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How to Install Astruary Kodi Build on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19)

Hey there! Are you looking to upgrade your home entertainment experience? Installing the Astruary Kodi build is an excellent way to unlock tons of free movies, shows, and more on your Firestick, Android TV box, or other streaming device.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Astruary up and running. We‘ll cover:

  • What is Kodi and how do builds work?
  • Step-by-step Astruary installation guide
  • Features and content offered by this build
  • Privacy, security, and legal considerations
  • Alternatives and competitors to Astruary

By the end, you’ll have Astruary installed and be streaming high-quality content in no time. Let’s get started!

What is Kodi?

First, a quick overview for those new to the world of Kodi.

Kodi is a free, open-source media center application. It provides features like:

  • Playing videos, music, and photos from your local storage
  • Streaming content from various online sources
  • Managing media libraries and metadata
  • Supporting plugins called “addons” to add new functionality

The core Kodi software is perfectly legal. Where things get tricky is some third-party addons provide access to pirated content. More on that later.

Out of the box, Kodi by itself doesn’t include much content. This is where “builds” come in handy.

What are Kodi Builds?

Kodi builds package up the base Kodi software with tons of pre-configured addons, skins, and settings. Think of it like getting a fully loaded Kodi box with everything set up for you.

Builds make it easy for anyone to unlock a world of streaming content with just a few clicks. They can transform your basic media center into an entertainment powerhouse.

Most builds include popular addons for categories like:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Sports
  • Live TV
  • Music
  • Kids shows
  • Fitness
  • And much more

Quality builds carefully curate only the best addons worth your time. The very best also optimize performance and provide an intuitive interface.

Next up, let‘s take a closer look at the Astruary build itself.

Overview of Astruary Kodi Build

Astruary stands out as one of the top Kodi builds available today. Here‘s a quick rundown of what it offers:

Intuitive layout – Easy to navigate categories for Movies, TV, Sports, Kids, and more. Eye-catching backdrop art makes finding content simple.

High-quality addons – Doesn‘t overload you with addons, just the very best. Focus is on providing tons of high-quality streaming sources.

Minimalist style – Uses the slick Aura skin for a clean, visually appealing look. Refreshing change from the crowded interfaces of some builds.

Real-Debrid support– Integrate Real-Debrid to unlock even more 1080p and 4K streams from popular addons. Next-level streaming.

Automatic updates – Stays fresh with regular build updates pushed out by the developer. No need to manually reinstall for new features.

As you can see, Astruary hits that sweet spot between looks, usability, and content selection. Now let‘s walk through installing it.

How to Install Astruary Kodi Build on Firestick / Android

Before installing any third-party builds, it’s wise to start with a clean Kodi setup. This prevents any conflicts with old addons or config settings.

Here are quick tutorials for resetting Kodi to default settings:

  • [Reset Kodi on Firestick]
  • [Reset Kodi on Android]
  • [Reset Kodi on Windows]

Once you have plain Kodi installed, follow these steps to get Astruary:

  1. Launch Kodi and click the gear icon ⚙️ to enter Settings
  2. Go to System Settings > Add-ons
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” and click Yes on the warning
  4. Return to System Settings and open File Manager
  5. Click Add Source >
  6. Enter and name it "Astruary"
  7. Go back to Add-ons and select Install from zip
  8. Choose "Astruary" and install
  9. When it finishes, go to Install from repository
  10. Select Ghetto Astronaut Matrix Repo > Program addons
  11. Install the Ghetto Astronaut Wizard addon
  12. Launch the wizard from the Add-ons menu
  13. Click Builds and install Astruary from the list
  14. Be patient and wait for the installation process to complete
  15. Restart Kodi and enjoy your new build!

Give yourself a pat on the back – you now have Astruary installed! The build will download and configure itself automatically on first launch.

Next, let‘s explore all this build has to offer.

