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How to Watch Arrow Online

The final season of Arrow is due to hit the screens on 15 October 2019. For this, there will only be ten episodes rather than the 22 episodes in season 7.

This will bring the Arrowverse to a climax that will see Oliver Queen finally cement his place in history as the hero he was always destined to become.

Fans of the show will be desperate to watch the Arrow as it airs to avoid all the spoilers that will hit the internet.

This guide shows how you can watch an Arrow live stream, or if you can wait until the following day, you can watch the latest episodes for nothing.

First, we will look at what Arrow season 8 is bringing to the table, and then we will see where you can watch CW Network shows.

Arrow Season 8

Stephen Amell will soon be hanging up his bow and his arrows. For 7 years, he has struggled as Oliver, and his alter ego, the head of team Arrow.

Star City has seen its fair share of baddies along the way, and back in the seventh series, we saw Star City 2040. In the last season, things move forward a few years as we continue to explore the Arrow team in 2049.

There are a few flashbacks to go back over some of the characters. There may be a flash of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper, but we are sure to see John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and some of the others.

Every fan of the show has their favorite teams, but there can only be one victorious as the shows comes to a close.

Green Arrow will have the same pictures highlighting some of the final episodes, and the all too familiar photo: Jack Rowand underneath.

A lot of things will be very different once the show comes to an end.

Now, we will look how you can watch Arrow current episodes or how you can go back and watch previous seasons in their entirety.

How to Watch Current Episodes of Arrow

There are two ways you can watch the final season of Arrow, and it all depends if you want to watch online as each episode airs, or unless you want to wait until the following day and watch the episode on demand.

Both ways need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. The recommendation of ExpressVPN covers every option of watching Arrow, so it will be the same for every example.

The first method allows you to watch the 5 latest episodes, and all you need to do is start the VPN client and then change the VPN server to one inside the USA.

Once you do this, you just need to head to this webpage:

This will be streaming on the 16 October 2019, the day after it airs on the CW Network. This is the cheapest way to watch Arrow without cable.

Watching an Arrow Live Stream

If you want a live stream, watch Arrow as the shows are on air, then you need to follow a different method.

The CW doesn’t air live through the website or their apps. To watch Arrow live, you need to use one of the streaming services, which has The CW as part of its channel lineup.

The cheapest streaming service that has live TV is Hulu with live TV.

Hulu, with live TV has access to 65+ channels. The CW being one of them, so as soon as Arrow is airing in the USA, you can sign in with Hulu and watch the latest episode live.

Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99 per month and comes with a one-week free trial. Device support for Hulu is among the best, and almost every device you can think of is supported by Hulu apps.

There is also cloud DVR as standard, so if you miss one of the Hulu originals, you can record it to watch after you have finished with Arrow.

Watching Arrow Back Episodes and VPN’s

The cheapest option to watch all the latest episodes will be accessing the show through The CW website or app the day after airing.

However, this doesn’t help if you want to watch Arrow Season 7 or any other earlier episodes.

To do this means there is only one place you can go that if affordable. US Netflix have all seven seasons of Arrow.

This costs $8.99 per month for new subscribers, and there is a one-month free trial. Netflix is the worst for geo-blocking their content, and from preventing access from users who use a VPN.

Luckily, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for bypassing these restrictions. Additionally, there is a no-argument 30-day money-back guarantee that users can make use of to test the service.

To watch any of the Arrow seasons does need a good VPN. Not only are there restrictions, but ISP’s throttle connections of streamers, which can lead to buffering.

This means any VPN in use needs a large global network, and luckily, this VPN delivers the best streaming speeds from a network of over 3,000 servers.

Users don’t need to worry about their connection, because as soon as they connect the client, one from the VPN network replaces their real IP address.

No one can track users around the internet or see what they are doing when online. Therefore, no matter which option they go for out of the above.

It can be to watch the last season of Arrow, or go back and watch old seasons.

Users will be able to enjoy the climax of the Arrowverse before the bow is laid to rest for the final time.


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