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Abine Blur Review: Pay Anonymously Online and Secure Your Purchases

Abine Blur

Online privacy and security are becoming increasingly important in today‘s digital world. With data breaches and cyber attacks on the rise, protecting your personal information is more crucial than ever. Abine Blur is a service that allows you to browse the web and make online purchases anonymously, without revealing sensitive details like your email address, phone number, or credit card information.

This comprehensive review will provide an in-depth look at Abine Blur, its features, pricing, and how it can help you pay anonymously and securely online.

What is Abine Blur?

Abine Blur is an online privacy service created by Abine, a company focused on giving users control over their personal data. Abine Blur allows you to mask or hide your private information when interacting online, such as:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Physical addresses

With Abine Blur, you can sign up for accounts, make purchases, fill out forms, and more without ever revealing your real personal details.

The service works by generating anonymous, masked versions of your information that you can use instead. For example, you can provide a masked email address when signing up for a website rather than your real email.

This prevents companies and third parties from connecting your activity directly back to you. Your true identity remains private.

Key Features and Benefits

Abine Blur offers several useful features to help you browse and shop online privately:

Masked Email Addresses

  • Generate anonymous email addresses to use when signing up for accounts
  • Emails sent to your masked addresses get forwarded to your real inbox
  • Prevent companies from identifying you by your email address

Masked Credit Cards

  • Generate virtual credit card numbers to make anonymous purchases
  • Real card number stays protected and hidden from merchants
  • View masked card charges on your normal credit card statement

Masked Phone Numbers

  • Get throwaway phone numbers to use when you don‘t want to give out your real number
  • Great for avoiding spam calls and texts

Password Manager

  • Securely store your login credentials for various sites and apps
  • Automatically log into accounts with saved passwords
  • Generate strong random passwords

Tracker Blocking

  • Block online trackers that follow you around the web
  • Stop companies from building detailed profiles about you and your browsing habits

Cross-Device Syncing

  • Blur profiles sync across your devices for seamless privacy on the go
  • Manage masked information easily on desktop, iOS, and Android

Blur Packages and Pricing

Abine offers both free and paid versions of Blur with varying features:

Blur Free

Blur‘s free package includes:

  • Masked emails
  • Password manager
  • Tracker blocking
  • Cross-device syncing

The free version allows you to take advantage of Blur‘s core privacy features at no cost. However, it lacks options like masked credit cards that come with the paid plans.

Blur Premium

For full access to all features, Blur Premium provides:

  • Everything in free
  • Unlimited masked credit cards
  • Masked phone numbers
  • Priority customer support

There are a few pricing options for Blur Premium:

  • Monthly: $14.99/month
  • 1 Year: $99/year (Best value)
  • Basic: $39/year for limited masked cards

With Premium, you can generate unlimited virtual credit cards to shop online anonymously. The Basic plan has a limit of 10 masked cards per year.

Using Abine Blur for Anonymous Online Purchases

The masked card feature is what really makes Abine Blur powerful for anonymous, private online shopping. Here is how it works:

  1. Enter your real credit card into your Blur account. This card will be charged for your purchases.

  2. When checking out on a website, choose to mask your card number with Blur.

  3. Blur will generate a virtual credit card tied to your real account. This masked number is what gets shown to the merchant.

  4. Complete your purchase as normal. The merchant receives the masked card without ever seeing your actual card details.

  5. On your real credit card statement, the charge will show up as "Abine" rather than the merchant name. Your purchase remains completely anonymous.

You can generate endless masked card numbers, making your transactions untraceable. As long as your real card has sufficient funds, you can anonymously buy anything online using Abine Blur.

Abine Blur Browser Extensions

In addition to mobile apps, Abine offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The extensions provide easy access to all your Blur account features right from your browser toolbar.

With the extensions, you can:

  • Quickly create and fill in masked email and credit card info on forms
  • Generate strong passwords and log into sites automatically
  • See and stop online trackers following you around

The browser extensions make Abine Blur seamless to use for private browsing and shopping across the web.

Abine Blur Browser Extension

Is Abine Blur Safe and Secure?

As an online privacy service, security is extremely important for Abine Blur. Here are some of the measures Abine takes to keep your real personal information safe:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption secures all data transmissions
  • Your masked credit cards are generated using PCI-compliant technology
  • Your true personal details are encrypted and never made public
  • Abine‘s Privacy Rules prevent the company from selling your data

Abine states that even its own employees cannot access your unencrypted personal information stored in your Blur account.

In addition, leading security firms McAfee and TRUSTe have vetted and verified Abine‘s privacy practices and security measures.

Customer Support

Abine provides customer support via email, web tickets, and live chat. Support is available 7 days a week.

According to reviews, Abine‘s customer service team is generally helpful and responsive. Most issues get resolved promptly.

Abine also provides an extensive FAQ section on their website. You can find answers to common questions about managing your account, using features, billing, policies, and more.

Abine Blur Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of Abine Blur to consider:


  • Masks your personal info to protect privacy online
  • Lets you anonymously make purchases with masked cards
  • Syncs all features and data securely across devices
  • Offers free and paid versions with flexible pricing
  • Blocks online tracking and generates strong passwords
  • Verified security and privacy safeguards


  • Can‘t use masked cards for recurring payments
  • Virtual card use has some fees for basic users
  • Limited to U.S. websites and merchants currently
  • Lacks a VPN to hide your IP address

For most users, the pros of enhanced privacy and anonymity outweigh the cons. But be aware of the limitations.

Blur vs. VPNs for Online Privacy

While Abine Blur offers great online privacy protections, it lacks the ability to mask your IP address. A VPN (virtual private network) can hide your IP to make you even more anonymous online.

VPNs route your traffic through encrypted tunnels, preventing snooping by ISPs and wifi hackers. They also provide IP masking by assigning you a different IP address.

For full online privacy, using a trusted VPN along with Blur is highly recommended. The combination makes it extremely difficult to track your browsing activity and online purchases back to you.

Some top VPNs to consider using with Abine Blur include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost.

Is Abine Blur Worth It?

For many consumers, Abine Blur provides significant value:

  • It enables anonymous online purchases, eliminating payment profiling.
  • Your email and physical address stay private when creating accounts.
  • You avoid giving out your real phone number to untrusted sites.
  • Blur handles password and account management seamlessly.

If you regularly shop online and value your privacy, Blur‘s relatively low pricing is absolutely worth it. Investing in a VPN too provides even more all-around online protection.

Abine Blur gives you control over your personal data and online privacy. Instead of exposing your sensitive details everywhere, you can securely mask your information. This prevents companies, hackers, and stalkers from accessing or misusing your private data.

For an easy and affordable way to browse and shop online anonymously, Abine Blur is a great solution.


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