HOB NetAccess for Android

Secure and Mobile Access to your Enterprise Network with HOB NetAccess

The transparent tunnel HOB NetAccess is now available for your Android device!

HOB NetAccess creates a network tunnel to the HOB RD VPN in your company network. This way you can use your apps on the go as if you were inside your company's WLAN. All transferred data is encrypted with HOB-SSL (TLS), which has been tested and certified in accordance with CC EAL 4+. Secure transmission is guaranteed. The traffic goes through TCP-port 443 and therefore through every firewall. Special technology avoids the TCP meltdown effect. The implemented dynamic NAT option prevents address conflicts, which could otherwise jam the VPN tunnel.

With HOB NetAccess, you log in to your company network. The app runs in the background and tunnels all network traffic from your Android device to your company's network. As soon as you exit HOB NetAccess, the tunnel to your company's network is closed.

In order for HOB NetAccess to work, an HOB RD VPN edition must be installed on the server-side. As with all HOB solutions, HOB NetAccess was developed in Germany and fulfills the highest requirements for security and reliability.

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Your Benefits

Secure connection to your company’s network
Work away on business as you would do in WLAN
Easy to handle

Technical Highlights

TCP-Tuner II avoids TCP-meltdown
Dynamic-NAT prevents address conflicts
HOB-SSL (TLS) for secure transmission
Passes through every firewall (TCP-port 443)



LB 21.08.17