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HOBLink Mobile

HOBLink Mobile provides secure access to your e-mails, contacts, calendar and notes in the corporate network. The distinguishing characteristic of this solution is that at no time data are downloaded to your iPhone.

This unique process makes the solution highly performant, easy to use and extremely secure.

As no data are loaded to the iPhone, they cannot be lost or stolen if, for example, you lose your iPhone. All data are completely and securely located in the central corporate network.

Your iPhone communicates via HOBLink Mobile with the HOBCOM Universal Server in your network.

The entire data exchange is made over a proprietary HOB communication protocol. This provides a fast, reliable and secure connection.

HOBCOM Universal Server communicates with the central Microsoft Exchange Server and prepares the data optimally for HOBLink Mobile.

Please note: HOBLink Mobile works in conjunction with HOBCOM Universal Server in the back-end.
For more information please contact us using the following mail adress:

More Informationhoblinkmobile@hobsoft.com

HOBLink MobileE-Mails:

HOBLink MobileCalendar:

  • Delete, move or create new folders
  • Move e-mails between folders
  • E-mails short preview
  • View attachments
  • Custom signature
  • Searching for recipients in personal and corporate directory
  • Month/Day/List view of calendar entries
  • Create or edit calendar entries/meeting requests
  • Setting availability, invitees and notes
  • Quick search for invitees in personal and corporate directory
  • Set invitation state as accepted, tentative or declined

HOBLink MobileContacts:

HOBLink MobileNotes:

  • List personal contacts
  • Edit, delete or create contacts
  • Search for contacts in corporate directory
  • Set sorting order
  • List notes
  • Edit, create or delete notes
  • Send notes via e-mail

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HOBLink Mobile – user-friendly, highly performant and truly secure!


More InformationDownload the HOBLink Mobile Administration Guide

More Information More information

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