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Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall – How to Stream YouTube vs TikTok Fight

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

This guide will show you how to stream the highly anticipated boxing match between YouTube star Austin McBroom and TikTok sensation Bryce Hall.

With over 40 million followers between them on YouTube and TikTok, there is huge interest in this fight from fans of both internet celebrities. Read on as I, a cybersecurity and streaming expert, walk you through how to live stream Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall no matter where you are in the world.

When and Where is Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall?

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is taking place this Saturday, June 12 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.

The main card kicks off at 7 PM Eastern Time (4 PM PT), with the main event ring walks for McBroom vs Hall expected around 9-10 PM ET depending on earlier fights.

In addition to the headline fight, there is a full slate of YouTuber vs TikToker bouts set for the undercard:

  • AnEsongib vs Tayler Holder
  • Deji vs Vinniehacker
  • DDG vs Nate Wyatt
  • Faze Jarvis vs Michaelle
  • Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms
  • Landon McBroom vs Ben Azelart
  • Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage

With big names from YouTube and TikTok competing, this event is generating major hype online. Hardcore boxing fans may scoff at internet celebrities becoming prizefighters, but these online followings translate to serious pay-per-view potential.

The fight is expected to draw up to 2 million PPV buys, which would make it one of the biggest selling non-professional boxing events ever. For comparison, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. last year generated around 1.6 million PPV buys.

There is no doubt Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall will be the most watched internet celebrity fight since the Paul brothers first ventured into boxing.

Now let‘s get into how you can live stream this YouTube vs TikTok fight card, no matter where you are in the world.

How to Watch Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall Online

In the US, the Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall fight PPV is available exclusively through LiveXLive. The PPV costs $49.99 and can be purchased on the LiveXLive website or in the LiveXLive app.

However, there are some caveats to accessing the LiveXLive stream that I‘ll explain step-by-step:

1. LiveXLive has territorial restrictions

The McBroom vs Hall live stream is only available in the United States and Canada.

If you are outside the US or Canada, you‘ll run into a geo-block restricting access to the PPV feed on LiveXLive.


This is an issue, but easily circumvented with a VPN (more details in Step 2).

2. Use a VPN to access if outside the US/Canada

To bypass the LiveXLive geo-block, you‘ll need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN allows you to change your device‘s IP address to another country. This tricks streaming services and websites into thinking you are accessing from a different location.

So if you connect to a US-based VPN server, you can fool LiveXLive into believing you are in the United States.

There are dozens of VPN providers out there, but I recommend Surfshark. The steps to get setup with Surfshark:

  1. Sign up for Surfshark: (currently 85% off + 3 months free)
  2. Download & install the Surfshark app on your device
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a US server
  4. Try accessing LiveXLive – your IP will now appear to be within the US!

Surfshark App

Surfshark also has apps for Fire TV, Apple TV, routers, and more – making it easy to get a US IP Address on any device you want to stream on.

💡 Pro Tip: Connecting to the VPN before purchasing the PPV is important. The geo-block applies at the point-of-sale, so you need a US IP when initially visiting LiveXLive to buy access.

3. Stream Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall on any device

Once you have purchased the McBroom vs Hall PPV through LiveXLive (using a VPN if outside North America), you can stream on any internet-connected device.

If watching on a TV/streaming device:

  • Fire TV – Download and open the LiveXLive app to stream
  • Apple TV – Get the LiveXLive app from the App Store
  • Roku – Add LiveXLive channel and access the fight there
  • Android TV/Google TV – Find LiveXLive in the Play Store to install and watch
  • Gaming Consoles – LiveXLive available on Xbox, Playstation, etc.

To stream on a mobile device:

  • iPhone – Get the iOS LiveXLive app to watch the fight
  • Android Phone – Install Android LiveXLive app and open to view
  • Tablet – Same apps as mobile. Or access via mobile browser

Streaming on a computer:

  • PC/Mac – Head to and login to your account
  • Chromecast – Cast the LiveXLive website to your TV from computer

No matter what device you want to stream on, the process is the same – purchase the PPV at, then access through the platform‘s website or app.

If you run into any trouble accessing the stream, connecting the VPN usually solves any issues. Reach out in the comments if you need any help getting setup.

Now let‘s take a closer look at the two fighters facing off in this YouTube vs TikTok main event.

The Fighters – Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

Austin McBroom – YouTube Star

Austin McBroom

Age: 29
Height: 6‘2"
Reach: 80"
Pro Record: 0-0

Austin McBroom is best known as the patriarch of the popular ACE Family YouTube channel, which has amassed over 19 million subscribers.

While not known for sports, McBroom played college basketball for Campbellsville University before turning to social media stardom.

This will be McBroom‘s boxing debut, but he has been preparing with experienced trainers and looks in fantastic shape. He hasn‘t competed as an athlete for several years, but his basketball background should translate well to boxing.

McBroom‘s size will be a major advantage in this fight. At 6‘2" with a 6‘8" wingspan, he holds a significant reach advantage over the shorter Bryce Hall. He‘s also packed on muscle through his training camp, bulking up to 193 lbs for fight night.

Austin McBroom Boxing Record

Total Fights Wins Losses Draws
0 0 0 0

Being the taller, longer, heavier fighter typically leads to success for boxers at this level. McBroom just needs to fight smart and use his physical gifts to keep Hall at a distance on route to a decision win.

Bryce Hall – TikTok Influencer

Bryce Hall

Age: 21
Height: 6‘0"
Reach: 74"
Pro Record: 0-0

Bryce Hall rose to fame as part of the TikTok collab group "The Hype House" and now boasts over 20 million followers on the app.

While he‘s never competed in an athletic event before, Hall has been committed to training for his boxing debut against McBroom. He even moved to Las Vegas for the full camp to work with professional trainers.

Physically, Hall is at a disadvantage in this fight, being smaller and shorter than Austin McBroom. He‘ll need to overcome this with superior skills and cardio.

Reports indicate Hall has looked very sharp in sparring sessions. His background in wrestling seems to have accelerated his learning curve when it comes to boxing basics like footwork and defensive movements.

Hall‘s keys to victory are fighting on the inside, targeting the body, and pushing the pace over the 6 round fight. If his conditioning is up to par, his high volume punching could steal rounds on the scorecard and tire out McBroom.

Bryce Hall Boxing Record

Total Fights Wins Losses Draws
0 0 0 0

If Hall wants to have his hand raised as the winner, he‘ll need to overcome the size disadvantage and box intelligently. Relying solely on his power won‘t get it done against the naturally larger McBroom.

The Experts‘ Pick – McBroom vs Hall Prediction

While this fight is hard to predict given neither boxer has previous experience, I‘m picking Austin McBroom to win a unanimous decision victory over Bryce Hall.

McBroom‘s physical tools combined with a disciplined game plan should be enough to keep Hall out of range while racking up points. As long as Austin doesn‘t get drawn into a brawl, his height and reach advantages should translate to a convincing win on the scorecards.

Of course, there is always the possibility of a flash KO when two internet celebs square off. But I expect McBroom to fight cautiously and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Hall absolutely has a path to victory if he can close the distance and frequent McBroom‘s body. But ultimately, I see Austin‘s size being the difference maker in this exhibition matchup.

Now you know when, where, and how to watch the Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall live stream. Just sign up for LiveXLive, connect a VPN if you are outside North America, and enjoy the fights!


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