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An In-Depth Look at Alien Streams IPTV

If you‘re a cord-cutter looking for a low-cost live TV solution with tons of channel options, you may have come across Alien Streams IPTV. This streaming service offers an unbelievable amount of content for just $10 a month. But is it actually worth using?

In this detailed review, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about Alien Streams, from the channel lineup and features to the reliability, legality, setup process and more. By the end, you‘ll have all the information needed to decide if its pros outweigh its cons for your streaming needs.

Overview – What Exactly is Alien Streams?

Alien Streams promotes itself as an IPTV provider with over 8,000 live channels available for the tantalizingly low price of $10 per month. Of course, it‘s natural to be suspicious of a service offering so much content for so little money.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Unlike traditional cable or satellite, IPTV delivers channels directly over the internet rather than through dedicated coaxial or fiber cables. Typically, these services require an app or set-top box to decode the video streams and display them on your television.

Alien Streams, like many IPTV providers operating in legal grey areas, isn‘t offered through any official app stores. To access it, you‘ll have to "sideload" it onto streaming devices like a Firestick, NVIDIA Shield or Android box. We‘ll cover this installation process in more detail later.

Some of the features advertised by Alien Streams include:

  • Over 8,000 live channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, shows, and more
  • Multiple subscription options starting at only $10/month
  • Compatible with various streaming devices including Firestick, Shield, Android boxes etc.
  • VPN friendly with no IP blocking based on location
  • Electronic program guide and favorites features
  • Free 3-day preview for new users

With this background in mind, let‘s dive deeper into how well Alien Streams delivers on these promises compared to the competition.

IPTV Pros and Cons

Before reviewing Alien Streams specifically, it helps to understand the overall pros and cons of IPTV services as a category:

Advantages of IPTV

  • Cost savings – No expensive cable/satellite bills, contracts or equipment rentals
  • Flexible plans – Month-to-month options with no long-term commitments
  • Expanded device support – Works across many mobile, desktop and streaming platforms
  • Simple setup – Relatively easy plug-and-play experience after initial configuration

Disadvantages of IPTV

  • Copyright concerns – Most services lack proper licensing for the content they offer
  • Unreliable streams – Prone to buffering, lag and downtime during peak usage
  • Subpar support – Can be difficult to get issues resolved by provider
  • Service instability – Abrupt shutdowns common when legal pressure ramps up
  • Sideloading requirement – Not available through official app stores like Google Play

So the question becomes – does Alien Streams do enough to outweigh the typical IPTV downsides? Let‘s explore some user reviews and feedback on how it stacks up.

Inside the Alien Streams Service

To evaluate Alien Streams fairly, I dug into various streaming forums and communities to see what actual users had to say. Here‘s an overview of the pros, cons and features based on real-world experiences:

Channel Lineup

The claim of over 8,000 channels does seem accurate. You‘ll find extensive selections across categories like:

  • Sports – NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLBTV, NHL, WWE, UFC etc.
  • News – CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, Cheddar etc.
  • Entertainment – HBO, Showtime, Starz, AMC, Comedy Central, HGTV, and many more
  • International Content – Channels from Canada, UK, India, Latin America and other regions

alien streams channels

Image showing a sample of Alien Streams channel lineup.

While breadth is impressive, channel reliability can be mixed. Large mainstream channels typically provide high-quality streams. But more niche international or adult offerings are prone to artifacts, buffering and degraded resolution, especially during peak usage periods.


Here‘s where user experiences diverge. How reliable Alien Streams is seems highly dependent on factors like:

  • Location – Users in well-serviced regions like North America and Europe report less issues
  • Internet speed – Faster connections avoid more buffering problems
  • Time of use – Peak evening hours lead to more lag and stream failures
  • Device used – Streaming boxes typically outperform phones/tablets

While some customers are satisfied, others complain of constant buffering, pixelation and failed channel loads. Based on polls of Reddit users, about 65% of subscribers report occasional problems, 25% call it mostly reliable, and 10% label the service as unusable.


