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4Anime Shut Down: Here are the Best Alternatives in 2022 (Working)

I know you’re probably wondering why 4Anime isn’t working anymore. As an fellow anime fan myself, I was pretty bummed when the site was taken down.

4Anime was once one of the biggest anime streaming sites out there, with over 6 million monthly visitors at its peak. But increased pressure from copyright holders ultimately led to its demise.

When you try to access now, here’s the message you’ll see:

4anime shutdown notice

Poof! Just like that, another incredible free anime resource gone.

I know how frustrating it is when your go-to site disappears without warning. Especially when there are still unwatched episodes sitting in your queue!

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve been exploring the best 4Anime alternatives out there in 2022. Keep reading and I’ll fill you in on where you can now get your anime fix.

Why Did 4Anime Shut Down?

First, let’s look quickly at why 4Anime shut down in the first place.

The site was likely targeted for enabling illegal access to copyrighted anime content. Streaming this way violates creator rights and costs studios revenue.

Major industry players don’t take piracy kindly. According to the Content Protection and Security Association (CPSA), online streaming piracy costs the anime industry over $9 billion a year.

Large entertainment companies have entire departments dedicated to hunting down infringing sites and services. Once identified, their domains get suspended and legal action pursues.

This ongoing game of whack-a-mole leads to the constant shutdown of free anime streaming platforms. But new alternatives always pop up in their place.

While details are scarce, 4Anime’s demise was likely the result of successful litigation. But millions of loyal users were still left disappointed.

I know this constant instability is far from ideal. But I’ll break down various options now so your viewing isn’t disrupted.

Top 9 Working 4Anime Alternatives in 2022

Through extensive testing, these sites came out as the best current 4Anime replacements:

  1. AnimeUltima
  2. 9Anime
  3. KissAnime
  4. KimCartoon
  5. AnimeLab
  6. Crunchyroll
  7. AnimeFreak
  8. AnimeDao
  9. AnimeHeaven

I arrived at this list using the following ranking criteria:

  • Content library – Number of titles and episodes
  • Streaming quality – HD, high definition, 4K availability
  • Interface – Site design, ease of use and navigation
  • Functionality – Player, search, filters, sorting features
  • Devices supported – Availability across platforms
  • Ads – Annoying or distracting ad frequency
  • Overall safety – Potential risks to be aware of

Let’s explore each alternative more in depth so you can find the perfect new home for your anime viewing!

1. AnimeUltima

With its massive content selection and smooth streaming, AnimeUltima tops my list of 4Anime replacements.

You’ll find both subbed and dubbed anime available in high definition. Episodes load quickly and the site navigation feels intuitive.

AnimeUltima stood out for providing an exceptional free streaming experience, all without needing an account. There are some ads, but way less than other sites out there.

It’s accessible across all devices, making it easy to pick up shows right where you left off. I also had no VPN connection issues, so your privacy remains protected.

Overall, AnimeUltima achieves that ideal balance of content, functionality, and user experience. It’s become my new go-to!


Key Features:

  • Massive library of anime series & movies
  • HD quality streaming
  • Minimal ads/popups
  • Easy site navigation
  • No registration required

Monthly Visitors: 2.5 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick

Alternative domains:,

2. 9Anime

As one of the most visited anime streaming sites, it’s no surprise 9Anime is a top 4Anime alternative.

Despite ongoing battles with ISPs, 9Anime continues to thrive thanks to dedicated admins and loyal users. Streaming requires no registration and episodes are available in up to 1080p quality.

My main gripe is 9Anime still has a fair amount of annoying popup ads, even with an ad blocker enabled. Streaming safely demands having a VPN active as well.

But if you can put up with those drawbacks, the huge content selection and reliable performance keeps 9Anime a viable option in 2022.

Key Features:

  • Enormous library with frequent new additions
  • Stream in HD quality without registration
  • Easy navigation and sorting
  • Often impacted by ISP blocking
  • Excessive popup ads

Monthly Visitors: 4.8 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick

Alternative domains:,,

3. KissAnime

When KissAnime first shut down, I was worried there’d never be a comparable alternative. Thankfully, many mirror sites have now emerged.

