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How to Install Alienware Kodi Build on Firestick/Android for Kodi 19 Matrix

Hey there! Looking for the ultimate setup to stream free movies, TV shows, and more on your Fire TV or Android device? Then let me introduce you to the Alienware Kodi build.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Alienware installed, from what the build offers to step-by-step installation instructions. Read on to find out why Alienware is one of the most popular and powerful Kodi builds available today!

An Introduction to Kodi Builds

First things first – what exactly is a "Kodi build"?

Kodi is an open-source media player software that lets you stream free video content and multimedia. It‘s available on tons of devices like Firesticks, Android phones and TV boxes, Roku, PCs, and more.

Out of the box, Kodi itself is pretty barebones. It lets you install "addons" that provide the actual content like movies, shows, live TV, etc. But you have to add these addons yourself.

This is where Kodi builds come in. A Kodi build is a pre-configured bundle that comes with:

  • The Kodi player software
  • A customized interface "skin"
  • Lots of the best video and program addons already installed
  • Visual themes, backgrounds, and fonts

So in a sense, a build is like a souped up version of Kodi that‘s ready to use right away. No need to hunt down the right addons or set up the interface. It‘s all done for you!

This makes builds an extremely convenient option for Kodi users who want a complete setup in minutes with minimal hassle.

To give you an idea of how popular builds have become, a recent survey of over 6,300 Kodi users found that 61% are now using a pre-configured build. The number of users relying on builds like Alienware is clearly growing rapidly.

Why Alienware is One of the Best Kodi Builds

The Alienware build stands out as one of the top options for a few key reasons:

Huge Content Selection – This build packs in tons of great addons for free streaming across categories like Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Fitness, Music, and more. Popular addons include The Oath, Crew, Numbers, SportHD, and many others.

Active Development – The Alienware build is frequently updated by the experienced cMaN team to keep it bug-free and integrate new addons as they‘re released. You can count on Alienware being maintained long-term.

Great Real-Debrid Support – Many addons in Alienware work seamlessly with Real-Debrid for high-quality streams and faster streaming speeds. This service is a game-changer.

Customizable Skin – Alienware uses the Xonfire skin which allows changing backgrounds, colors, fonts, menu layouts, and other visuals to your liking. You can tweak it to match your setup.

User-Friendly Setup – Everything in the Alienware build is designed for easy navigation. Sections are well-organized and the menus are intuitive making it ideal for Kodi beginners.

Thanks to features like these, Alienware has become a go-to choice for users wanting an exceptional out-of-the-box Kodi experience. Next up, let‘s tackle the important question of legality.

Is Alienware Legal to Use? Understanding the Kodi Legal Landscape

Like most 3rd party Kodi builds at the moment, there is some debate around whether Alienware is fully legal or not. To understand why, we need to talk briefly about copyright laws.

The Kodi software itself is 100% legal. But certain addons accessible through it provide access to copyrighted movies, shows, sports, and other media without the permission of the rights holders.

Accessing this copyrighted content without authorization is technically against the law in most countries. While Kodi builds themselves are legal, some of the content they link to is not.

According to a 2017 European Court of Justice ruling, addons and builds that provide links to unlicensed content are illegal. However, simply using these tools is generally not pursued legally in many regions.

For example, in the UK recently, an individual was sentenced for selling illegal Kodi streaming boxes. But there have been almost zero cases of users themselves getting in legal trouble for streaming movies on Kodi.

The Alienware build contains several addons known for providing lots of copyrighted material. But it also has many legal addons too like YouTube, Twitch, Tubi, PlutoTV, radio, Retro gaming, and more.

So if you only use Alienware for legal content you own or that‘s freely available, there‘s minimal risk. Just be careful accessing private media without authorization. A quality VPN is highly recommended.

I‘ll expand more on the need for a VPN next. But first, a quick look at the growth of Kodi and why builds are becoming so prominent.

The Rapid Growth of Kodi & What‘s Fueling It

To fully understand the appeal of packages like the Alienware build, it helps to know what‘s driving the explosive growth of Kodi in general.

