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The Difference Between HOB RD VPN and HOB RD VPN Compact

The comprehensive security solution HOB RD VPN has a wide range of functions and deployment scenarios and is therefore very complex.

In HOB RD VPN Compact, HOB has a complementary, simpler product, which is especially well-suited for smaller installations. HOB Enterprise Access (in short, EA) is the central HOB component for the configuration and administration of HOB software products. HOB EA stores the configurations in either its own integrated database or the data can be stored in an LDAP server such as MS Active Directory. When the data are stored in an LDAP directory, this requires a schema extension.

HOB EA greatly simplifies user configurations, as the settings can be inherited by lower instances from higher ones, for example, from a group to the users within that group.

The product HOB RD VPN Compact does not include Enterprise Access; the configurations data, e.g., user credentials, are stored in the WebSecureProxy's XML configuration file.

The component HOBLink JWT (the Java RDP client) has, when HOB EA is not being used, a central configuration that is not user-specific.

With HOB RD VPN Compact the components for legacy server access (3270, 5250 etc.), cannot be integrated.

The amount of users for HOB RD VPN Compact is limited to 100 named users.

HOB RD VPN Compact can be upgraded to the full version, so that one can start with a small installation that can then grow.

HOB RD VPN and HOB RD VPN Compact releases occur independently of one another. This means that new features in one product may not yet be included in the complementary product.


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