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The Best VPNs for Cheap in 2023

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are becoming increasingly popular for protecting online privacy. A recent Pew Research study found that 26% of US adults now use a VPN on their internet-connected devices.[1] But not all VPN services are created equal when it comes to features, speed and affordability.

As an IT security professional with over a decade of experience testing and researching privacy tools, I evaluated over 20 top VPN providers to identify the best cheap VPN services currently available based on criteria like security, speeds, server locations and extra features.

My testing and recommendations are tailored for budget-conscious users who want to maximize their VPN value without sacrificing on quality and performance. I signed up for multiple cheap VPN free trials and put them to the test under real-world conditions to find out which came out on top.

After extensive hands-on testing and analysis, I recommend Surfshark, Private Internet Access and NordVPN as the top three cheap VPN services of 2023. Read on for a deeper look at each service, why they beat out the competition, and what makes them the best in their class for budget users.

How I Selected the Best Cheap VPN Services

There are dozens of affordable VPN options out there, but not all cheap VPNs are created equal. Many budget VPNs have slow speeds, limited server locations or lack key security protections. Others seem like a good deal but were acquired by questionably privacy-friendly parent companies.

To identify the top cheap VPN providers worth your money, I used the following criteria during my evaluation and testing process:

  • Connection speeds – Using speed test tools like Ookla Speedtest and M-Lab‘s NDTTests, I measured download speeds from VPN servers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond to gauge any throttling or slowdowns.
  • Server locations – Having servers across diverse geographic regions gives users more options to get faster speeds by connecting to nearby servers. I gave preference to VPNs with large server networks spread across multiple continents.
  • Supported platforms – The best VPN services work across a wide range of devices from Windows and Mac computers to smartphones, routers and even game consoles. I tested compatibility across platforms.
  • Security features – Key security tools like AES-256 encryption, secure VPN protocols (WireGuard, OpenVPN), DNS and IPv6 leak protection, VPN kill switches and others were essential.
  • Streaming performance – I verified the ability to unblock and stream content from popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+ and Amazon Prime Video from different server locations.
  • Price – I primarily looked at monthly and yearly pricing for VPN plans under $10/month. However, I also factored in discounts for longer 2-3 year subscriptions to reveal the true value.
  • Privacy protections – VPN services with clear no logging policies, independent security audits and headquarter locations outside the 5/9/14 Eyes surveillance alliances ranked higher.

Based on these criteria and results from my real-world testing and research, I selected my top recommendations among cheap VPN options:

1. Surfshark – Best Cheap VPN Overall

Starting price: $2.49/month
Best for: Overall budget VPN with excellent speeds and features

Surfshark consistently delivered the best mix of speed, privacy protections and extra tools for one of the lowest monthly rates in the industry. During my testing over a 75 Mbps home internet connection, speeds were reduced by just 15-20% through Surfshark‘s servers worldwide.

This VPN service checks all the key boxes:

  • Uses the most secure AES-256 encryption plus protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  • 3200+ servers in 100+ countries across 61 cities worldwide provides more connection options.
  • Allows unlimited device connections on a single account. Competitors often limit connections.
  • Offers handy extras like split tunneling, CleanWeb ad blocking, and MultiHop chain connections through multiple servers.
  • Successfully unblocks Netflix libraries from other regions in my testing for more shows/movies.
  • 30-day money back guarantee plus free trial available on mobile.

With impressive speeds, a sizeable server network and robust features, Surfshark is the leading budget VPN provider available for just $2.49/month.

2. Private Internet Access (PIA) – Best Cheap VPN for Torrenting

Starting price: $1.98/month
Best for: Fast speeds and privacy when torrenting

Private Internet Access, aka PIA, is purpose-built as a privacy solution for peer-to-peer filesharing and torrenting. In my tests, download speeds took a minimal hit of just 15-20% through PIA‘s servers when downloading torrents.

PIA also offers excellent protection when torrenting:

  • Allows P2P traffic on all servers. Supports port forwarding for better speeds outside the US.
  • Works seamlessly with major torrenting clients – uTorrent, qBittorent, Deluge and more.
  • Includes an internet kill switch to block web access if the VPN connection drops.
  • SOCKS5 proxy servers add an extra layer of protection for your traffic.
  • No bandwidth caps or restrictions on data usage each month.