Kodi usage has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years. The number of active Kodi users is estimated to have grown from around 6 million in 2016 to over 30 million in 2022 – a 5x increase!

But what‘s fueling this massive growth?

There are a few key factors:

  1. Increasing cord-cutting – As cable TV prices have soared, consumers are ditching traditional pay TV in record numbers. Kodi offers a way to cut the cord while still watching your favorite shows.

  2. More powerful streaming devices – Cheap streaming devices like the Firestick provide an easy way to run Kodi on your TV. This expands the potential audience dramatically.

  3. Greater interest in free media – Access to free movies, shows, and live sports is a huge draw. Kodi builds bundle addons that provide this.

The rise of pre-configured builds is intertwined with Kodi‘s growth. They provide an easy plug-and-play experience that new cord-cutters love.

Alienware stands at the forefront of this new generation of streamlined entertainment tools. Okay, let‘s get back to the reasons for using a VPN.

Why a VPN is Essential for Privacy & Security with Kodi

As discussed above, some of the content provided by addons in builds like Alienware may put you in a legally gray area. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the solution to stay private and secure.

Here are 4 key reasons you should always use a VPN when streaming on Kodi:

  1. Hide your streaming activity – A VPN encrypts all of your Kodi traffic so your Internet Service Provider can‘t see or record what you access. This protects you from any legal issues.

  2. Avoid bandwidth throttling – ISPs are known to throttle bandwidth for Kodi users. A VPN prevents this by hiding the fact you‘re using Kodi.

  3. Enjoy faster speeds – VPN servers provide fast direct connections unaffected by ISP throttling. This often results in faster streaming speeds.

  4. Access region-locked content – Connect to VPN servers in other countries to bypass geographic restrictions and unlock more media.

I personally use and recommend IPVanish. It has fast servers worldwide, supports unlimited devices, and costs just a few bucks per month. Perfect for privacy and speed with Kodi.

Now let‘s get into exactly how to install the Alienware build!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Alienware Kodi Build

Ready to get Alienware up and running? The process is straightforward and should only take about 5-10 minutes depending on your device.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. Open Kodi

First, launch Kodi on your device.

On a Firestick, just go to your Apps menu and select the Kodi icon to open it.

Kodi 19 Matrix or later is required for the Alienware build.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

When Kodi opens, click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top left corner to enter the Settings menu.

Go to Add-ons > Unknown Sources and enable it. This allows you to install third-party addons and builds not in the official Kodi repository.

A warning box will pop up. Click Yes to confirm. Unknown sources are required to install third-party builds like Alienware.

3. Open File Manager

Now go back to the Settings menu and select File Manager.

Think of this like a file browser or explorer tool in Kodi. It allows you to add new "source" locations for downloading addons and builds.

4. Add the cMaN Repository

In File Manager, you‘ll need to add the repository where the Alienware build is hosted.

Click "Add source" and enter this URL:

Then in the bottom box, enter a name like "cMaN" to identify this source and click OK.

This adds the repository hosted at so we can install Alienware.

5. Install the cMaN Repository

Go back to the main Add-ons menu from before using your remote. This should be accessible from the home screen.

Select "Install from zip file" and pick the "cMaN" source you just added.

Install the file called This will install the main cMaN repository addon.

You‘ll see a notification when it finishes enabling the cMaN repository. It only takes a few seconds.

6. Install cMaN Wizard

With the cMaN repository installed, now we can actually grab the Alienware build files.

Go to Install from repository > cMaN‘s Wizard Repository > Program addons

Select cMaN Wizard and install it. This is a toolkit that provides access to all of the cMaN builds, including Alienware.

Once installed, you may get a popup asking to update. For now, just click Ignore.

7. Launch cMaN Wizard

After it finishes installing, you should get a message that cMaN Wizard was added.

Click Continue to open the wizard right away. It will be in your main Add-ons menu as well.

8. Go to Builds

In the cMaN Wizard, click on the Builds option to view the available builds.

This is essentially a menu of the different pre-configured Kodi setups this tool provides. The Alienware build will be there waiting!

9. Install Alienware

Scroll through the builds and select Alienware.

You‘ll see a preview image and description of what‘s included. When ready, click the Fresh Install button to download and install it.

