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Adblock Doesn’t Work On Crunchyroll Anymore – What To Do

For any anime fan, they will have heard of Crunchyroll, the number one platform that is visited by above 45 million individuals.

For depth of content, there is no site like it, yet many users are keen on how to watch Crunchyroll without ads, as they are taking things a bit too far and post ads all the time.

You can’t skip ads, and the company has taken a stance against ad-blockers. Hence the reason AdBlock can’t deliver Crunchyroll no-ads experiences.

Luckily, you can find here how to get rid of Crunchyroll ads on your computer. However, if you use a mobile device, the way to do this is much harder.

By the end, you will see how to get rid of ads on Crunchyroll. com, and have the service working on getting the best anime experience.

Why Did My AdBlock Stop Working?

Crunchyroll applies techniques to bypass the effects of adblockers, an outdated AdBlock extension or filter list, and AdBlock can’t effectively keep up with new methods.

To fix this, you need the latest version of this ad-blocker to fix the problem.

  1. Start Chrome.
  2. Click on the Action Menu (3 dots to the top right corner)
  3. Click More Tools and then on Extensions.
  4. To the top right, enable Developer mode.
  5. Click Update to update all extensions.

After updating the process, relaunch your Google Chrome browser and open Crunchyroll. Check if it will block ads. (Read the Best Ad Blockers)

Extension filter lists are automatically updated, but you can update manually. You need to check the AdBlock instructions on the official website page.

Does AdBlock Not Work on Crunchyroll Anymore?

Once users can fix the problem in Windows is to stop in-stream ads by changing the Windows host’s file.

Crunchyroll can play ads as you stream video. They do this using You can try to fix this in the host’s file to stop ads while watching anime.

  1. Close Chrome
  2. Press the Windows key and type Notepad. Right-click the Notepad icon and run as Administrator
  3. Click on File and Open
  4. Change dialogue box from Text Documents to All Files.
  5. Navigate to your “hosts files” directory – C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  6. Select the “Hosts” file and add a new line at the end of # when open.
  7. Doing this, you tell your browser to search your system for the ads and not online.
  8. Click Save and close the file.
  9. Check if Crunchyroll shows any ads.

Does AdBlock Work with Crunchyroll?

While AdBlock may not block posted ads any longer, it doesn’t mean other ad-blockers won’t.

Changing an adblocking extension could make the problem go away. It is straightforward to change your ad blocking extension, so you can swap and change until you find one blocking the ads on your show.

Here is some other free ad-blocking extensions users post they like to use without too many issues.

  • AdGuard
  • StopAll Ads
  • Ublock
  • Ublock Origin
  • Adblock Plus

One other extension has been posted about, and this is Nano Defender. Users have posted how this has been sold, and now it is used to monetize the extension. It was based on uBlock Origin yet is in no way associated with this ad block solution.

How Do I Get Crunchyroll Without Ads?

Because of the different locations of users and browser configurations, it may take a couple of attempts to access free video to watch without the service post too many ads.

While you can use the platform and keep using it to watch the free video, one of the best options to go ad-free is to sign up for a premium account. (Is Samurai Champloo On Netflix?)

With the base premium plan, you have no ads, unlimited website access, and new show episodes one hour after they air in Japan and stream on one device. Upgrade to the top premium plan, and you can watch offline, and a stream even works on four devices.

New subscribers also get a 14-day free trial. Any manga fan outside the USA should try a VPN to access the service and the latest show. A VPN can mask your location once you use the VPN from a different country. (Find the Best VPN for Japan)

You can even find a VPN helps stops ads or at least trackers when using Crunchyroll as they don’t know your real IP.


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