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Windows Remote Desktop

blue arrowHOB RD VPN

HOB's Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network Performant and secure remote access for your enterprise. Access Windows Terminal Servers Windows XP/Vista, and more

blue arrowHOB RD VPN Compact

HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network Compact - The Secure Remote Access solution for SMB's

blue arrowHOBLink JWT 3.3 The Java client for the Microsoft Windows® Terminal Servers (Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, XP Pro, Vista & .NET.)
blue arrowHOBLink JWT –
         Java plug-in for Cisco ASA
Plug-in for Cisco ASA, that enables secure RDP connections
blue arrowHOBLink iWT Convenient RDP Remote Access with the Apple iPad to Windows Servers, VDI Systems and Desktop PCs
blue arrowHOBLink JWT Enterprise Access The Java client (RDP) for Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services - with central administration by HOB Enterprise Access
blue arrowHOB RD Selector Optimized performance and lower hardware costs thanks to high-end solutions from HOB 
blue arrowHOB RD ES Enhances HOB RD VPN and HOBLink JWT with important add3ed features. 



JR 20.12.11

JR 09.11.12

JR 06.06.13

JR 17.06.13

JR 23.01.15


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IPsec is also good
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