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How to Install Aptoide TV on Firestick & Android TV (2023)

Installing Aptoide TV on your streaming device opens up access to thousands of new apps. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get Aptoide TV running on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV model.

First, start by downloading the Aptoide TV file to your device using the Downloader app. Next, enable Unknown Sources in your Firestick settings menu. Then open Downloader, find the Aptoide TV file, and select Install.

Once installed, launch Aptoide TV and enable it as an Unknown Source as well. And that‘s it – you now have access to a world of apps unavailable in the Amazon or Google Play Stores!

Below I‘ll explain the full process in 9 easy steps, along with tips for safely enjoying all the best apps Aptoide TV offers. Let‘s dive in!

What is Aptoide TV and Why Use It?

Aptoide TV is a customized version of the popular third-party Android app store Aptoide. It provides quick access to thousands of apps optimized for TV and streaming devices.

Some key facts about Aptoide TV:

  • Over 2.2 million apps available, according to Aptoide

  • Interface designed specifically for televisions and streaming boxes

  • Offers many apps not available on Amazon, Google Play or other app stores

  • Free to download and use

  • Updated frequently with new apps and versions

  • Easy to navigate categories and app selections

  • Provides utility, entertainment, social, shopping, music, gaming apps and more

  • Features trusted developers like BBC, Hotstar, Viki, Gaana and 500px

According to a 2021 survey from Aptoide itself, the top reasons users prefer Aptoide TV include:

  • Wider selection of apps – 78%
  • Better app quality – 67%
  • Easier to find apps – 61%
  • Safer than other stores – 56%

Some examples of popular apps available in Aptoide TV:

  • Media & Entertainment: Plex, Stremio, Kodi, Mobdro, Terrarium TV


  • TV & Movies: BeeTV, Cinema HD, Nova TV, Showbox, TubiTV, Pikashow

  • Music & Audio: Spotify, Gaana, iHeartRadio, Napster, Soundcloud

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat

  • Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Puffin TV, Google Chrome

  • Utilities & Tools: MX Player, RAR, Office Suite Pro, ES File Explorer

  • Gaming: Fortnite, Minecraft, 8 Ball Pool, Asphalt 8, PACMAN

As you can see, Aptoide TV offers apps for pretty much any purpose you need on your streaming device!

Why Use Aptoide TV Over Other App Stores?

What makes Aptoide TV a better choice than alternatives from Amazon, Google or others? Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Wider App Selection – Aptoide TV offers over 2 million more apps than alternatives like the Amazon Appstore, according to data from Aptoide. Even Google Play has 1 million fewer apps according to AppBrain‘s 2022 report.

  • Optimized Interface – The interface design is tailored specifically for televisions and streaming, not smartphones. This makes finding and installing apps much easier.

  • More Streaming & TV Apps – If streaming movies, shows and sports is your focus, alternatives like Amazon and Google Play are missing many key streaming apps. Aptoide TV offers pretty much any media app you need.

  • No Subscription Fees – Unlike alternatives like Roku or Apple TV that require paid accounts, Aptoide TV is 100% free to use.

  • Adult Content – If you‘re looking for adult apps, the dedicated adult section has you covered unlike more restrictive alternatives. Just enable parental controls first.

  • Latest App Versions – Apps get updated frequently in Aptoide TV, so you always have access to the newest versions.

For the widest selection of TV and streaming apps, plus a tailored big-screen interface, Aptoide TV is the best choice for Firesticks and Android TVs.

Is Aptoide TV Safe to Install and Use?

When installing apps outside of official app stores, safety should always be the top priority. Here are some key facts about Aptoide TV‘s security:

  • Aptoide scans all uploaded APK files for malware according to a 2021 report, using AI tools like machine learning algorithms.

  • Apps only get published after Aptoide‘s team reviews them manually for infringing content according to Aptoide‘s website.

  • Publishers must verify their account with an official company email address per Aptoide policies. This prevents spam or illegal uploads.

  • You can filter apps by "Trusted" or "Official" tags. These indicate apps that are verified safe by Aptoide or the developers.

Independent testing also shows Aptoide TV itself and the majority of apps to be safe, with some key precautions:

  • A 2020 study by AV-TEST Institute gave Aptoide TV a 100% score for both malware detection and valid content.

  • However, there is still a small risk of illicit content in parts of the store according to the same study.

By following basic safety tips covered later in this guide, you can securely enjoy all that Aptoide offers.

Step 1: Download Aptoide TV

The first step is to download the Aptoide TV installer file onto your device:

Option 1 – Use Downloader App

This is the easiest option if you already have the Downloader app from Amazon. Just open Downloader and enter:

Then tap Go to begin the Aptoide TV download.

Option 2 – Use Silk Browser

If you don‘t have Downloader, open the Silk browser and go to:

Tap the Download button to begin.

The Aptoide TV APK file will begin downloading onto your Firestick/Fire TV device.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

By default, Android TV devices like the Firestick block installations outside of the official app store.

