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9Anime – How to Stream Website on Firestick/Android & More (2022)

Hello friend! Are you an anime fan looking to stream unlimited anime for free? If so, you‘ve likely come across 9Anime – one of the most popular anime streaming sites.

In this guide, I‘ll provide a comprehensive overview of 9Anime and show you multiple easy methods to access this excellent anime site on your devices like Firestick, Android, iPhone, PC etc.

Whether you‘re a casual watcher or die-hard anime lover, read on to learn how you can enjoy 9Anime‘s huge collection spanning over 25,000 anime series and movies. Let‘s get started!

What is 9Anime?

For starters, 9Anime is a free streaming site exclusively focused on anime content. It hosts a massive library of both subbed (Japanese audio with subs) and dubbed (English audio) anime shows and movies.

Some highlights of 9Anime:

  • Huge Catalogue – Over 25,000 anime series, OVAs and movies available. All genres including action, adventure, romance, comedy, sports etc.

  • HD Quality – Anime episodes and movies can be streamed in 720p and 1080p resolution. Provides smooth streaming without buffering.

  • Completely Free – Absolutely free site. No registration or account needed. But contains ads.

  • Multi-Server – Videos hosted on multiple servers. Automatically switches servers if one goes down, hence ensuring continuous streaming.

  • Mobile Access – 9Anime is mobile-friendly. Easily accessible on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

  • Intuitive Interface – Simple and easy to use layout. Convenient navigation and search.

  • Active Community – Vibrant community forums and comments section.

With this stellar combination of a vast catalog and smooth HD streaming, it‘s easy to see why 9Anime has become the first choice of millions of anime fans globally.

Now let‘s explore how you can access this amazing anime site on your devices.

Stream 9Anime on Firestick & Fire TV

One of the most popular streaming devices today is Amazon‘s Firestick and Fire TV range. Here are two simple methods to enjoy 9Anime on your Firestick or Fire TV:

Method 1: Use Silk Browser

The pre-installed Silk Browser on Firestick works great for streaming from sites like 9Anime. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Silk Browser on your Firestick/Fire TV.

  2. Go to the URL:

  3. 9Anime homepage will open. Browse anime shows by genre or use search bar to find a specific title.

  4. Choose an anime and episode to watch. Select server and quality.

  5. Your selected anime will start playing immediately in the Silk Browser.

I tested 9Anime streaming on my Firestick 4K using Silk and it worked flawlessly. The videos played smoothly in 720p quality without any buffering issues.

One tip – On first use, Silk may show a warning about tracking your location. Don‘t worry, just click on "Continue".

Watch 9Anime on Firestick

Method 2: Use Firefox Browser

While Silk Browser gets the job done, I personally prefer Firefox on Firestick when accessing sites like 9Anime. Here‘s how to use it:

  1. Download Firefox browser from Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV device.

  2. Launch Firefox and enter this 9Anime URL –

  3. Firefox will display the 9Anime homepage. Select an anime title you want to watch.

  4. Pick the episode, server, and quality. Click play.

  5. Enjoy watching your favorite anime on Firefox without interruptions!

Firefox also makes it easy to bookmark sites so you can directly access 9Anime anytime. I‘d recommend using Firefox over Silk.

Note: When streaming free sites on Firestick, using a good VPN like Surfshark or Ivacy can be beneficial to stay protected.

So in just a few simple steps, you can start watching anime in HD quality on your Firestick or Fire TV via 9Anime. Pretty awesome right!

How to Get 9Anime on Android Mobiles/Tablets

Androids are one of the most widely used devices for on-the-go streaming. Thankfully accessing 9Anime on Android smartphones and tablets is quick and easy.

Here are 3 great methods:

Use 9Anime Website Directly

The 9Anime website works flawlessly on the Chrome and Firefox browsers for Android. Just open the browser on your device, go to and you‘ll be watching anime in no time!

Streaming is fast and smooth. And you get the complete 9Anime catalog. A perfect simple option for casual anime watchers.

9Anime on Android

Download AnimeDLR App

AnimeDLR is an excellent Android app that scrapes and streams high-quality anime from various sites including 9Anime. Here‘s how to use it:

  1. Download and install AnimeDLR app from their official site (Not available on Play Store).

  2. Open the app settings and enable 9Anime under Anime Sources.

  3. Search or browse titles. Select an episode and choose 9Anime scraper from available sources.

  4. Hit play, choose quality and enjoy ad-free streaming!

The advantage with AnimeDLR is quick scraping speeds and a clean interface. Easy to navigate and find your favorite anime. Definitely worth trying out!

Install Anyme App

Anyme is a full-fledged anime app for Android with advanced features. You can integrate 9Anime video scrapers in Anyme:

  1. Get Anyme app from

  2. Go to Settings > Sources. Click + to add "9Anime" source.

  3. Enter URL when prompted.

  4. Search anime titles, select source as 9Anime and play episode.

I love using Anyme for watching anime as it conveniently brings 9Anime, Gogoanime, AnimePahe and other sources in one place. And delivers the complete catalog in a slick interface.

So in summary, all the above methods work great for streaming 9Anime on your Android mobile or tablet. Use the one that best fits your needs!

How to Stream 9Anime on iPhone and iPad

Let‘s now see how you can watch anime from 9Anime using your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.

Use Browsers like Safari

The simplest option is to open Safari browser and directly visit It will display the 9Anime site where you can browse and play anime.

