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How to Install Aurora Store on Firestick and Android TV: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to expand your app and game selection beyond the Amazon Appstore or Google Play on your Fire TV or Android device? If so, Aurora Store is an excellent option to unlock thousands of new apps to enjoy.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about Aurora Store, the benefits of expanding your app selection, and provide a complete step-by-step walkthrough on installing it correctly.

Let‘s dive in!

What is Aurora Store and How Does It Work?

Aurora Store is a free, open-source, third-party app store that provides access to the extensive catalog of apps and games on the Google Play Store.

It works by essentially mirroring everything available on Google Play, but allowing you to directly download apps to your device without going through the official Play Store app.

Some stand-out features of Aurora Store include:

  • Access to over 3 million Android apps and games
  • Intuitive browsing and search functions
  • Frequent updates with new apps and versions
  • Completely free to use with no advertisements

Under the hood, Aurora Store is downloading app packages (APK files) directly from Google‘s servers, the same place the Play Store gets them from. This means you are installing authentic apps straight from the developers.

The key difference is that Aurora Store acts as an alternative client to access these apps, bypassing any restrictions put in place by device manufacturers or app store operators.

For example, Amazon heavily curates which apps are available on their Fire TV devices via the Amazon Appstore. Many popular apps like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, and millions more are not approved for download.

This is where Aurora Store comes in! It gives you an easy way around these limitations so you can download any Play Store app you want.

The Demand for More Apps on Streaming Devices

With the growing usage of Android-based streaming devices like Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield, having access to more apps and selection is becoming increasingly important.

In 2022 there were over 5 billion Android app downloads, showing the sheer demand for Android apps. And consumer time spent in apps grew 30% year-over-year.

However, as mentioned above, streaming device manufacturers often limit which apps you can install. This leaves consumers wanting more options and flexibility.

Being able to install any app from Google Play, despite the restrictions put in place, is a major reason Aurora Store has become a go-to app store sideloading solution.

Is Aurora Store Safe to Use?

Whenever installing third-party apps or using alternatives app stores, safety is a big concern. You want to avoid malware-infected apps that could harm your device or compromise your personal data.

The good news is that Aurora Store itself is completely safe to use. Since it pulls apps directly from Google Play, they are trusted and verified apps from official developers.

There is little risk of injecting malware into the apps since Aurora Store acts as a "middleman", simply allowing you to download apps hosted on Google‘s servers.

That being said, you should still be smart about which apps you choose to install. Only download apps from reputable developers, pay attention to app permissions being requested, and consider using a VPN for an extra layer of privacy when downloading apps.

Overall though, Aurora Store is a secure and safe way to expand your app selection beyond the default app store on your device. Millions of users have benefited from this added flexibility without issue.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Aurora Store on Fire TV and Android TV

Ready to get started? Here is a detailed walkthrough on how to install and set up Aurora Store:

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Before you can install any unauthorized apps, you first need to enable "Unknown Sources" in your device settings. This allows installation of apps from outside the official app store.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Applications or Apps
  3. Choose Install Unknown Apps or Unknown Sources
  4. Toggle to On or Enabled

Confirm any warnings that pop up about enabling unknown sources. Your device is now ready to install Aurora Store.

Enabling Unknown Sources on a Fire TV Stick

Download the Downloader App

To install Aurora Store, we‘ll use a simple app called Downloader. This app allows you to enter URLs to download files and apps onto your device.

If you don‘t already have Downloader installed, you can download it easily:

On a Fire TV Device:

  1. Open the Amazon Appstore
  2. Search for "Downloader"
  3. Select the Downloader app and download it

On an Android TV Device:

  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. Search for "Downloader"
  3. Download and install the AFTVNews Downloader app

Once installed, launch Downloader from your app menu.

Enter Aurora Store URL in Downloader

In the URL bar at the top of the Downloader app, enter:

This is the official download link for the Aurora Store APK file.

After entering the URL, press Go to start the download.

Enter the Aurora Store URL in Downloader

Downloader will first display a quick overview of what it is about to download. Review this, then select Download to proceed.

