucial, consider Bitwarden, NordPass, or RoboForm for quality password security on a budget.
  • Research and test out free trials before committing to get firsthand experience with the interfaces and features. Don’t rely on claims alone.
  • Take time migrating vault data to avoid any security lapses. Delete old copies and change reused passwords.
  • Once your chosen provider is set up, make sure to de-authorize and cancel LastPass so it no longer accesses your accounts.

With a bit of research and care, you can transition from LastPass to a superior alternative and achieve real peace of mind around password security again. Don‘t settle for mediocrity – you deserve the best.


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