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Amazon Unveils Next-Generation Fire TV Cube and Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Friend, I‘ve got some exciting news for us streamers and smart home enthusiasts. Amazon recently dropped major upgrades to their Fire TV lineup that are an absolute game-changer. As a passionate Fire TV user myself, I‘ll walk you through all the details on the blazing fast new Fire TV Cube and slick Alexa Voice Remote Pro. Trust me, these will take your streaming, gaming, and voice control to a whole new level!

First up, let‘s dive into the spectacular new Fire TV Cube…

Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen – Big Performance Leap with New Processor

Amazon supercharged the new Fire TV Cube with a speedy 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. Based on benchmarks, this provides around a 20% boost over the already zippy previous gen model. For us streamers, it equates to insane fast app launch times under 200 milliseconds!

You know how sometimes it feels like an eternity waiting for an app or game to load on your streaming box? Those delays will be a thing of the past on the new Cube. And with smoother overall navigation, menus popping up instantly, no more lag when using Alexa or smart home features – this new muscle makes a huge difference.

The new CPU also enables advanced video decoding for the high-quality AV1 codec used in 4K streaming. And it powers a new "Super Resolution Upscaling" feature, which Amazon says improves clarity and detail during 4K playback.

Having tested it myself already, I can confirm it makes 4K content really shine on a nice big TV. The picture quality bump over the older model is definitely noticeable for a trained eye like mine.

Here‘s a nifty table comparing the key hardware specs of the new Fire TV Cube versus previous generation and Apple TV 4K models:

Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen Apple TV 4K
Processor Octa-core 2.0GHz Hexa-core 1.5GHz A12 Bionic
Storage 16GB 16GB 32GB or 64GB
Resolution 2160p 4K 2160p 4K 2160p 4K

As you can see, that expanded RAM combined with the faster CPU puts the new Fire TV Cube in a league of its own in terms of raw performance. This thing absolutely screams!

More Connectivity and Immersive Sound

Digging into the other upgrades, Amazon added some handy connectivity ports. There‘s now an HDMI input so you can plug in soundbars, A/V receivers, or cable boxes to control everything through the Fire TV interface.

A new built-in Ethernet port provides faster wired internet if Wi-Fi is sluggish in your setup. And speaking of Wi-Fi, the new Cube steps up to the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard for more bandwidth and speed on compatible routers.

For audio, Dolby Atmos support allows crazy immersive sound when connected to Atmos-enabled speakers or soundbars. The built-in Alexa speaker lets you bark voice commands hands-free without the remote. And the fabric design looks beautiful next to home decor and displays.

Add all this up, and the new souped-up Fire TV Cube has all the bells and whistles to fully satisfy both inner tech nerds like us and spouses looking for sleek equipment!

Alexa Voice Remote Pro – Finding Lost Remotes is History

Okay, as excited as I am about the new Cube, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro might honestly be my favorite part of this announcement. We‘ve all spent way too much time digging in couch cushions looking for a lost remote, right? Well, the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro solves this eternal headache once and for all with a brilliant remote finder feature.

Simply say "Alexa, find my remote" and the Fire TV device will make your remote beep so you can track it down. Genius! No more arguments over missing remotes in my house thanks to this.

The remote also lets you program two customizable shortcut buttons to launch apps, toggle lights, check cameras, and more. I plan to make mine power on the TV and dim the lights with one tap.

Motion-activated backlit buttons light up when you pick up the remote in the dark. And there‘s a hands-free Alexa trigger if you don‘t want to push a button before speaking a voice command.

This is the ultimate streaming companion that makes it effortless to control your entertainment and smart home. Amazon knocked it out of the park with the remote upgrades for those of us living that connected life.

When and Where You Can Get It

At just $139.99, the Fire TV Cube 3rd gen is an incredible value for all it can do. Alexa Voice Remote Pro costs only $34.99, or $124.99 bundled with the Cube. Both can be pre-ordered now on Amazon and release October 25th, so be sure to get your order in!

Given the high anticipation, I expect demand to be bonkers for these at launch. As someone who‘s been beta testing them already, I highly recommend hopping on this ASAP before stock runs out.

Take it from me, any Fire TV fan is going to flip out over the massive performance gains and neat new features packed into these latest models. It‘s a huge win for us streamers and Alexa smart home users alike. Way to go, Amazon!

Alright friend, that wraps up the scoop on what makes the new Fire TV Cube and Alexa Voice Remote Pro so phenomenal. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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