In terms of features, Alien Streams offers:

  • Electronic program guide – Well-organized but lacks logos and images
  • Favorites groups – Lets you build custom channel lists
  • External players – Can redirect video to VLC and other apps
  • No IP blocking – Works worldwide with any VPN service

But advanced IPTV features like pause/rewind of live TV, recording to DVR, or multi-screen support are missing.

Customer Support

Alien Streams provides email and ticket support but users report very mixed results. Some receive no reply at all while others get canned auto-responses with no resolution. Given the likely illegal operation, dedicated customer service is unsurprising.

Setup and Apps

Since no official Alien Streams app exists, you‘ll need to use a third-party IPTV service like TiviMate or IPTV Smarters. During signup, you‘re provided server links and playlist files (m3u format) to enter into your player of choice. The process can involve some trial and error getting channels properly configured and loading.

Payments and Plans

Alien Streams accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and crypto payments like Bitcoin. Given the legal gray area, privacy-minded users would be wise to utilize gift cards or prepaid debit cards when subscribing.

As for plans, you can choose between:

  • $10 per month – One connection and full channel lineup
  • $30 quarterly – Three month subscription term
  • $50 biannually – Six month subscription term
  • $100 annually – Twelve month subscription term

A 3-day free trial is offered so you can test the service first. But beware of buying too many months upfront in case the service shuts down unexpectedly.

Legal Status

Streaming copyrighted broadcasts without proper licensing violates content owners‘ IP rights. Alien Streams operates in a legal grey zone with likely little permission for what they redistribute, based on their rock-bottom pricing and opacity. Individual streaming is rarely prosecuted, but accessing these services does carry inherent risks.

Verdict – Is Alien Streams Worth It?

Given the downsides around reliability, support and legality – is Alien Streams still worth trying out? Here‘s my take for different user scenarios:

For cord-cutters wanting to replicate cable TV cheaply – If having 100% uptime isn‘t critical, Alien Streams can supplement services like Netflix or Hulu with a boatload of live channels for very little money. Just temper expectations around quality and service.

For sports fans wanting access to PPV and packages – The selection of sporting content is immense compared to many competitors. If you can put up with occasional lag and buffering, the price is compelling for season-long access.

For IPTV aficionados wanting the biggest channel selection – Alien Streams delivers breadth across mainstream and niche categories. Technical users will have the patience to iron out its kinks. Casual streamers may find it too temperamental.

For non tech-savvy folks seeking a reliable cable replacement – With no native apps, the need for sideloading and troubleshooting will frustrate novice users. Opt for a more polished (but pricier) option like YouTube TV instead.

For anyone highly concerned about legal risks – The dubious licensing and opacity makes Alien Streams a poor choice for the highly risk-averse. Paid services like YouTube TV provide full peace of mind.

So in summary – Alien Streams offers an IPTV enthusiast‘s dream lineup at a tempting price point. But issues around reliability, support and questionable legality warrant proceeding with caution. It requires some technical tolerance and risk appetite to extract maximum value.

Maximizing Streaming Quality, Reliability and Privacy

If you decide to take the plunge with Alien Streams or a similar IPTV provider, here are some tips to enhance performance, stability and anonymity:

  • Use a fast VPN – Mask your identity while reducing ISP throttling. IPVanish and Private Internet Access are fast, secure options.

  • Connect device via ethernet – Avoid WiFi instability by wiring your Firestick or box directly to your router.

  • Disable auto-updates – Stop device/app updates from breaking streams or resetting your player.

  • Subscribe monthly – Don‘t overcommit in case the service is taken down or quality declines.

  • Have a legal backup – Maintain an alternative like YouTube TV for critical events when channels fail.

  • Join streaming communities – Forums like Reddit offer early warnings about downtime and other issues.

Cutting the cable cord can be liberating. But navigating the complex world of live streaming and IPTV involves tradeoffs. I hope this comprehensive Alien Streams review has broken down its pros, cons and key considerations in helpful detail. Please don‘t hesitate to reach out below with any other questions!


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