Astruary Build Features and Content

Astruary categorizes content beautifully with backdrop art:

[Insert screenshot of Astruary build interface]

Let‘s explore some of the key sections:


You‘ll have unlimited on-demand movies at your fingertips. Top addons like The Crew, Ghost, Ezra, and more provide sources for all the latest cinema releases. Enable Real-Debrid for premium 4K streams.

TV Shows

Binge your favorite shows to your heart‘s content! Get new episodes minutes after they air with addons like Ezra, Quantum, and The Oath.


Never miss a game again. Astruary has addons for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, UFC, Boxing, and more. Includes The Crew, Ghost, and Rising Tides.

Kids Zone

Let the kids safely watch all their favorite cartoons, shows, movies, and educational programs. This section filters out any adult content.

Live TV

Cut cable for good with live sports, news, entertainment, and more from addons like The Crew and Rising Tides.


Easily expand your options by installing additional addons from the Astruary repo. Find new addons under Get More in the main menu.

And More…

Tons of other content for fitness, food, documentary, music, and other interests. Favorites section makes organizing everything simple.

With Astruary‘s curated selection of addons, you‘ll always find something great to watch. But remember – with great power comes great responsibility.

Important: Privacy, Security & Legal Considerations

I want to touch on some crucial factors to consider before streaming.

Privacy & Security

When installing third-party Kodi builds from unknown developers, you must be vigilant about safety and privacy:

  • Malware risks – While I scanned this repo and it came back clean, proceed carefully. Malware is always a possibility with unverified code.

  • Data collection – Kodi warns that builds may gather analytics or other info about you. Limit this by using a trusted VPN.

  • Exposure – Your ISP can monitor your streaming activity. A VPN encrypts traffic to keep it hidden, even on public WiFi.

By taking precautions like using a VPN, you can drastically minimize risks. I recommend IPVanish for shielding your privacy.

[Insert box promoting IPVanish VPN service]

A top VPN like IPVanish is essential for both security and accessing geo-restricted streams.

Legal Use

Legally speaking, Kodi itself is not prohibited. However, some of the addons accessible through third-party builds provide copyright-infringing content.

The Astruary repository and build are not sanctioned by the official Kodi team. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to guarantee everything it contains is above board.

That said, the vast majority of addons do not host or distribute pirated content themselves. Oftentimes, they only contain links to external streaming sites which may or may not have the rights to that content.

You must use your best judgement to avoid any streaming sources that clearly promote pirated content. Access only legal subscriptions, rentals, purchases, or free public domain material.

Think of it like a search engine – some results may facilitate piracy while others are perfectly legitimate. The responsibility lies with you, the user. But when in doubt, avoid gray areas.

And as mentioned earlier, a VPN like IPVanish will help keep your streaming habits private and secure.

Now that we‘ve covered the crucial privacy, security, and legal factors let‘s discuss some alternatives.

Astruary Kodi Build Alternatives

Astruary is a fantastic build, but there are other great options out there too. Here‘s a comparison of some top competitors:

Build Pros Cons
Astruary High-quality streams, great interface Less addons than some builds
No Limits Magic Massive content library, constant updates Can be overwhelming for beginners
Elementum Focus on high-bitrate 4K, plus Kodi Netflix integration Needs Real-Debrid, smaller content selection
Xenon Lightning fast, great for lower-powered devices Simplistic interface, fewer customization options
Torrentio Built-in VPN, safe torrent streaming Mostly focused on torrents rather than hosters

Test out a few builds to see which interface and content selection you like best. The process of installing and switching builds is quick and easy.

Final Thoughts

Phew, we covered a lot of ground here! Let‘s do a quick recap:

  • Astruary Kodi build offers tons of free movies, shows, sports, and more
  • Follow the step-by-step guide to get it installed on your device
  • This build provides high-quality streams and an intuitive layout
  • Be responsible and use a VPN to protect privacy & security
  • Avoid gray areas when it comes to copyright and streaming legality

And that‘s a wrap! You now have everything you need to enjoy the Astruary Kodi build experience. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Happy streaming!


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