More Functions for Remote Access with HOB Remote Desktop Enhanced Services

HOB Remote Desktop Enhanced Services (HOB RD ES) is an additional component for HOB RD VPN and HOBLink JWT. It is designed as a modular system and comprises various innovative functions for the optimized use of Windows servers.

HOB RD ES consists of several modules, which have to be installed just once on the Windows servers being used. Hereby, all, or only a selection, of the functions can be installed.

This way, HOB RD ES can be exactly adjusted to any situation. The flexible, granular configuration options ensure efficient processes. Additionally, they reduce the amount of administrative work and create free space for other activities. HOB RD ES contains a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and can be configured quickly and easily. The snap-in can be installed either on the Windows server or on the administrator’s workstation.

Your Benefits

Extended and parameterizable load balancing for the creation of large server farms
Highly precise and individual configuration of access rights with HOB Local Drive Mapping
Convenient access to central applications with HOB Application Publishing
Can be managed in the Microsoft Management Console; no additional knowhow required
Windowless display thanks to HOB True Windows
Central configuration for minimum cost and labor
Optimized printer solution with HOB Printer Port Mapping
Virus-scanning of transferred data in combination with HOB RD VPN

Technical Highlights

The HOB RD ES functions are exclusively available from HOB
Patented HOB Load Balancing with various weighted parameters
No intervention required in the existing network infrastructure

HOB PCL Printer as a universal printer solution

  Connection of scanners with HOB TWAIN



LB 21.08.17