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The Best Antivirus Software for Mac 2023 | All About Cookies

As Macs continue to gain popularity worldwide, they‘ve become a bigger target for cyberattacks. Malware and viruses designed to infect Macs are on the rise. That‘s why all Mac users need a reliable antivirus solution to keep their systems secure.

But with so many options on the market, how do you determine the best antivirus for your Mac?

As an online privacy expert, I evaluated over 15 leading antivirus programs for Mac to identify the top recommendations based on malware protection, system impact, extra features, cost, and ease of use.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover:

  • Real-world examples of Mac malware in action
  • How antivirus software protects your system
  • The importance of Mac antivirus…despite the myths
  • The 6 best antivirus solutions for Mac in 2023
  • What to look for when choosing antivirus software

Let‘s dive in to help you secure your Mac!

Recent Examples of Malware Targeting Macs

While Macs are statistically safer than Windows PCs, they are still vulnerable to targeted attacks. Here are some real-world examples of malware infections experienced by Mac users:

  • XCSSET malware – This malware infected Macs by hijacking developer ID credentials and using them to bypass Apple‘s Gatekeeper screening. Once installed, it could execute any payload. XCSSET infected 130,000 Macs.
  • Cerberus banking Trojan – This Trojan specifically targets Mac users to steal financial information via phishing emails and text messages. When installed, it can capture banking credentials.
  • Shlayer adwareShlayer was one of the most prevalent Mac adware families in recent years. It bombarded victims with pop-up ads in an aggressive ad fraud scheme.
  • MacKeeper fake antivirus – This notorious rogue antivirus scammed Mac users out of millions by flagging harmless files as "infected," then charging to clean them.

These examples demonstrate that Macs absolutely need real antivirus protection from credible security vendors. Next I‘ll explain how antivirus software keeps your Mac safe.

How Antivirus Software Protects Your Mac

Modern antivirus solutions leverage advanced techniques to catch malware and prevent infections:

  • Real-time protection – Scans files as you access them for instant threat detection.
  • Behavior analysis – Monitors system activity for suspicious behaviors indicative of malware.
  • Signature detection – Matches files against databases of known malware signatures.
  • Heuristic analysis – Identifies malware based on attributes like code structures rather than specific signatures.
  • Machine learning – Leverages AI to analyze threat patterns and teach itself to detect emerging and mutating strains of malware.
  • Web filtering – Blocks access to known malicious sites to prevent infections.
  • Firewall – Prevents unauthorized network connections to stop malware communication.
  • Containment – Isolates detected malware before it can damage your Mac.

Together, these layered protections provide comprehensive security for your Mac against a wide range of virus and malware threats.

Why Macs Need Antivirus Protection Despite the Myths

There‘s a persistent myth that Macs don‘t need antivirus software because MacOS is inherently more secure than Windows. However, this is misguided thinking. Macs absolutely require antivirus protection.

In reality:

  • Mac malware increased by 400% in 2022 according to Malwarebytes Labs.
  • 15% of Macs show signs of malware infections per Webroot.
  • Mac threats mainly rely on social engineering like phishing links rather than OS flaws. Antivirus blocks these infection vectors.
  • Major Mac threats include trojans, adware, ransomware, bots, and spyware.
  • Gatekeeper and XProtect have gaps that malware continually finds ways to bypass.

So while MacOS offers some useful security advantages, it is not bulletproof against dedicated malware attacks. A good antivirus program fills in the gaps.

Next I‘ll share my picks for the top antivirus solutions to secure your Mac.

The 6 Best Antivirus Programs for Mac in 2023

Based on my extensive testing and reviews, here are my top recommendations for Mac antivirus software in 2023:

1. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac – Best Overall


Out of all the options, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is my #1 overall pick for 2023.

Here‘s why Bitdefender excels at protecting your Mac:

  • Earns flawless 100% detection scores in independent AV-Test lab evaluations. Zero misses against Mac malware.
  • Ultra lightweight. Uses just ~20MB RAM so you won‘t notice any system slowdown.
  • The Traffic Light browser extension color codes website safety as you search and browse. Provides an extra layer of protection.
  • Simple, intuitive interface clearly displays your security status without cluttering your Mac.
  • Also includes the Safepay browser to secure online banking and shopping.

While the entry-level package is very affordable at $59.99 per year, I recommend Bitdefender Total Security for Mac which adds protections like:

  • Webcam security to prevent remote hijacking
  • Multi-layer ransomware prevention
  • Wi-Fi network monitoring to detect weaknesses and intruders
  • Password manager
  • 2-way firewall
  • File shredder to securely delete sensitive data

This full-featured suite is still reasonably priced at $89.99 per year for 3 devices. In my experience, Bitdefender offers unbeatable malware protection coupled with low system demands. It‘s the best overall antivirus solution for Mac users.

Cost: Starts at $59.99 per year

Malware Detection Rate: 100% (AV-Test)

2. Norton 360 Deluxe – Best for Comprehensive Features


Norton 360 Deluxe isn‘t just antivirus – it‘s a complete security solution layered with useful utilities.

Standout features include:

  • Full VPN – Encrypts your internet connection to keep browsing private and secure on public Wi-Fi.
  • 50GB cloud backup – Automatically saves copies of important files.
  • Dark web monitoring – Scans black market sites for your info and alerts you of compromised accounts.
  • LifeLock identity theft protection – Prevents criminals from stealing your identity by locking down your private data.
  • Intelligent firewall – Blocks incoming attacks while allowing trusted connections.
  • Earns near-perfect 99% malware detection scores according to AV-Test‘s latest tests on Mac.
  • Protects up to 5 devices across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

If you want the ultimate all-in-one security suite with antivirus plus VPN, cloud backup, identity theft protection, and more, Norton 360 Deluxe is a top choice. The $99.99 yearly price for 5 devices is reasonable for everything included.