These KissAnime clones provide the same smooth streaming experience the original was known for. No signup is needed and HD viewing is available.

The biggest downside is KissAnime proxies have lots of annoying third-party ads surrounding video players. I’d recommend running an ad blocker to help improve your viewing experience.

Overall though, KissAnime remains one of the best and most functional sites out there for free anime streaming access.

Key Features:

  • No registration required
  • Available in HD quality
  • Huge anime selection
  • Easy navigation
  • Excessive popup ads

Monthly Visitors: 5.1 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick

Alternative domains:,,

4. KimCartoon

If you’re an anime lover and cartoon enthusiast like me, KimCartoon needs to be on your radar.

While not technically a direct 4Anime replacement, the site hosts a vast library of both classic and new cartoons alongside anime content. Everything is free to stream without creating an account.

KimCartoon makes finding your favorite shows easy with its intuitive navigation menu. Plus, new episodes are added right after they air.

Just be prepared to deal with some annoyances like occasional captchas and extra clicks to dismiss ads when streaming. Overall though, KimCartoon provides the goods!

Key Features:

  • Extensive anime & cartoon selection
  • New episodes added quickly
  • No registration required
  • Easy site navigation
  • Occasional captchas and excessive ads

Monthly Visitors: 4 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick

Alternative domains:,

5. AnimeLab

For anime fans down under (or willing to use a VPN), AnimeLab is a legal and premium-feeling 4Anime alternative.

This licensed streaming service operates in Australia and New Zealand with apps across all major platforms. The polished interface results in a smooth viewing experience.

While a paid subscription unlocks the full catalog, AnimeLab still offers select dubbed and subbed series to stream for free. Video quality goes up to crisp 1080p as well.

By using AnimeLab, you can enjoy stellar anime streaming without any piracy risks or privacy worries. The only catch is limited selection on the free tier.

Key Features:

  • Completely legal streaming platform
  • Slick apps and interface design
  • Quality HD streaming
  • Solid free selection available
  • Full premium catalog for subscribers

Monthly Visitors: 950,000

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is hands down the most popular legal anime service out there. With over 5 million paid subscribers, it offers a massive streaming library in HD quality.

A premium account lets you stream ad-free and view brand new episodes shortly after release. But even free users can watch a rotating selection of series with ads.

Between the quality apps, devoted fan community, and overall polish, Crunchyroll provides an exceptional viewing experience. Just be prepared for lots of ads and limited content on the free tier.

Key Features:

  • Legal streaming from industry leader
  • New episodes right after airing
  • Enormous premium library
  • Slick apps and interface
  • Community features and forums

Monthly Visitors: 49 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick, Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs

7. AnimeFreak

If you’re looking to replicate that pure 4Anime feel, AnimeFreak comes close with its huge content selection available 100% free.

You can stream tons of anime series and movies in HD quality without any registration. AnimeFreak also hosts manga scans to dive right into the source material.

Just keep in mind the ad annoyance factor is high. You’ll deal with lots of popups and redirects when browsing and streaming shows. Running an ad blocker helps, but a VPN remains essential.

Ultimately, AnimeFreak still captures that familiar 4Anime vibe of endless content with total access. Just brace yourself for the ads!

Key Features:

  • Massive anime streaming selection
  • Read manga scans on site
  • HD quality viewing
  • No registration required
  • Aggressive popup ads

Monthly Visitors: 1.5 million

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Alternative domains:,

8. AnimeDao

AnimeDao wins points for providing a smooth, no-fuss streaming experience on both desktop and mobile.

The site layout feels clean and intuitive. Anime series are sorted clearly between new releases, ongoing shows, and popular classics.

Streaming requires no signup and video playback happens in either SD or HD. My only gripe is AnimeDao still relies on some annoying third-party popups during streams.

Altogether, AnimeDao satisfies the essentials. The fast streaming and simple interface make it one of the better featured-packed 4Anime alternatives out there.

Key Features:

  • Straightforward and intuitive site design
  • HD quality video streaming
  • No account registration required
  • Regular anime updates
  • Some intrusive popup ads

Monthly Visitors: 400,000

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Alternative domains:,

9. AnimeHeaven

Last up is AnimeHeaven, a long-running anime site home to hundreds of shows and movies.

