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HOB MacGate

Remote Desktop Access to a Mac Computer


HOB MacGate gives you Remote Desktop access to your Mac computer over a network, either a LAN or the Internet. This access is possible from every client platform: Windows PC, Linux PC, Thin-Client or even from another Mac.


Work anywhere as if on your own Mac

All components and elements of the Mac user interface such as the menu list, dock, icons and the program windows are fully functional in the Remote Desktop session.


Integration of the Mac in the Windows world

Many users work on a Windows PC as well as a Mac. With HOB MacGate both of these systems are fully integrated.


Access to an RDP Client

Access to the RDP client is from the client side. We recommend HOBLink JWT as the most appropriate RDP client to achieve high performance connections across all Java-compatible platforms. The client Remote Desktop connection application from Windows can also be used.


Remote Access over the Internet

HOB MacGate is the secure solution for remote access to a Mac computer over the Internet. It requires only the HOB remote access solution HOB RD VPN (Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network) and the HOB WebSecureProxy. The greatest advantage of this solution is that the user need not install any software on the client computer. The window with the Remote Desktop is launched through a browser.


HOB MacGate: Remote access over the Internet - easy and secure

Easy and comfortable

For the installation of HOB MacGate on a Mac there is an easy-to-use installation program. HOB MacGate installs itself on the Mac as an application that runs in the background (as a Daemon) and waits for access to a client. A simple icon in the system control panel means that HOB MacGate can be configured by using a standard dialog.

Strong Performance with RDP

RDP is the leading industry standard for the transmission of graphical user interfaces. RDP is very powerful and offers a multitude of useful functions.


In a large-scale benchmark test,  none of the many other protocols being tested against the latest version of RDP were superior or even comparable in functionality or performance.


In realistic benchmark tests between RDP and VNC protocol (RFB – Remote Framebuffer Protocol), VNC exchanged seven-times the amount of data. Also the comparison of RDP to the proven X-Protocol (X11, MIT) delivered results of a similar magnitude. The comparison of the exchanged data volume corresponds approximately to the  ratio of the response-times, i.e., the amount of time the user waits, e.g., for the image to be refreshed.



Features at a glance

  • Remote Desktop access using RDP protocols
  • Open the desired Mac applications remotely while working in your PC environment
  • Access by RDP client (e.g., MS TSC, HOBLink JWT)
  • IP port  configurable for each access
  • Support of the RDP security procedures
  • Logging of HOB MacGate messages
  • Synchronization from remote and local screen resolutions
  • Copy and paste of text in both directions
  • Support of multiple country-specific keyboards

System Requirements

Mac System:

- operating system Mac OS X 10.4 or later

- processor with min. 1GHz

- min. 256 MB RAM recommended


Client System:

- a supported RDP client running on each system.

- RDP client: HOBLink JWT or Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC)


JR 15.04.16

JR 10.06.14

23.12.09 KWi

JR 08.11.11

JR 25.05.12

JR 23.11.12




HOB MacGate
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