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Hola amigos! Here‘s How to Install the Awesome Balandro Kodi Addon for Tons of Spanish Content

Do you want easy access to endless shows, movies, and more from Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries? Are you looking to immerse yourself in entertainment en español? Then let me introduce you to the Balandro Kodi addon!

With Balandro installed in Kodi, you can instantly stream a huge library of Spanish TV series, films, documentaries, live channels, and other content.

In this guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know to get Balandro up and running on your Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, or other device running Kodi 19 Matrix.

By the end, you‘ll have a phenomenal Spanish addon ready for binge watching!

Why Choose the Balandro Kodi Addon?

Before we dive into the installation process, let‘s look at why Balandro is such a great choice for Spanish entertainment and language learning:

  • Massive content library – Over 1800 channels and thousands of shows & movies make Balandro a top Spanish addon.

  • Intuitive navigation – Sections for genres, country of origin, release year, and more make finding content easy.

  • Active development – The dev team frequently updates the addon with new content.

  • High quality streams – Many 1080p HD streams from top filelockers offer excellent video quality.

  • Tons of live TV – Get 100+ Spanish live channels from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and beyond.

  • Adult section – Okay, not for everyone, but Balandro does have Spanish XXX streams (use wisely).

  • Great for language learning – Immerse yourself in real Spanish content at any level.

Basically, if you want an endless supply of shows, movies, docs, and more in Spanish, Balandro is tough to top. Next I‘ll explain how to install it.

How Many People Speak Spanish Worldwide?

Before we get into the installation, it helps to understand why Spanish content is so popular globally.

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world with over 460 million native speakers worldwide. It‘s the official language in 20 countries and Spanish-speakers comprise 10% of the US population.

In fact, the number of Spanish speakers in the US is projected to grow to 43 million by 2060. Already, 35 million Latin Americans consume Spanish-language media daily.

Clearly, Spanish entertainment is in high demand across the globe. With Balandro in Kodi, you gain access to limitless shows, movies, and more to serve this massive Spanish-speaking audience.

Ahora, ¡instalemos!

How to Install Balandro Kodi Addon on Fire TV / Firestick

I‘ll demonstrate installing Balandro on a Firestick 4K streaming device, but you can follow these same steps to install it on any hardware running Kodi 19 Matrix like an Android TV Box.

Let‘s get started:

1. Activate Unknown Sources in Kodi Settings

Since Balandro isn‘t found in the official Kodi repository, you need to enable installation from unknown sources:

  1. In the main Kodi menu, click on the gear icon to open Settings.

  2. Select System Settings.

  3. Choose Add-ons on the left sidebar.

  4. Toggle on Unknown sources.

Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi

  1. Read and accept the warning message about third-party addons. Kodi gives this disclaimer because unverified addons may contain threats or illegal content. More on safely using third-party addons shortly!

Okay, now Kodi is ready to install outside addons – we just need to give it Balandro‘s repository location…

2. Add the Balandro Repository Source

In Kodi, you install addons by pointing the software to the repository or source folder that contains them.

Let‘s add the Balandro repo:

  1. From Settings, open File Manager.

  2. Select Add source.

  3. Click on and enter this exact URL:
  4. Type a name for this media source like "Balandro Repo" and click OK.

    Add Balandro Repository Source in Kodi

This process makes the Balandro repository accessible to Kodi. Now on to installing the addon itself!

3. Install Balandro Addon from the Repo Source

With the repository added, installing Balandro takes just a few clicks:

  1. Return to the main Add-ons section in Settings.

  2. Click on Install from zip file.

  3. Select the "Balandro Repo" source you just created.

  4. Choose to install the repository add-on.

    Install Balandro Repo Zip

Once installed, you‘ll see this notification:

Balandro Repo Add-on installed!

Now the last step – installing Balandro addon from this repository:

  1. Go back to Install from repository.

  2. Select the Balandro Repo add-on.

  3. Choose Video add-ons.

  4. Click on Balandro and install it.

After another success message, you‘re all done – the Balandro Kodi addon is installed!

Balandro Addon Installed Notification

¡Felicidades! Now a world of Spanish movies, shows, documentaries, and live TV is at your fingertips!

But first, let‘s talk about safely and legally using third-party addons like Balandro.

Is Balandro Kodi Addon Legal and Safe to Use?

Any addon not sanctioned by the official Kodi repository exists in a legal gray area. The Balandro Kodi addon likely provides streams that violate copyright.

You should avoid content on Balandro that you do not have the rights to view. Much of it probably infringes on creator copyrights.

That said, Balandro and addons like it are not inherently illegal. There is also plenty of 100% legal content accessible through Balandro such as:

  • Public domain media
  • YouTube videos
  • Home videos
  • Content you own the rights to

Accessing this type of lawful media is completely fine. You simply need to take responsibility for what you stream.