With dedicated P2P support, unlimited data usage and impressive speeds, PIA is the leading cheap option for staying private when torrenting for as low as $1.98/month.

3. NordVPN – Best Cheap VPN for Streaming & Gaming

Starting price: $2.99/month
Best for: Streaming videos, gaming and security

NordVPN is an advanced security solution focused on providing smooth, fast streaming and low latency online gaming. In my testing, speeds were consistently fast for streaming with minimal buffering or lag when connected to nearby NordVPN servers.

NordVPN‘s strengths for media streaming and gaming:

  • Large server network of over 5500 servers located in 60 countries worldwide for more connection options.
  • Consistently unblocks popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Twitch and others for more content.
  • CyberSec ad/malware blocking and Double VPN features help when streaming over public WiFi.
  • Useful for online gaming with low ping times and technology like Meshnet to link local devices.
  • Advanced security protections like DNS/IPv6 leak blocking, kill switch and 24/7 live chat support.

While priced slightly higher than other budget VPNs, NordVPN delivers excellent streaming/gaming performance and security for the money.

Why I Recommend Paying for a Cheap VPN over Using a Free VPN

There are certainly free VPN services out there that seem enticing. However, based on my experience testing them, I strongly advise against using free VPNs and here‘s why:

Slow speeds – Free VPNs often limit your available bandwidth significantly, leading to slow loading times and constant buffering when streaming. Paid services offer much faster and reliable speeds.

Limited data – Most free VPNs impose monthly data caps that can be as low as 2-5GB per month – not enough for heavy streaming or gaming.

Session timeouts – Free VPNs will typically cut off your free session after 30 minutes or 1 hour, interrupting whatever you are doing online. Paid services have unlimited connection time.

Lack of server locations – You‘ll have far fewer location options to connect from with free VPNs, leading to slower speeds. My recommended cheap VPNs offer thousands of servers.

Privacy risks – Free VPN providers make money by harvesting and selling your usage data. Paid options offer stronger privacy protections and policies against logging.

No customer support – Don‘t expect much for troubleshooting or help if issues arise with a free VPN. My top picks offer 24/7 live chat assistance and quick ticket resolution times.

While tempting, free VPN services come with too many compromises. Investing in a proven paid VPN like the options outlined here is worth the small monthly cost for better overall performance and privacy in my opinion.

FAQ About Cheap VPN Services

Should I get the cheapest VPN plan?

Not necessarily. Many VPNs offer tempting ultra-cheap plans for 3-year commitments, but you may miss out on new features or performance upgrades over that time. I suggest starting with a 1-year plan (or free trial) first to test a VPN before paying the minimum for 3 years upfront.

Do cheap VPNs keep logs?

Reputable paid VPN providers marketed as "no logs" services are your best bet for privacy, regardless of price. My top recommendations have strict no logging policies verified through independent audits. Always review a VPN‘s privacy policy before subscribing.

Can I try out a cheap VPN for free first?

Many top cheap VPNs offer free trial periods from one week up to a month allowing you to test speeds, streaming access and other features before paying. For example, Surfshark offers a free 7-day trial on mobile. Trying before you buy is recommended.

What is the difference between a paid and free VPN?

Paid VPNs offer faster speeds, more server locations, robust privacy protections and better support compared to most free services. Free VPNs often have some combination of bandwidth or data limits, privacy risks due to logging, slow speeds and session timeouts making them frustrating to use.

Are cheaper VPNs less secure?

Not necessarily. Leading cheap VPN providers still incorporate standard security features like AES-256 encryption, secure protocols, DNS/IPv6 leak protection and VPN kill switches. However, free VPNs likely cut corners on security or privacy protections.

The Bottom Line

Based on in-depth testing and analysis, Surfshark is my top recommendation as the best cheap VPN available in 2023 due to its balance of speed, unlimited device support, and array of privacy tools for just $2.49/month.

Private Internet Access also delivers an excellent value specifically for torrenting and filesharing with dedicated P2P servers, unlimited data usage, and proven speeds that rival premium VPNs.

And NordVPN rounds out the list as a top-notch budget choice for smooth, lag-free streaming and gaming with robust security protections.

While free VPN services may seem tempting, I advise paying for one of these reputable providers to get better speeds, data limits, access to more server locations, and stronger privacy for just a few dollars per month. Investing in a good cheap VPN pays for itself by securing your internet activity.


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