The Aurora Store APK will now download onto your device storage.

Install Aurora Store

Once the download completes, you will see an Install button. Select this to begin actually installing Aurora Store onto your device.

Click Install in Downloader

The installation process will begin. Accept any permission pop-ups that display.

After a short time, you will receive a "Success" message that Aurora Store has been installed.

You can now open Aurora Store from your app menu like any other installed app.

Launch Aurora Store and Browse Apps

The first launch of Aurora Store will guide you through a quick setup:

  • Accept the permissions required for Aurora Store to function when prompted
  • Choose to sign in Anonymously (recommended)

Accept Aurora Store permissions

You will then enter the main Aurora Store screen where you can browse and search for apps. This functions very similarly to the Google Play Store.

Use the navigation bar at the bottom to switch between different sections:

  • Apps – Browse editor recommendations or categories
  • Games – Top games and new releases
  • My Apps – Apps you have installed
  • Updates – Manage app updates

To install an app, simply find it via search or browsing, then select Install. The app will download and automatically be added to your app menu.

Browsing apps in Aurora Store

And that‘s all there is to it! You can now enjoy a vastly larger selection of apps on your Fire TV or Android streaming device.

Tips for Managing Apps Installed from Aurora Store

Here are some useful tips for managing your apps after getting Aurora Store setup:

  • Check the Updates section frequently for new versions of installed apps. Aurora Store does not auto-update apps.

  • Use a mouse toggle app or wireless air mouse to improve navigation in Aurora Store. The remote can be frustrating to use in apps sometimes.

  • Only install apps from reputable, well-known developers and pay attention to permission requests during installation.

  • Consider using a VPN to enhance privacy and security when browsing and installing apps.

  • Check out the categores and top charts in Aurora Store to discover great apps you may not have known about.

  • Use a third-party app launcher like Wolf Launcher for greater customization of your app menu.

Why Go Through the Trouble of Sideloading Aurora Store?

You may be wondering, why bother going through this slightly complicated process of sideloading Aurora Store rather than just using the default app store?

There are a few major advantages:

  • Access to thousands more apps – The limited selection in the Amazon Appstore pales in comparison to everything available via Aurora Store. If you want more options, Aurora delivers.

  • Get apps not officially available – Major apps like YouTube, Chrome, Gmail and many others are not accessible on Fire TV devices without sideloading. Aurora Store lets you easily get these apps.

  • Enjoy greater customization – With more apps, you can truly customize your streaming device however you want. Install utility apps, new launchers, specialty streaming apps, and much more.

  • Break manufacturer restrictions – Device makers often limit app options to push their own services. Aurora Store circumvents this, giving you freedom to choose the apps you want.

While it does require some extra effort compared to using the default app store, the huge gain in app selection, customization options, and breadth of content accessible is well worth it for many users.

How Aurora Store Compares to Other App Stores

Curious how Aurora Store stacks up against other app store options? Here is a quick comparison:

Google Play Store – Official Android app store. Aurora mimics this but provides direct downloads vs needing Play Store app.

Amazon Appstore – Default store for Fire TV. Very limited app selection. No sideloading needed but fewer apps.

Aptoide – Similar third-party app store but some security concerns reported. Also offers plenty of apps.

ApkMirror – Repository for downloading Android APK files. No app to browse, just manual APK downloads.

ApkPure – App store alternative focused mainly on games. Decent selection but less than Aurora.

Overall, Aurora strikes a great balance between security, selection, and ease of use. For Fire TV and Android TV owners, it‘s typically the best choice for expanding your app library.


Installing Aurora Store is a great way to unlock thousands of new apps for your Android streaming device and break free of the limitations imposed by default app stores.

While the installation process seems complex at first, the directions in this guide make it simple to download Aurora Store using the common Downloader app.

After getting Aurora Store setup, an exciting new world of apps and customization options opens up to you. But be sure to stick to reputable apps and enable security options for safely expanding your horizons.

The ability to turn your streaming device into a customized entertainment hub with all your favorite apps is just a few taps away with Aurora Store. Give it a try today!


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