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9 Best Anime Torrent Sites for Watching Anime & Manga (Free)

Anime and manga have exploded in popularity worldwide over the last decade. With engaging stories, lovable characters, and beautiful artwork, it‘s easy to see why so many people have become obsessed with Japanese animation and comics.

However, with the rising popularity also comes challenges around accessing anime content legally. Streaming services only license certain titles, and buying DVDs or manga volumes can get expensive fast.

That‘s why many fans turn to anime torrent sites. These sites allow you to download anime episodes, movies, and manga volumes to watch and read offline—without paying a dime.

Of course, there are risks to using unofficial sites, from malware to legal trouble. In this guide, I‘ll share the top anime torrent sites in 2022 based on library size, safety, and more. I‘ll also give tips to use them safely.

Let‘s dive in!

Overview of the Best Anime Torrent Sites

Here are the top 9 anime torrent sites:

  • Nyaa – Massive library with lots of seeders and a clean interface. The top choice overall.

  • HorribleSubs – Focuses on subtitled anime with fast release times.

  • Anidex – Great selection of both anime and manga.

  • Tokyo Toshokan – Smaller site with a niche focus on raw Japanese releases.

  • Anime Tosho – Library of over 43K torrents, many in 1080p.

  • AB – Forums with anime batches and direct download links.

  • AniTorrents – Closed private site with strict rules. Harder to access but higher quality.

  • BakaBT – Another private site with strict user requirements. Invite-only.

  • Nyaa Pantsu – An open Nyaa mirror with lots of anime and manga.

I‘ll break down each site in more detail further down. First, let‘s go over the basics of anime torrenting and using these sites safely.

Are Anime Torrents Legal?

I have to get this question out of the way first: is downloading anime and manga from torrent sites legal?

The short answer is: it‘s complicated.

Torrenting itself is just a technology. There‘s nothing inherently illegal about it. The legality depends on what you‘re downloading and whether you have the rights to redistribute it.

Most anime and manga are copyrighted works. Downloading and sharing them without permission from the rights holders is generally illegal. However, the odds of getting in legal trouble just for casual downloading for personal use are extremely low.

Copyright trolls monitor public torrent swarms to find IPs and send settlement letters. But this is quite rare for anime compared to other media. Sites like Nyaa are too small for them to bother with.

That said, I don‘t recommend abusing these sites to mass distribute content. Just use common sense and you should be fine.

Now let‘s talk about the bigger risks: malware and viruses.

Are Anime Torrents Safe?

The main risk with anime torrent sites is malicious files and ads. Some "free anime" downloads contain nasty surprises like ransomware, spyware, and viruses. Even big sites like The Pirate Bay have issues with fake torrents loaded with malware.

The general safety tips for using anime torrents include:

  • Use a trustworthy site – Stick to reputable indexes versus random Google results. I cover safe sites below.

  • Check comments – See if others report issues before downloading.

  • Scan files – Use antivirus software to check downloads before opening.

  • Use a VPN – Hide your IP address so you can‘t be tracked.

  • Ad block – Block malicious ads. I recommend uBlock Origin.

  • Limit clicks – Only click reputable download buttons. Avoid fishy popups.

  • Seed safely – Don‘t seed torrents without a VPN to avoid copyright notices.

As long as you follow basic precautions, the risk of viruses from major anime torrent sites is quite low nowadays. Now let‘s get into the list!

1. Nyaa

Nyaa homepage

Overview – Nyaa is by far the most popular public anime torrent site. It has a massive library, fast speeds thanks to plenty of seeders, and a clean interface free of intrusive ads. Both anime and manga are well represented.

Content – 400K+ torrents, mostly in small file sizes. Lots of raw anime but also many English sub/dub options.


  • Huge selection of new and old anime/manga
  • Easy site navigation with minimal ads
  • Many seeders and fast speeds
  • Lightweight torrents that avoid slow mega batches
  • Related recommendations

Potential Drawbacks

  • Repeated takedowns and changing domains
  • Not every series is complete
  • No private site perks like requests

Safety: Very good. Nyaa is as safe as public torrent sites get nowadays.

