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HOBLink Mobile
HOBLink Mobile

HOBLink Mobile and HOBCOM Universal Server

Remote Access to Enterprise Resources with Mobile Devices


Product Overview and Highlights


More and more employees want to access enterprise data and applications (e.g., e-mail) via their mobile devices. Many IT managers, however, see mobile devices such as smartphones, and tablets as a great security risk. HOB has developed a solution that is not only secure for the mobile device user and company, but is also highly performant through the optimization of bandwidth usage.


The HOB solution is based on two components, which communicate with each other. On the mobile device itself, the HOBLink Mobile Client is installed as an app. The HOBCOM Universal Server is deployed in the corporate DMZ or LAN.


HOBLink Mobile

Mobile Remote Access with HOBLink Mobile and HOBCOM Universal Server


This solution allows you to securely access all your data, without having to download the complete data to the mobile device. The HOBCOM Universal Server (HCU) communicates with servers within the LAN, from which it gets the required data. These data are then sent to the HOBLink Mobile Client. Only the data that is immediately required is sent to the mobile device. Conversely, user entries are sent to the HCU, which uses them for further queries in the enterprise servers. The server executes the commands with the corresponding applications and sends the reaction back to the user.


Only one application is installed on the mobile device – the HOBLink Mobile app.
This application functions as follows: The user authenticates him-or herself and then is presented with a list of applications he or she is authorized to use. The user just has to click on the desired application to start using it.


In addition to the improved security, this method also has the advantage that it requires no large amount of memory on the mobile device and, even more important, data volumes that are much larger than the mobile device itself could process can be worked with.


The entire data-exchange traffic is always encrypted over an HOB-developed communications protocol. The communications are also improved by compression and optimization methods, which ensure high performance even over low bandwidths.


Reconnection of a Disconnected Session

If the connection is interrupted, the lost session will be restored at the same point where it was disconnected. The reconnect function is used to restore the last context in the event of the connection being broken or the device switched off. Thus new logins and the delays they cause are avoided.


E-Mail Access On the Road

For secure access to your e-mails, contacts, calendar and notes, HOBCOM Universal Server communicates with the Microsoft Exchange Server. HOBLink Mobile receives the encrypted data from the HOBCOM Universal Server on your Smartphone or tablet and displays them there.


Access with Your Self-Developed Java Programs

To access even more data, it is possible to write your own Java programs and make these available to your users. The Byte Code Interpreter Interface (BCI), a Java Virtual Machine developed by HOB, makes this possible. The BCI Interface provides a Java environment in HOB products and serves as a "sandbox" for user programs. This protects the server's integrity.


Supports Numerous Mobile Devices

The HOBLink Mobile app is available for the following devices: Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (from iOS 4.0 and up), mobile devices running Android (from 2.2 Froyo and up) - It also will be available soon for Windows and Linux operating systems..


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HOBLink Mobile


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