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HOB RD VPN Remote Access

HOB RD VPN blue edition

Central Server, Data and Applications On Demand - Flexible, Secure, Cost-Effective



HOB RD VPN blue edition
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Permanent and performant availability of applications and enterprise data with an increasing number of various mobile devices - this is a challenge for many businesses in the near future. All over the world, employees are becoming more mobile and need access to data and applications from different locations, at different times and, also, from flexible workplaces.

HOB RD VPN is the comprehensive solution for remote access to your central data and applications, at any time and from anywhere, with almost any end device. As a pure software solution, HOB RD VPN is highly scalable and supports many different platforms.


This gives you strong investment protection, even when new demands on your enterprise IT arise. HOB RD VPN was developed to fulfil your individual requirements for a secure remote access solution. It allows you to very easily manage access to data and applications, and roles and rights. HOB RD VPN is multi-tenant capable and givey you the freedom to quickly and flexibly connect various users, such as partners, customers or suppliers, etc.


Hereby, one tenant's data are strictly isolated from the other tenants' data. Not only the access control, but all communications are strongly encrypted. This ensures you a secure and confidential information exchange.



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HOB RD VPN blue edition
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Gold Award



HOB receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award 2014 in the categories "Bring Your Own Device" and "IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Grand Award



HOB is awarded Info Security Product Guide's Grand Trophy

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Gold Award



HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Access Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Remote Access Solution Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category VPN/IPSec/SSL Innovations

Quality Made in Germany

HOB is Awarded the Quality Mark "IT Security Made in Germany"

Gold Award

HOB Receives the Hot Companies and Best Products Gold Award in the Category "Cloud Security"

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Gold Award

HOB Receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award for "Access"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Cloud Award in the category "Security Innovation of the Year"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Access Innovations"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Remote Access Solution Innovations"

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Award 2012

HOB Receives the Network Products Guide "Best Product Award" in the category "Security Software"

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Info Security Award



HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award - for the categories "Access" and IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Golden Bridge Award

HOB wins the 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Information Technology in the category "VPN/IPSec/SSL"

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Secure Remote Access with HOB - Your Competitive Advantage!

The ability to securely, economically, and reliably access all of the most widely varying enterprise resources from diverse platforms and terminals is, now and in the future, a not-to-be underestimated competitive advantage.


Worldwide flexibility!

The HOB RD VPN software solution is specially designed for secure remote access over TCP/IP networks, i.e., Internet, WiFi / WLAN or UMTS, to diverse resources in enterprise networks. This is a universal software-based solution for secure remote access from the corporate network all the way through to the front end.






It makes absolutely no difference whether your data and applications are on a Windows Terminal Server, virtualized windows systems, Unix/Linux servers, a traditional host, or even a personal computer. Depending on the configuration and the user's authorization level, you and your staff can access and edit files, exchange them with the target system and print them. And they can do this anywhere, just as if they were sitting in the office at their company PC! With HOB RD VPN you can also secure all communication over WLAN/WiFi or within the enterprise network.





Flexible, Worldwide Voice Communications

With the purely web-based Voice-over-IP client – HOBPhone – you and all of your employees can comfortably and securely telephone from your home offices over the Internet. This saves your company the cost of additional telephone connections, and the existing corporate telecommunications can be easily connected.

Easy Implenentation of your Company's Requirements

Central installation and configuration is a matter of course for you when deploying HOB RD VPN. You have complete control of all external access to your corporate network. You determine the rules and can quickly implement your company's guidelines. Connecting various users and configuring several domains is no longer a problem. The HOB multi-tenancy design gives you a free hand to configure your system as you will. Whether settings are saved in the corresponding directory services or centrally in HOB RD VPN is your choice to make. 

Strong Performance with RDP

RDP is the leading industry standard for the transmission of graphical user interfaces. RDP is very powerful and offers a multitude of useful functions.


In a large-scale benchmark test,  none of the many other protocols being tested against the latest version of RDP were superior or even comparable in functionality or performance.


In realistic benchmark tests between RDP and VNC protocol (RFB – Remote Framebuffer Protocol), VNC exchanged seven-times the amount of data. Also the comparison of RDP to the proven X-Protocol (X11, MIT) delivered results of a similar magnitude. The comparison of the exchanged data volume corresponds approximately to the  ratio of the response-times, i.e., the amount of time the user waits, e.g., for the image to be refreshed.


HOB RD VPN - All Key Functionalities are Already There

  • RD Computing
    Access to Windows Remote Desktop Servers
  • HOBPhone
    Browser-based VoIP solution
  • Web File Access
    For access to file-servers
  • Web Server Gate
    For access to enterprise-internal Web applications
  • HOBLink WebTerm
    HTML5-based remote desktop client for fast and encrypted access over a web browser to remote desktops.
  • HOBLink WebTerm RDP– an HTML5 solution that enables access to RDP server systems such as Windows Terminal Services
  • PPP Tunnel
    For access to the entire enterprise network
  • Universal Client
    Provides access for locally installed third party applications
  • Desktop on Demand
    For access to your personal workstation computer
  • VDI- Business
    Access to Windows computers
  • HOBLink DASH
    Data sharing with in-house file servers over the Internet
  • HOB VNC-Bridge
    Access to VNC servers via HOBLink JWT
  • Citrix Support
    Access to Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop


Extensions and Options

Click here for a comparative overview of the HOB RD VPN editions and features


JR 26.01.15

JR 10.06.14

KWi 13.04.12

JR  23.04.12

JR  21.05.12

JR 15.06.12

JR 05.10.12

JR 04.12.12







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