Verdict: It doesn‘t get better than Nyaa for anime torrenting. Just be sure to use a VPN.

2. HorribleSubs

HorribleSubs homepage

Overview – HorribleSubs is focused on subtitled anime with speedy release times, sometimes just hours after airing in Japan. Site navigation is straightforward.

Content – 15K+ torrents, mostly newer series from the past decade. Lots of simulcasts.


  • Fast simulcast releases
  • Broad selection of subtitled anime
  • Daily updates
  • Minimal interface without pop-ups

Potential Drawbacks

  • Lacking older and raw anime releases
  • No manga torrents
  • Repeated domain changes

Safety: Good. No major red flags, but always scan files.

Verdict: A great source for simulcast subs if you keep up with current seasons.

3. Anidex

Anidex homepage

Overview – Anidex indexes both anime and manga torrents across various genres and time periods. The site has been around for over a decade.

Content – 60K+ torrents with a mix of anime, manga, music videos, and more.


  • Huge library of anime and manga content
  • Established long-running community
  • Original manga scanlation releases
  • Minimal intrusive ads

Potential Drawbacks

  • Search can be hit or miss
  • Interface is a bit dated
  • Relies on DHT, so some ISPs block it

Safety: Good as long as you scan files. It‘s an old trusted community.

Verdict: Worth checking for obscure and older anime/manga, but search needs work.

4. Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan homepage

Overview – Tokyo Toshokan (TT) is a smaller anime torrent site with a niche focus on raw Japanese releases, including Blu-ray rips. The site is solely in Japanese.

Content – 8K+ torrents, all raw anime from new releases to decades-old classics.


  • Obscure and rare raw anime
  • Blu-ray sourced 1080p/720p rips
  • Old gems not on streaming
  • No fake torrents

Potential Drawbacks

  • Entirely in Japanese
  • Smaller selection than major sites
  • Few seeds on older torrents

Safety: Excellent. The strict moderation keeps things clean.

Verdict: A great source for raw anime if you don‘t mind the language barrier.

5. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho homepage

Overview – Anime Tosho has one of the largest anime specific libraries available. You‘ll find both popular and obscure anime series here.

Content – 43K+ torrents with many 1080p batches and Blu-ray rips.


  • Massive selection of anime
  • High-quality 1080p batch downloads
  • Helpful recommendations
  • Minimal intrusive ads

Potential Drawbacks

  • No manga
  • Less active than Nyaa
  • Occasional fake torrents

Safety: Fairly good. Comments help avoid bad torrents.

Verdict: Impressive anime selection but be vigilant about malware.

6. AB

Overview – AB (AnimeBytes) is an anime torrent community rather than an index. You need to sign-up for forums access. AB has strong quality control.

Content – Unknown full library size. Smaller indexed selection but huge forums section.


  • Strong community with moderation
  • Forums have anime batches and DDLs
  • High standards for uploads
  • Requests and custom subtitles

Potential Drawbacks

  • Need an account and to maintain ratio
  • Smaller public index than top sites
  • Strict rules for members

Safety: Excellent due to closed nature.

Verdict: Great community site if you contribute.

7. AniTorrents

Overview – AniTorrents is one of the largest private anime torrent trackers. You need an invite from a member to create an account.

Content – 50K+ torrents, including lots of batches and remuxes.


  • Large library of old and new anime
  • High-quality standards for uploads
  • Strong community and moderation
  • Requests and custom subs

Potential Drawbacks

  • Need invite and to maintain ratio
  • Not open for public signups
  • Strict rules for members

Safety: Excellent thanks to vetted members.

Verdict: Top choice for private anime torrenting, but hard to access.

8. BakaBT

Overview – BakaBT is another highly regarded private anime tracker. It enforces strict quality control and community rules.

Content – 35K+ torrents with a mix of encoded, raw, and remux releases.