The website layout looks a bit dated, but content is neatly organized into sections by genre, popularity, release status, and more.

Everything streams for free without creating an account. However, annoying ads are abundant. An ad blocker helps, but I‘d still recommend having a VPN active for privacy.

At the end of the day, AnimeHeaven’s huge content library and basic functionality make it a decent 4Anime backup option. Just don’t expect much in terms of HD quality or innovations.

Key Features:

  • Classic anime streaming site
  • Massive content selection
  • Simple design and navigation
  • No registration required
  • Dated interface with lots of ads

Monthly Visitors: 900,000

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

5 Tips for Safe Anime Streaming

When using free streaming sites, it‘s crucial you take steps to protect your privacy, security, and internet connection.

Here are my top safety tips when accessing 4Anime alternatives:

1. Hide your identity with a VPN – A VPN encrypts all traffic from your devices, masking your IP address and location. This cloaks your streaming activities from snooping by ISPs, government agencies, and copyright watchdogs. I recommend Surfshark or NordVPN.

2. Run an ad blocker – Sites like 4Anime are infested with pushy popups, links, and ads that can contain malware. An ad blocker like uBlock Origin helps neutralize these risks.

3. Avoid downloads – Streaming anime is far safer than direct downloads. Malicious files are common on torrents and file hosts. Stick to streaming only.

4. Update your devices and software – Maintaining current OS, browser, and app versions ensures you have the latest security patches. Out-of-date software is vulnerable.

5. Use anonymous accounts – When creating accounts, avoid using your personal info and emails. Disposable emails from AnonAddy or SimpleLogin add a layer of separation.

Safe browsing habits go a long way as well:

  • Don‘t click risky ads or links
  • Check URLs for misspellings
  • Monitor bank statements for suspicious charges
  • Use unique passwords for each site

With the right toolkit and mindset, you can securely stream anime while protecting your privacy.

Is Streaming Anime Legally Risky?

Look, I get it. After losing 4Anime, you just want to watch Attack on Titan without any hassle. Streaming anime through unauthorized sites provides that simplicity.

But is it worth the legal risk? This is a complex question.

Technically speaking, accessing pirated content violates copyright law. Studios own exclusive distribution rights. Streaming without permission deprives them of revenue.

However, copyright holders mainly pursue hosts and operators, not individual users. Downloading files makes you a bigger target. Streaming alone is unlikely to warrant legal action.

While gray in many countries, some explicitly outlaw unauthorized streaming. For example, Japan‘s revised copyright law now penalizes both downloading and streaming.

No one can stop you from visiting sites like 4Anime. But using a VPN is wise to anonymize your viewing, just in case.

Ultimately, you must weigh risks versus rewards when streaming from unofficial sources. Nothing is stopping copyright holders from cracking down on viewers as well.

For guaranteed safety, platforms like Crunchyroll and HiDive stream anime legally. But content libraries are reduced compared to unauthorized sites.

I can‘t tell you the "right" choice here. Assess your personal privacy and piracy comfort levels, and take appropriate precautions. But whatever you choose, I wish you happy anime watching!

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

Losing 4Anime was a major blow, but plenty of alternative sites now fill the gap. The key is finding one tailored to your preferences.

For the largest free libraries, check out AnimeUltima, 9Anime and KissAnime. KimCartoon provides both anime and cartoon content.

If you want to stream completely legally, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab are licensed options. Just expect more ads and limited content availability for free users.

No matter what site you use, take steps to browse safely:

  • Use a VPN to conceal your streaming
  • Run an ad blocker to prevent malware
  • Avoid downloads and sketchy links
  • Update devices/apps and use strong passwords
  • Consider disposable accounts and emails

While streaming anime isn‘t directly illegal in most places, you should still be cautious when relying on unauthorized sites long-term. Copyright enforcement is always looming.

But for now, the top 4Anime alternatives featured here provide the content you crave. I hope this guide steers you towards a new go-to destination! Never forget the wise words of Monkey D. Luffy: "Every adventure requires a first step."

Now get out there and start watching!


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