Home Offices – Flexible and Efficient

Home Offices have become a matter of course for almost every enterprise. Whether as part of a flexible working time organization or as a constant workplace solution, both enterprises and employees profit from the opportunity to work at home. In order to efficiently structure this, the external workplace must be connected to the corporate network. Only after access to data stored in the corporate network is available can a smooth work process be ensured. Hereby, the decisive factor is that the connection is fast, secure and can be easily made.

Home Offices with HOB – Custom-Made According to Your Plan

The highly popular connections via VPN tunnels are often very labor intensive. HOB solutions enable companies and employees to meet their needs with greater ease. Employees access the enterprise network without having to install any special software on their computers. For this purpose, HOB RD VPN provides an SSL-encrypted connection. This way, employees can structure their workplaces according to their needs and companies minimize the procurement costs of their client devices. Central installation and administration of the software on the enterprise servers, together with the role and rights idea minimizes the work load for system administrators and users. Diverse authentication methods ensure all-around security.

Benefits for Your Enterprise



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