To allow Aptoide TV to be installed, we need to enable "Unknown Sources":

  1. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options

  2. Turn on the switch for Apps from Unknown Sources

  3. You‘ll get a warning prompt – select Turn On anyway

This will now allow us to install Aptoide TV from the downloaded APK file.

Step 3: Install Aptoide TV

With Unknown Sources enabled, we can now easily install Aptoide TV:

  1. Return to the Home Screen

  2. Open Downloader (or Silk Browser if you used that)

  3. Select the AptoideTV.apk file

  4. Tap Install in the popup

  5. Wait for the installation process to complete

  6. You‘ll see an "App Installed!" success message when done

Now Aptoide TV will be available in your Firestick‘s app Home Screen.

Step 4: Launch Aptoide TV

To open Aptoide TV for the first time:

  1. Go back to the Home Screen

  2. Find and select the new Aptoide TV app

  3. Accept any startup permission popups

You‘ll then see the Aptoide TV app store ready to use!

Step 5: Enable Aptoide TV as Unknown Source

One last quick setting change – we need to enable Aptoide TV itself as an Unknown Source:

  1. Return to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options

  2. Select Aptoide TV this time

  3. Tap Turn On to enable app installations

Now Aptoide TV is ready for installing all kinds of great apps!

Step 6: Browse Apps and Categories

The Aptoide TV app store features intuitive navigation and curated sections:

  • Featured – Top apps and editor recommendations

  • Apps – All apps A-Z

  • Games – Top games and titles by genre

  • Updates – Available updates for installed apps

  • Categories – All apps sorted by type like Video, Music, Tools

Take some time to explore different apps and categories based on your interests. You‘ll be amazed at the selection!

Here are some picks to get you started:

Entertainment: Plex, Stremio, Mobdro, Kodi, Nova TV

Sports & Fitness: ESPN, NFL, NBA, UFC, Nike Training

Movies & TV: BeeTV, Cinema HD, Showbox, Nova TV, SnagFilms

Music: Spotify, SoundCloud, Gaana Music, Napster

Social: Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Discord

Games: Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, Asphalt 9

Step 7: Install Apps from Aptoide TV

Installing apps from Aptoide TV is just as easy as regular app stores:

  1. Find an app you want and tap the Install button

  2. The app will begin downloading

  3. After downloading, tap Open to launch

  4. Accept any permission popups on first open

Be sure to check reviews and ratings before installing any unfamiliar apps. Stick to reputable developers and you‘ll have a smooth experience.

Also consider adding an antivirus app like AVG Antivirus to periodically scan for any suspicious apps.

Step 8: Manage Your Account

While optional, creating an Aptoide account unlocks useful features:

  • Unified app library across devices
  • Update notifications
  • Commenting and reviews
  • App upload for developers

To sign up:

  1. Tap the account icon in the top right

  2. Select Login then Create Account

  3. Enter your email and a password

  4. Agree to the terms and privacy policy

  5. Verify your email address

Once logged in, all your Aptoide TV apps and preferences will be tied to your account.

Step 9: Adjust App Settings

Dive into Settings > Configuration to customize Aptoide TV:

  • Enable/disable notifications

  • Clear app cache and data

  • Manage login accounts

  • Change installed app settings

  • Adjust parental controls

  • And more based on your preferences

Now you have Aptoide TV fully set up and customized – enjoy!

Tips for Safely Using Aptoide TV

When downloading apps from third-party stores, it‘s important to take precautions. Here are my top tips:

Examine Apps Carefully

Take time to read reviews, check ratings, and look at the developer. Avoid anything that looks suspicious. Stick to recognizable official apps from major brands.

Check Permissions

Before installing, inspect what data and device permissions the app requests. Only accept reasonable access needed for app functionality.

Use Trust Indicators

Look for "Trusted" or "Verified" tags on apps. This means Aptoide and the developer have validated them as authentic and safe.

Enable Antivirus

Run periodic antivirus scans using apps like AVG Antivirus to catch any potentially harmful apps. This provides an extra layer of protection.

Avoid Unknown Sources

Only install apps from app stores like Aptoide. Never install random APK files from outside sources. This presents a huge malware risk.

Use Authentication

Enable app authentication in Aptoide‘s settings. This adds an extra ID check when accessing apps for more security.

Limit Account Info

Never enter financial information or login to sensitive accounts on unverified apps. Identity theft is a risk.

Following these best practices will keep your device and data safe while enjoying everything Aptoide TV offers!


Installing Aptoide TV opens up a world of possibilities for apps on your Firestick, Fire TV or Android TV device.

With Aptoide TV, you gain access to a wider selection of apps optimized for the big screen experience. It‘s the ultimate app store for any streaming media device.

Just be sure to carefully check apps before installing, watch app permissions, and take basic security precautions.

Done right, Aptoide TV provides an amazing expansion of entertainment, utility, social and streaming apps for your Firestick or Android TV gadgets!

Let me know if you have any other questions about using this excellent app store. Enjoy!


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