To be safer online, I strongly recommend using a VPN like ExpressVPN when using third-party addons. This encrypts your connection to protect your privacy.

Besides privacy, VPNs can also bypass geo-restrictions to access more content and improve streaming speeds.

So in summary:

  • Avoid obviously pirated content
  • Leverage a trustworthy VPN
  • Access legal streams you have rights to

Take these precautions when using Balandro or other unverified addons. Now, let‘s explore all the great Spanish entertainment Balandro provides!

Exploring Spanish Movies, Shows, Live TV & More in Balandro

After installing the Balandro Kodi addon, you‘ll find it under Add-ons on the main Kodi menu.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various sections and content categories:

Balandro Kodi Addon Sections

Let‘s take a closer look at what you can watch:

Movies (Películas)

Endless Spanish language films from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and beyond. Find all genres like comedy, action, drama, documentary, and more:

Balandro Movies Section

New in 2022 and 2021:

  • Madres Paralelas
  • El Buen Patrón
  • Competencia Oficial
  • La Casa Gucci
  • El Diablo Entre las Piernas

All-time favorites:

  • Pan‘s Labyrinth
  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  • Amores Perros
  • Y Tu Mamá También
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

From Oscar winners to indie arthouse to horror and thrillers, Balandro has a deep movie library.

TV Shows (Series y Telenovelas)

Balandro features practically every Spanish TV show imaginable:

Balandro TV Shows Section

Popular now:

  • Money Heist
  • Elite
  • Narcos / Narcos Mexico
  • ¿Quién Mató a Sara?
  • La Casa de las Flores

Classic telenovelas:

  • Yo Soy Betty, la Fea
  • Pasión de Gavilanes
  • María la del Barrio
  • María Mercedes
  • Marimar

Don‘t miss the kids, anime, comedy, crime, and drama sections too.

Live TV Channels

Watch 100+ live TV channels from across the Spanish-speaking world:

Balandro Live TV Section

Channels from:

  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Chile
  • and more!

You‘ll find live news, sports, movies, entertainment, and kids programming.

Documentaries, Music, Sports & More

Beyond just movies and shows, Balandro offers:

  • Fascinating documentaries covering nature, history, science, culture, and more

  • Live concerts and music docs from top Latin artists

  • Spanish soccer league matches and sports replays

  • Content for kids like cartoons, shows, and learning programs

  • And yes…adult entertainment (use good judgment here)

Take the time to fully explore all sections in Balandro to unlock this vast Spanish content library.

Now let‘s look at some tips for getting the most out of this addon.

Tips for Using Balandro Kodi Addon

Here are some handy suggestions to improve streaming with Balandro:

  • Use a faster DNS like Cloudflare ( in Kodi settings for faster connection speeds.

  • Enable Real Debrid or Premiumize in Balandro for higher quality streams from premium filehosts.

  • Install the Adeb Subtitles addon for great Spanish subtitle support.

  • Consider a faster internet plan or Ethernet connection if you notice excessive buffering.

  • Always use a VPN like ExpressVPN to protect your privacy and security.

  • Periodically clear cache in Balandro to resolve any playback issues.

  • Enable "Resume playback?" in Balandro settings to continue shows from where you left off.

These tips will help you get the best performance from Balandro when streaming Spanish content with Kodi.

How Does Balandro Compare to Other Top Spanish Addons?

Balandro stands out as a top Spanish addon, but some alternatives like iVue TV España and TVision provide stiff competition:

Addon Content Selection Stream Quality Ease of Use Active Development
Balandro Excellent Very good Excellent Yes
iVue TV España Good Good Average Minimal
TVision Very good Excellent Very good Yes

Balandro beats out the competition in most categories in my opinion. It provides a huge content catalog, great quality streams, and an intuitive interface.

The active development is also key – new media is added frequently to the addon. Overall, Balandro delivers the best Spanish Kodi addon experience in 2022.

Final Thoughts on this Fantastic Spanish Addon

Well amigos, that wraps up this complete guide on installing Balandro and streaming spectacular Spanish content.

I walked you through adding the repo, installing the addon, navigating the content sections, and offered plenty of pro tips.

Now you have countless shows, movies, live TV and more en Español at your fingertips!

From Oscar winners to telenovelas, La Liga soccer to kids cartoons, Balandro brings you an unrivaled selection of content.

Take a few moments to browse all it has to offer. And be sure to use a VPN for privacy protection when streaming.

I hope this guide helped explain everything needed to install Balandro Kodi addon. Now you can expand your Spanish entertainment horizons!

Let me know if you have any other questions. ¡Disfruta este fantástico complemento!


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