  • Large selection of anime/manga
  • Quality standards for uploads
  • Strong moderation and safety
  • Custom sub and dual audio releases

Potential Drawbacks

  • Need invite to register
  • Activity lower than top sites
  • Strict rules to maintain access

Safety: Excellent due to closed nature.

Verdict: Another great private tracker if you can get an invite.

9. Nyaa Pantsu

Nyaa Pantsu homepage

Overview – Nyaa Pantsu is an open Nyaa mirror created during one of Nyaa‘s downtimes. It‘s not quite as active as Nyaa but still sizable.

Content – 300K+ torrents covering anime, manga, music, and more. Lots of small files.


  • Broader library beyond just anime/manga
  • Solid selection of niche content
  • Fewer ads than some mirrors

Potential Drawbacks

  • Not as large or active as main Nyaa
  • Some older magnet links don‘t work
  • Less moderation than private sites

Safety: Fairly good, but always scan files.

Verdict: Worth checking if Nyaa is down, but not as robust overall.

What is the Best Anime Torrent Site Overall?

It‘s hard to definitively crown one "best" anime torrent site. It depends on your priorities:

  • For selection, Nyaa is king. It has both depth and breadth.

  • For speed, Horriblesubs leads for simulcasts.

  • For quality, private sites like AB have the strongest standards.

  • For safety, closed communities like AniTorrents offer the lowest malware risk.

Personally, I use a combination of Nyaa, HorribleSubs, and Anidex covers most bases. Nyaa is the overall best anime torrent site for being well-rounded.

For manga, Nyaa and Anidex both have large libraries. Manga focused sites like MangaDex also exist.

Whichever you use, keep safety in mind. Malware laden torrents are uncommon but not unheard of, even on trusted sites.

Are There Legal Anime Torrent Sites?

The short answer is no. There are no legal anime torrent sites because copyright law prevents distributing others‘ work without permission.

However, some arguable grey areas exist:

  • Torrents for anime with expired US copyrights may be legal to share as public domain works. These are extremely old and rare titles from before the 1960s.

  • Fansubs arguably fall under fair use protections in some countries. But distribute translated scanslations at your own risk.

  • Sites may host "legal" torrents approved by creators, but there are few cases for commercial anime/manga.

In general, assume downloaded anime and manga are unauthorized copies. Streaming through unofficial sites in a legal grey area, but downloading and distribution is more clear cut illegal.

I‘m not here to lecture anyone‘s ethics. Just be informed on the facts and risks.

Do You Need a VPN for Anime Torrent Sites?

I always recommend using a VPN anytime you access unauthorized content sites, including anime torrents.

Even if you live somewhere with lax enforcement, a VPN has security benefits:

  • Hides your IP address from third parties

  • Encrypts traffic to protect from snooping

  • Allows access if your ISP blocks sites

  • Avoids bandwidth throttling for high downloads

  • Adds a layer of identity protection

Some private trackers ban VPN use to prevent cheating. But for public sites, a quality VPN is a must.

I recommend TorGuard for torrenting. It has blazing speeds, allows torrenting on all servers, and comes with a handy kill switch feature.

Top Anime Torrent Tips

Here are my final tips for having the best experience with anime torrents:

  • Sort Nyaa by most seeders for fastest downloads.

  • Check Horriblesubs for the fastest simulcast releases.

  • Don‘t just look for the biggest MEGA batches. Smaller files are often faster and safer.

  • Read the comments before downloading! This gives you a heads up on fakes and quality.

  • Double check releases like Blu-ray rips match the video specs, not just the label.

  • Scan with antivirus and use a VPN for every download. Better safe than sorry.

  • For older and niche series, check Anidex, AB, and private trackers. But learning to maintain ratio on closed sites takes effort.

  • Support the official anime and manga releases you enjoy if you‘re able. The creators work hard!

Anime torrenting takes more effort than streaming, but unlocks a world of content not available legally worldwide. I hope this guide helps you find rare and recent gems alike safely.

Just don‘t go too crazy hoarding anime to your Plex server like I did. Enjoying and sharing the culture is what matters most!


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