Chrome browser also works the same way. The streaming works fine but the experience is better on larger screens.

Do note – there‘s no native 9Anime app for iOS as it violated App Store guidelines.

Try Anime Apps like AnimeGlare

Instead of the website, you can use 3rd party anime apps on your iOS device:

  • AnimeGlare – Get it from App Store. Provides content from 9Anime and other sites.

  • Katsu – Also from App Store. Solid library of subbed/dubbed anime.

  • AnimeX – Get it from Streams anime in high quality.

These are some of the highest rated anime apps for iPhone/iPad. They deliver anime from various sources including 9Anime in a slick ad-free interface. Worth checking out!

So in a nutshell, enjoy anime from 9Anime using mobile browsers or apps on your iPhone or iPad. Though the experience is better on big screens.

How to Stream 9Anime Website on Windows and Mac

When it comes to watching anime on a computer, 9Anime provides top-notch performance on Windows and Mac.

Stream 9Anime on Windows PC

You can directly visit on popular Windows browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc.

The 9Anime website is optimized for desktops so you get the full-fledged experience. Streaming works flawlessly in 720p/1080p quality with no lags or buffering.

Some tips for using 9Anime on your Windows 10 PC:

  • Install a good ad-blocker like uBlock Origin to avoid annoying pop-up ads.

  • Use a download manager extension like EagleGet for easy anime downloads.

  • Add 9Anime to your browser bookmarks for quick 1-click access.

  • Enable pop-up blocker in your browser settings to stop new tabs opening.

With the abundant screen real estate and fast internet, streaming anime on 9Anime via PC is a superb experience.

9Anime PC

Access 9Anime on Mac

The process of using 9Anime on a Mac computer is quite similar. Just visit in your preferred browser.

I‘d suggest using Chrome or Firefox browser with uBlock Origin addon installed. This gives you smooth ad-free streaming in HD quality.

Also bookmark the site for quick access later. Enjoy watching anime on that nice big Retina display of your Mac!

So in summary, watching anime on 9Anime using a Windows 10 PC or Mac is an amazing experience thanks to fast streaming in HD resolution.

Is 9Anime Legal and Safe to Use?

Now an important question in many anime fans‘ minds – is 9Anime legal? Can I get in trouble for using it?

Let‘s take a realistic look at this:

The plain truth is that 9Anime is an illegal site according to most countries‘ copyright laws as all content is hosted without authorization from creators.

You should avoid such unauthorized anime sites and use official licensed services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix etc. for legal and ethical anime streaming.

Accessing illegal streaming sites comes with certain risks:

  • Copyright Notices – Your ISP can send you warning notice for accessing pirated content. These are normally just warnings if done occasionally for personal use. But repeated offenses can lead to service suspension.

  • Malware Threats – Piracy sites often contain malicious ads/popups that can infect your device with virus or malware. So it‘s essential to have good antivirus.

  • Account Hacking – Never enter your private login details or payment info on fake/cloned sites as it can lead to identity theft.

So our recommendation is to use official sources for anime. But at the end of the day, it‘s your personal decision and responsibility on whether you want to access free anime sites like 9Anime.

If you do decide to stream 9Anime, here are some precautions to take:

  • Use a VPN – To keep your streaming activity hidden from your ISP, use a reliable VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

  • Install Antivirus – Get a good internet security suite like Avast or Kaspersky to prevent malware.

  • Use Adblocker – Install an adblocker extension to avoid malicious ads and popups.

  • Beware of Fake Sites – Visit the real and avoid entering details on fake sites.

By taking the right safety measures, you can have a smooth 9Anime streaming experience. But once again, we recommend using official licensed anime services for the best viewing experience legally.

Top 9 Best 9Anime Alternatives

Don‘t want to use 9Anime? No worries, you have plenty of excellent legal alternatives for free and paid anime streaming:

  1. Crunchyroll – Largest collection of subbed/dubbed anime. Free plan has ads, premium optional. Apps available.

  2. Funimation – Specializes in English dubbed anime. Huge catalog. Free plan offers limited content.

  3. Netflix – Popular anime titles like One Punch Man, Attack on Titan etc. Requires paid subscription.

  4. Hulu – Decent anime library with popular shows like Naruto, My Hero Academia etc. Free trial available.

  5. RetroCrush – 100% free streaming of classic old-school anime from 90s/2000s. Worth checking out.

  6. Tubi – Completely free anime streaming supported by ads. No account needed.

  7. Wakanim – France-based anime streaming service with 14-day free trial. Good collection.

  8. AnimeLab – Owned by Funimation. Free and premium plans available. (Not in US)

  9. Anime-Planet – Legal anime streaming search engine. Links to official licensed sources.

There are many more legal anime apps and sites to explore like VRV, HiDive, Pluto TV and more. Take your pick!


So that concludes this detailed guide on how you can stream anime from 9Anime across various devices like Firestick, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac etc.

I hope you found this post helpful and now have a clear understanding of what 9Anime offers, how you can access it on your devices using the methods described, and some great legal alternatives.

The decision to use free streaming sites is yours to take responsibly. As anime fans, the best way is to watch anime legally by paying to support the creators.

But in any case, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Happy anime watching my friend! As an anime enthusiast myself, I‘m always looking for new anime to watch, so feel free to reach out if you have any new recommendations!


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