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Amazon Announces New Lineup of Toshiba Fire TV Edition Smart TV‘s

Hey there! As a streaming tech specialist, I wanted to give you the full scoop on the new Toshiba Fire TV Editions Amazon recently announced. I‘ll provide my expert insights to help you decide if one of these smart TVs is right for your home.

In case you missed it, Amazon and Toshiba unveiled upgraded Fire TV sets coming later this year. They‘ll be available in 5 different sizes:

43", 50", 55", 65", and 75"

You can pre-order the 43" and 50" models now for delivery on May 12th. The other sizes are still TBA.

So what makes these new Fire TVs worth your consideration? Let me break down the key improvements:

Hands-Free Alexa is a Game Changer

Imagine adjusting picture settings, turning up the volume, or launching apps completely hands-free using just your voice. The new Fire Edition TVs enable Alexa commands for video, audio and more without touching a remote.

As someone who tests smart home tech daily, I find hands-free voice control extremely convenient and intuitive. You‘ll be surprised how natural it feels to say "Alexa, switch to Movie Mode" instead of fumbling for buttons.

Serious Storage Upgrades

A major pain point for smart TV owners is running out of storage space for new apps. But these new sets allow you to install 3x more apps than prior Fire models according to Amazon.

You also get a handy USB port to connect external storage. So you can greatly expand capacity with a flash drive or external hard drive.

This extra memory headroom will give you more flexibility to download new streaming services, games, Alexa skills and apps as they become available.

Feature-Packed Alexa Remote

The included Alexa voice remote got some nifty upgrades too. It now controls power, volume, and playback on compatible soundbars and A/V receivers.

So you can command your entire home theater setup right from one remote. This helps cut down on juggling multiple remotes which I know we all hate!

Alexa Voice Remote

Those are just a few of the improvements that stood out to me. Amazon seems focused on refining the user experience and control options with these new editions.

How Pricing Stacks Up

While full pricing isn‘t available yet, Fire TVs tend to land in the budget-friendly range. Based on other models, expect starting prices around:

43" – $300
50" – $400

55" – $500
65" – $800
75" – $1200

Of course sizes, features, and sales will impact final pricing. But you can likely find a Fire TV to fit your budget.

In my opinion, that‘s a great value compared to brands like Samsung that can run $1000+ for similar size 4K TVs. You still get premium features and apps without overspending.

If you want the absolute cheapest TV, brands like TCL or Hisense start under $200. But you sacrifice build quality, smart features, and customer support.

With Fire TV built-in, you get excellent streaming and voice control at reasonable prices. That‘s why I think the value proposition is so strong with Amazon‘s smart TV partnerships.

Before You Buy…

To recap, the latest Toshiba Fire TV Editions check off a lot of boxes:

✅ Hands-free Alexa voice control
✅ 3x more storage for apps

✅ Upgraded Alexa TV remote
✅ Affordable pricing
✅ Deep Fire TV integration

But I always suggest doing your homework before any big purchase. Here are a few tips:

  • Consider the screen size and resolution you need for your room. Measure your space and seating distance.

  • Compare the ports, inputs, and outputs. Make sure the TV works with your devices.

  • Read professional reviews when available. I‘ll be doing extensive testing and benchmarks.

  • Ask about warranty support, smart home compatibility, and software updates.

Once I get hands-on time with these new models, I‘ll share my full review results. For now, they seem to offer some excellent upgrades for Fire TV power users!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to offer my advice as an industry insider to help you find the perfect TV.


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