A popup will confirm you want to install. Click Yes to proceed.

10. Relaunch Kodi

After the installation completes, you MUST force close Kodi entirely rather than just backing out.

On a Firestick, press the Home button, then open Settings. Go to Applications > Manage All Applications. Select Kodi and choose Force Stop.

Relaunch Kodi freshly for the new Alienware build to properly load. Enjoy!

That covers the full process start to finish. It may seem like a lot of steps, but once you do it, installing any Kodi build becomes quick and easy.

Next let‘s explore all of the great features and customization options the Alienware build offers.

Alienware Build Features Overview

The Alienware build packs a ton of excellent features and content for streaming. Here‘s an overview of what comes included:

Movies & TV Shows

For Movies, Alienware includes Exodus Redux, The Oath, Scrubs V2, NuMb3r5, Tempest, and more. These provide extensive libraries of recent movies in HD quality.

TV Shows are just as robust with addons like The Oath, Crew, Scrubs v2, and others. Finding your favorite shows is a breeze.

I especially like The Oath and Crew since they integrate with Real-Debrid for high quality streams. And they auto-play the next episode which is perfect for binging.

Live TV & Sports

The Live TV section gives you access to huge channel lists from Free IPTV, Rising Tides, and more. Over 500+ live TV streams across movies, shows, news, music, and more.

For live Sports, you get the dedicated SportHD addon covering pro and college for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, tennis, and more. Never miss a game!

Apps & Addons

Expand what you can do with Kodi using the Apps section. It includes handy entertainment and utility addons like YouTube, Twitch, Tubi, Plex, PlutoTV, Retro gaming, news apps, and much more.

There‘s also a dedicated Addons section for managing your installed addons. You can enable/disable them individually here.

Skins & Visual Customization

Alienware uses the Xonfire skin which provides tons of customization like:

  • Change menu layouts between vertical and horizontal
  • Pick background images and wallpapers
  • Set custom fonts and font sizes
  • Alter highlight color accents and gradients
  • Adjust screen transparency effects

Basically, you can tweak the vibe and look to match your setup. An ideal balance of form and function.

User-Friendly Navigation

Despite being packed with features, the Alienware build is designed for easy navigation:

  • Main sections are accessible from a vertical side menu
  • Favorites are on the home screen for quick access
  • Search scans all addons vs. just one for fast results
  • Categories are well-organized and intuitive

Finding your content and getting around is super simple with Alienware.

As you can see, the Alienware build checks all the boxes in terms of features, design, and usability. Next let‘s go over some pro tips and tricks.

Pro Tips for Getting the Most from the Alienware Build

Here are some additional recommendations to maximize your Alienware experience:

Get Real-Debrid – For the fastest streams and best quality, grab a Real-Debrid account. It unlocks premium links in The Oath, Crew, Tempest, and other addons. Huge improvement for just a few bucks a month.

Clear Cache Regularly – Be sure to periodically clear the Kodi cache along with old thumbnails, textures, and crash logs to keep performance crisp. The Tools section of cMaN Wizard makes this easy.

Change Skins If Desired – Want to try a different skin? Feel free to install new ones from the Kodi repo without affecting the build. Just don‘t delete the default skin.

Use a VPN – I can‘t stress this enough – always run a VPN like IPVanish for privacy, security, and avoiding throttling. It also lets you access region-locked streams.

Check New Movie Addons – For the latest theater releases, addons like At The Flix, NuMb3r5, and Tempest TV get frequently updated with new movies in HD.

And that covers some tips and tricks for making the most of this exceptional Kodi build. Enjoy all the entertainment options!

Wrapping Up

I hope this detailed guide gave you everything you need to know to install and start enjoying the Alienware Kodi build.

In summary:

  • Alienware is a feature-packed Kodi build offering tons of content
  • How legal builds are depends on what types of addons are included
  • Using a VPN is recommended for privacy when streaming
  • Installing Alienware takes just a few minutes if you follow the steps
  • Real-Debrid can take your streaming experience to another level

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow cord-cutters. Enjoy streaming and remember to use Alienware responsibly.


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