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HOB RD VPN on Windows Vista Clients

Due to numerous differences in the Java support  with Windows Vista as compared to Windows XP, HOB is providing the recommendations below to ensure trouble-free operation of HOB RD VPN on clients running the Windows Vista operating system:


Java Virtual Machine

In the standard Windows Vista installation no Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is included. This must then be installed additionally before HOB RD VPN can be used. We recommend the SUN JVM 1.6.0.

SUN provides a free download of the JVM 1.6.0 for 32-bit Windows as well as 64-bit versions. As the 64-bit JVM currently cannot be integrated as a plugin in a browser, only the 32-bit JVM has been tested.

Further information on the compatibility of JVM 1.6.0 and Windows Vista, as well as supported browsers

Download the SUN JVM


Internet Explorer 7

a.) Protected Mode

With Windows Vista the Microsoft Internet Explorer is the default browser. In the 64-bit Version of Windows Vista there is a 32-bit as well as a 64-bit version. The Java plugin is only available in the 32-bit version of the Internet Explorer.

In Windows Vista the Microsoft Internet Explorer is run in protected mode as default. This mode causes the Internet Explorer 7 to run isolated from other applications in the operating system. This is done to prevent attacks and malware from carrying out write operations in any other area than the folder "Temporary Internet Files."

The protected mode restricts the functionality of HOB RD VPN. For uncompromised use of HOB RD VPN we recommend entering the HOB WebSecureProxy as a trusted site in Internet Explorer 7 and to deactivate the protected mode for trusted sites. To do this, proceed as follows:


b.)  Pop-up Blocker

As default, a pop-up blocker is activated in Internet Explorer 7. This prevents, among other things, the online help from being displayed. We recommend configuring the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from the WebSecureProxy's address. To do this, proceed as follows:


Restrictions Due to the Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 7

In the Internet Explorer 7's protected mode, there are the following restrictions:

a.) JWT Sessions:

b.)  Display and Printer Sessions:

c.) FTP Sessions:


Restrictions Due to the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer 7

The pop-up blocker causes the following restrictions:


Other Restrictions with Windows Vista



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