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The Best Ad Blockers for iPhone 2023

Ad blockers can improve your iPhone browsing experience by reducing malware and phishing attempts, increasing webpage load speeds, and removing trackers for privacy. The best ad blockers for iPhone are built to handle annoying ads throughout your phone, whether you’re using Safari, YouTube, social media, or other apps.

We’ve tested the top ad blockers for iPhone to determine which ones are the most effective. Based on extensive testing, we found the best iPhone ad blockers are:

  • 1Blocker – Best overall ad blocker for iOS
  • AdGuard – Best for multiple operating systems
  • AdLock – Best for premium users

In addition, we‘ll cover some honorable mentions and answer frequently asked questions about ad blocking on iPhones. By the end, you‘ll know which ad blocker is right for your needs.

The Best Ad Blockers for iPhone 2023

1Blocker: Best for iOS

1Blocker is our pick for best overall ad blocker on iPhone. It‘s designed specifically for Safari but also blocks ads and trackers in other iPhone apps.

With 1Blocker‘s free version, you can select filters to block ads, web trackers, annoyances, widgets, comments, and adult sites. It‘s easy to toggle the filters on and off right inside the iOS app.

1Blocker really shines when you upgrade to premium. The premium features allow you to run multiple filters at once, block trackers in apps, and customize your own filters for advanced ad blocking. There‘s also a firewall feature to block even more background trackers for increased privacy.

Some key advantages of 1Blocker:

  • Works seamlessly on macOS and iOS
  • Easy to use with toggle filters
  • Premium upgrade for more advanced blocking
  • Includes firewall for privacy

Downsides are that it‘s only designed for Apple devices, and details about the product can be hard to find on 1Blocker‘s website. But overall, it‘s a powerful ad blocker optimized for iPhones.

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AdGuard: Best for Multiple Operating Systems

If you need an ad blocker across different devices, AdGuard is a top choice. It works on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and all major browsers.

The AdGuard app makes it simple to turn ad blocking on or off based on your browsing needs. For more customization, you can toggle individual filters for ads, privacy, annoyances, social widgets, and language-specific blocking.

Upgrading to premium unlocks advanced features like:

  • Custom filter creation
  • Phishing and malware protection
  • Parental controls

However, we found the free mobile app only blocks ads inside the Safari browser, not other iPhone apps. But AdGuard still remains a versatile pick for seamless ad blocking across multiple platforms.

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AdLock: Best for Premium Users

AdLock requires a paid subscription but offers robust ad blocking for iPhones. It can remove ads in both Safari and apps like YouTube when upgraded to premium.

The free version only blocks Safari ads. But premium users can take advantage of features like:

  • Ad removal on YouTube
  • Social media ad blocking
  • Tracker blocking
  • AdLock video player

While premium is needed for the full feature set, the basic iOS app is easy to use. You can quickly turn on Safari ad blocking or whitelist sites. Overall, AdLock is a top choice for users who need unlimited access across devices and powerful iPhone ad blocking.

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Honorable Mentions

We tested every top ad blocker for iPhone to make our recommendations. But a few other options stood out that may better suit your needs:

  • Total Adblock – From the makers of TotalAV, this successfully blocked ads and trackers in our tests. Offers a dedicated iOS app.
  • AdBlock Plus – Simple ad blocker for Safari. Easy to turn on/off and whitelist sites.
  • Wipr – Has a one-time $1.99 fee but highly rated among iPhone users.

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Best Ad Blockers for iPhone FAQs

Does Apple allow ad blockers?

Yes, Apple allows ad blockers in the App Store. Our top picks like 1Blocker, AdGuard, and AdLock are all available for download.

Do ad blockers work on iPhones?

Yes, iPhone ad blockers are effective at removing ads in Safari, YouTube, social media, games, and other apps. Make sure to enable the ad blocker in your Safari settings for full blocking on iOS.

What is a good free ad blocker for iPhone?

1Blocker has a free version that works well for basic Safari ad blocking on iPhone. It lets you toggle individual filters on/off. For ad blocking beyond Safari, a premium ad blocker is recommended.

How do I install an ad blocker on iPhone?

After downloading the ad blocker app, head to Settings > Safari > Extensions and toggle the ad blocker on. This will enable it to block ads across Safari on your iPhone. Check the app or Safari preferences to customize your ad blocking preferences.

Bottom Line: The Best Ad Blockers for iPhone

The best ad blockers for iPhone can block annoying, distracting, and malicious ads across your favorite apps and websites. Based on our testing, we recommend:

  • 1Blocker – For the best overall ad blocking experience on iPhone
  • AdGuard – For using one ad blocker across all devices
  • AdLock – For the most powerful iPhone ad blocking

Each provides effective ad blocking for iPhone, with the option to upgrade for advanced features and device coverage. Try them out to browse ads-free and protect your privacy on iOS.

How We Tested the Best Ad Blockers for iPhone

We thoroughly evaluated the top ad blockers for iPhone based on criteria like:

Compatibility – The ad blocker had to be compatible with iOS and Safari at a minimum. Bonus points for also supporting Mac, Windows, Android, and multiple browsers.

Effectiveness – We tested ad blocking on real sites in Safari, YouTube, social media, and other iPhone apps. The best blockers removed all ads in these apps.

Features – At a minimum, ad blockers had to filter ads. But additional options like blocking trackers, malware protection, and custom filter creation were preferred.

Value – Both free and premium ad blockers were considered. Paid plans had to provide robust features and device coverage to justify the cost.

Ease of Use – The process for downloading, installing, and customizing the ad blocker had to be straightforward. Bonus points for intuitive mobile apps.

By evaluating dozens of ad blockers against these criteria, we were able to pick the best solutions for any iPhone user‘s needs. Make sure to install one of these top ad blockers so you can take back control of your mobile browsing experience!


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