Cost: $99.99 per year for 5 devices

Malware Detection Rate: 99% (AV-Test)

3. Avast One Essential – Best Free Antivirus


Free antivirus solutions often provide only basic protection, but Avast One Essential earns top scores despite its zero cost.

Avast One Essential protects your Mac with:

  • Real-time scanning that achieves 100% detection rates in AV-Test evaluations.
  • A web shield that blocks access to malicious sites and unsafe downloads.
  • Wi-Fi inspector that scans for vulnerabilities in your network.
  • Limited VPN use and basic online privacy features.
  • Minimal system impact thanks to its lightweight design.

For broader protection, Avast One Prime upgrades you to a full VPN, ransomware shield, webcam monitor, and more premium features starting at $89.99 per year.

But the free version covers the critical antivirus basics surprisingly well. If you want capable protection at zero cost, download Avast One Essential.

Cost: Free

Malware Detection Rate: 100% (AV-Test)

4. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac – Best for Performance

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac stands out for its ultra lightweight system footprint. It provides robust antivirus protection while using minimal Mac resources.

Key features:

  • Tiny RAM usage around 25MB means zero noticeable system slowdown. The antivirus works invisibly in the background.
  • Identifies 99.5% of Mac malware samples in AV-Test evaluations.
  • Pay Guard feature protects financial data when shopping online.
  • Automatically contains detected threats by isolating them so they can‘t infect your system.
  • Lets you customize manual or automatic scans across your full system or specific folders.

While Trend Micro focuses on smooth-running antivirus over bonus features, it does the essential job very well for only $39.95 per year. The program is purpose-built for low system impact.

Cost: $39.95 per year

Malware Detection Rate: 99.5% (AV-Test)

5. Malwarebytes for Mac – Extra Layer of Protection


Malwarebytes makes an excellent secondary scanner to complement your main antivirus. It uses different methods to catch threats that slip past traditional signature-based antivirus engines.

Here‘s how Malwarebytes layers on protection for Macs:

  • Employes signature-less technology to identify malware based on behaviors, anomalies, and machine learning rather than fixed definitions.
  • Scans for Mac-specific e-threats like adware, spyware, trojans, worms, crypto-miners, and more.
  • Gives you the flexibility to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly scans on top of your main antivirus.
  • Automatically quarantines found threats before they can infect your system.
  • Malwarebytes Premium adds real-time scanning, malicious website blocking, adware removal, and priority tech support.

Malwarebytes made a name for itself in security by complementing traditional antivirus tools. It‘s a smart second opinion scanner for Macs.

Cost: $49.99 per year for 1 device

Malware Detection Rate: 100% (Malwarebytes)

6. Avira Antivirus Pro – Excellent for Privacy


Beyond just malware scans, Avira Antivirus Pro safeguards your privacy through web protections.

Key highlights:

  • Achieves a perfect 100% threat detection rate in AV-Test evaluations.
  • The Web Shield blocks access to compromised, phishing, and malicious websites.
  • Web Shield Inspector shows reputation details on URLs blocked by Avira. Provides transparency.
  • Camouflage feature masks your identity by scrambling personal details to prevent tracking.
  • System Speedup cleans junk files and optimizes performance.
  • Free customer service to help optimize your protection and answer questions.

For full-suite tools, Avira Prime adds a VPN, identity protection, software updater, and more for $99.99 per year. Avira Antivirus Pro starts at $59.99 annually.

If you prioritize privacy and web security alongside antivirus, Avira is a strong choice.

Cost: Starts at $59.99 per year

Malware Detection Rate: 100% (AV-Test)

What to Look for in Antivirus Software for Mac

When evaluating antivirus programs for your Mac, here are the most important criteria to consider:

  • Detection rates – Independent testing lab scores indicate how effectively the antivirus detects real-world Mac malware. Look for rates above 99%.
  • Performance impact – Top antivirus solutions use minimal system resources. Check RAM usage under 100MB and limited CPU slowdown.
  • Extra features – Added tools like VPNs, parental controls, firewalls, webcam protection, identity monitoring, and device cleaners provide broader security.
  • User experience – The best antivirus software is simple to install, configure, and scan with your protection status displayed clearly.
  • Support – Knowledgable and responsive technical support via live chat, phone, email, and online knowledge bases in case you need troubleshooting.
  • Price – Pricing ranges from free to over $100 annually depending on the features included. Evaluate the value you get at different price points.

Prioritizing these factors will help you select a high performing Mac antivirus that fits your budget and needs.

Protect Your Mac with Top-Rated Antivirus Software

Despite the myth that Macs don‘t need antivirus protection, the reality is that Mac threats are on the rise. Malware and viruses can stealthily infect Macs through phishing, contaminated downloads, false updates, social engineering, and even outright security flaws.

That‘s why all Mac users should run one of the top-rated antivirus solutions outlined in this guide. My recommendations such as Bitdefender, Norton 360, Avast, Malwarebytes, and others combine rigorous Mac malware detection with low system impact.

Don‘t take risks with your Mac‘s security. The consequences of an infection can include stolen data, locked files, monitoring by attackers, and even complete system destruction. Invest in a robust antivirus suite so you can compute with confidence knowing your Mac is protected.


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