Product Overview

Security Solutions


HOB RD VPN is a comprehensive and flexible secure remote access solution for enterprises of all sizes. It includes core functions such as compliance check, clustering, multitenancy capability, allocation of roles and rights.

HOB RD VPN is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ (BSI-DSZ-CC-0832-2014).

The certified SSL encryption and diverse types of authentication that HOB RD VPN offers ensure secure communication for the following components:

  • HOB PPP Tunnel – Volltransparenter Netzwerkzugriff (Patent Nr. US 8910272B2, EP2111020A1)
  • HOB RD VPN Webserver Gate – HTTPS-Zugriff auf Intranetserver
  • HOBLink JWT – Java-basierter Client für den Zugriff auf RDP Serversysteme z.B. Windows Terminal Services
  • HOBLink WebTerm RDP – HTML5-Client für den Zugriff auf RDP Serversysteme, z.B. Windows Terminal Services
  • HOBLink WebTerm 3270 – HTML5-Client für den Zugriff auf IBM 3270, S/390 und System z
  • HOBLink WebTerm 5250 – HTML5-Client für den Zugriff auf IBM 5250, AS/400 und System i
  • HOB RD VPN Desktop-on-Demand – Zugriff auf den persönlichen Windows Desktop
  • HOBLink J-Term – Java-basierter Client für den Zugriff auf Enterprise Systeme (3270, 5250, VT52 bis VT525, X.11, HP700, 97801, 9750)
  • HOB VDI Business – Zugriff auf virtuelle Windows Rechner
  • HOB VNC-Bridge – Zugriff auf VNC-Server mit HOBLink JWT (RDP-Client)
  • HOBLink DASH – Datenaustausch und Synchronisation zwischen Clients und selbstverwalteten Servern
  • HOB RD VPN Web File Access – browserbasierter Dateiaustausch zwischen Clients und Windows File­servern
  • HOBPhone – verschlüsselte VoIP/SIP-Kommunikation für viele Plattformen
  • Citrix Support – Zugriff auf Citrix XenApp bzw. Xen-Desktop

HOB Secure Communications Server (HOB SCS)

HOB SCS is a hardened operating system platform for HOB RD VPN (SSL), HOBLink VPN Gateway (IPsec) and firewall systems. It runs virtualized on all common hypervisor systems or bare metal, i.e., directly on the hardware.

HOBLink VPN Gateway

HOBLink VPN Gateway is the central IPsec gateway that enables secure access to your company network from desktop clients, mobile devices and site-to-site. It offers strong encryption as well as authentication, certificate management and PKI.

HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client

HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client is an IPsec VPN client for Windows that enables access to VPN gateways from leading manufacturers. It requires no client-side installation or administrator rights due to its patented technology (patent No. US 8910272B2, EP2111020A1).

HOBLink Mobile

HOBLink Mobile is a business solution for mobile devices with Apple iOS and Android operating systems. It supports Microsoft Exchange and offers SSL-encrypted access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar and notes without any data being saved to the mobile device.

HOBLink Secure for Apache

HOBLink Secure for Apache allows you to deploy your web applications while meeting the highest possible security demands by using HOB-SSL.

HOB eSecure SDK

HOB eSecure SDK is a software development kit for the integration of SSL into your apps (Apple iOS and Android) on the client side and the implementation of modern authentication methods on the server side.

Remote Desktop Solutions


HOBLink JWT is a Java-based RDP client that enables access to RDP servers. It offers comprehensive printing functions and the ability to use any printer with HOB mEasyPrint. HOBLink JWT also provides smart card support, Wake-on-LAN, load balancing, local drive mapping with virus checking (optional), application publishing and multi-monitor support.


HOBLink iWT gives you convenient RDP access to Windows servers, VDI systems, desktop PCs and other RDP server systems from an Apple iPad. A comprehensive Windows keyboard has also been provided for ease of use. It can also be used in combination with HOB RD VPN in order to achieve maximum security.

HOB RD Selector

HOB RD Selector allows you to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Services more effectively with HOB WTS load balancing, (patent No. US 6950849 B1). Other features include comfortable application publishing and fast reconnect to disconnected sessions.

HOB RD ES (Remote Desktop Enhanced Services)

HOB RD ES is an extension of functions for the optimized use of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. It offers extended load balancing, integration of local data storage devices (HDD, SSD, USB) and virus check on the fly. Other features include comprehensive configuration options for printers and scanners and application publishing.

HOB MacGate

HOB MacGate enables access to Macs from RDP clients. It includes full support of the Mac desktop, printing to the RDP client and user access control. The display on the Mac target system can also be hidden during RDP client operation (curtain mode). It can also be used in combination with HOB RD VPN in order to achieve maximum security.

HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate enables access to UNIX/Linux servers from RDP clients and makes X-based applications internet-­capable. It supports OpenGL applications. It can also be used in combination with HOB RD VPN in order to achieve maximum security.

Enterprise Solutions

HOBLink Terminal Edition

HOBLink Terminal Edition is a terminal emulation for enterprise systems (3270, 5250, VT52 to VT525, SSH and X11) that provides Single Sign-on authentication to IBM S/390 and System z with Kerberos and RACF PassTicket.

HOBLink J-Term

HOBLink J-Term is a Java-based terminal emulation for enter­prise systems (3270, 5250, VT52 to VT525, SSH, HP700, 97801 and 9750) and an RDP. HOBLink J-Term provides Single Sign-on authentication to IBM System i and UNIX servers with Kerberos and to IBM System z with Kerberos and RACF PassTicket. It also includes JavaBeans support for integrating into existing portal solutions such as Eclipse plugin.


HOBCOM integrates the IBM S/390 and System z as a server into a modern client/server architecture. It is the comprehensive solution for host access with TCP/IP and offers comfortable management of printer networks (SNA, LPR/LPD, IP; IPP/1.1, CUPS), a session manager and LDAP and Single Sign-on support thanks to Kerberos and RACF PassTicket.