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HOB Remote Desktop Enhanced Services


HOB Remote Desktop Enhanced Services (HOB RD ES) is an optional additional component for HOB RD VPN and HOBLink JWT. HOB RD ES has been modularly built and includes a full package of innovative and valuable features for an optimized use of Windows Servers. The included features are not offered by Microsoft directly but are only available by HOB.


HOB RD ES includes several modules. Those need to be installed on the used Windows Servers once. Since HOB RD ES comes with a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), the configuration of HOB RD ES is easily and quickly done. The snap-in can either be installed on the Windows Server or locally on the administrator´s desktop PC. In addition, it can be freely chosen whether all or just a selection of HOB RD ES features is installed. This is why HOB RD ES can be exactly configured according to individual needs.






Advantages at a Glance

  • Optional add-on for HOB RD VPN and HOBLink JWT
  • Enhanced and parameterized load balancing: perfectly suited for building large server farms
  • Very precise and individual configuration of access rights with HOB Local Drive Mapping
  • HOB application publishing: User gain access to an application with just some clicks
  • Windowless display with HOB True Windows: remote applications can be completely integrated into the local desktop.
  • Optimized printing solution with HOB Printer Port Mapping: Faster and easier printing of documents
  • Bi-directional audio support for Remote Desktop Sessions running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Integration of scanners
  • Central installation and configuration: Saving costs and effort by a "single point of administration"


HOB RD ES - Features


HOB RD ES Manager

HOB RD ES Manager is the central component for configuring and administering the server farm as well as configuring the load balancing, local drive mapping and published applications feature. The complete administration is centrally done at one place, which means less effort and more time for important things.


RD ES Manager


Screenshot of HOB RD ES Manager


HOB RD Balancer

HOB RD Balancer is an intelligent and parameterized load balancing mechanism that has been developed by HOB. The big advantage: HOB RD Balancer uses weighted server parameters and does not work with a „round robin“ selection. The administrator can individually and granularly define the levels of capacity for the servers within the server farm. For this, several parameters are available:

  • CPU load
  • Storage use
  • Network load
  • Input/output activity
  • Hard disk accesses
  • Disconnected/active sessions
  • Number of processes/threads
  • Page-file use
  • Paging activity

This holds true for very large server farms, too. Either single parameters can be differently weighted or single servers can be differently configured. Herewith, HOB RD ES does never intervene into the network infrastructure.

For the HOB load balancing solution a patent has been granted: “Controlling load-balanced access by user computers to server computers in a computer network“, Patent-No. US 6950849 B1.

HOB Published Application Manager

With this feature single applications can be “published” with just some clicks, i.e., they become available for all users. Single Windows Server may be differently configured.

HOB True Windows

“True Windows“ allows for a full integration of remote applications into the local desktop. For users there is no difference between locally installed applications and those that are run on the server. Even application specific tray icons are displayed at the client. For resource-saving working session sharing is supported: several Windows applications of a server belong to a single session

HOB Local Drive Mapping Manager

With the HOB Local Drive Mapping Manager individual rights can be defined. It can be specified if and to which drives, folders or directories of the embedded client drives access is allowed within the remote desktop session. In addition, filter rules for file formats (e.g. names and –bit patterns) can be assigned. This increases the security of company data: for example, executable files with the ending .exe or with a certain bit pattern  can be blocked.


With HOB TWAIN local scanner can be used within the remote desktop session, too. For this, HOB TWAIN embeds the scanner that is installed on the client side into the Windows Server.

HOB Printer Port Mapping

HOB Printer Port Mapping allows embedding printer names without a session number. To locally print out of particular applications, exactly this is needed. Moreover, a HOB owned compression technique is used for the transmission of the print data stream to the client. 

HOB PCL Printer

HOB PCL Printer optimizes the Easy Print feature of HOB RD VPN and HOBLink JWT. With this driver all users can directly start printing on every client. HOB PCL Printer is a generic PCL 5 printer driver that has been developed for multi-user environments on Microsoft Servers. The advantage: HOB PCL Printer can be installed on all servers as a single, universal printer driver to allow any client for direct printing. The particular, client-specific printer drivers need not be installed on the Windows Server.

Highlights at a Glance

  • The features of HOB RD ES are not offered by Microsoft but are only available by HOB
  • Comprehensive solution to optimize the use of Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Patented HOB Load Balancing with several weighted parameters
  • Perfect distribution of server load
  • Creation of (large) server farms – quickly and easily
  • Application publishing with the comfortable feature “HOB Application Publishing”
  • HOB PCL Printer as a universal printing solution
  • HOB RD ES does not intervene into the existing network infrastructure


More information on HOB RD ES can be found in the HOB RD ES Data Sheet and the HOB RD ES Administration Guide.


System Requirements

Server System

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 64-Bit
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 32-/64-Bit
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 32-/64-Bit

Needed are about 6GB of free hard disk space as well as activated Remote Desktop Services. For the snap-in .NET version 2 SP1 or higher and MMC version 3 is additionally required.


Client System

For the use of HOB RD ES the use of a current version of HOBLink JWT, HOBLink J-Term or HOB RD VPN is required.

HOBLink JWT can be executed on all platforms that support Java 1.4 or newer. On the client side a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is needed. Normally this is installed together with an Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)


The following hardware requirements are recommended for the client device:

  • Random Access Memory (RAM): min. 128 MB free for Java and HOBLink JWT
  • Processor min. Pentium with 1 GHz

Further information on HOB RD ES can be found in the HOB RD ES Administration Guide.




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