Integrate Secure Mainframes in Client/Server Architectures with HOBCOM

HOBCOM is a server software for mainframes. As a link between SNA applications and TCP/IP (terminals and printers), it makes hosts available for modern client/server environments. Numerous functions improve the use of PCs, Thin Clients, terminals and printers. Traditional data inventories and legacy applications in an SNA environment can also be used without costly reorganization. Comprehensive TCP/IP support enables host connections over the Internet and Intranet. Also, with HOBCOM one can use a TCP/IP network, e.g., the Internet.

HOBCOM provides for a convenient management of printer networks: The solution supports a multitude of print protocols and enables a conversion of the print data. As a printer server, HOBCOM can even receive print data outside of the SNA environment and forward them to configured printers, whereby if there are differing print protocols the data are converted.

Your Benefits

Optimum security through encryption of the entire data stream
Reception of data from CICS and forwarding to any VM
RACF support in MVS
User management over LDAP/MS Active Directory
Supports Kerberos (Single Sign-On)
Printing over TCP/IP
Storage of print data and forms on the host

Technical Highlights

Printing from the VM-PRT spool without RSCS and VTAM is possible
JES printing without JES/328x Print Facility is possible
Session Manager for starting several applications within one screen session
HOB Y2 Protocol for secure encryption and best compression
Multi-file transfer
HTML interface for administration via a Web browser
Configurable log for system messages



LB 21.08.17