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HOB RD Selector

HOB RD Selector - Load Balancing Solution for Windows Remote Desktop Services

Optimized Performance and Lower Hardware Costs Thanks to High-End Load Balancing from HOB



Administrators who supervise Microsoft Remote Desktop Services in large server farms are familiar with this problem: Unequal load distribution amongst the servers often causes noticeably lower performance, leading to numerous user complaints. A common, but expensive, solution to this problem is to purchase more hardware. However, there is an easier and better solution - HOB RD Selector.


In HOB RD Selector you have a load balancing solution that provides for optimum utilization of your server farm. Numerous configuration options allow an exact calibration of the load balancing requirements specifically for your setup.


The HOB load balancing solution was developed for use with HOBLink JWT, a Java RDP client, and is now available for Microsoft RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) users. Enterprises using this Microsoft solution can enhance it with a mature load balancing component which has proven its worth through many years in productive use, also in very large systems.



  HOB Load Balancer

How HOB RD Selector works


Advantages of HOB RD Selector:

  • Enhanced, parameterizable HOB Load Balancing, also for the creation of large server farms
  • Reconnection of disconnected sessions, no data loss
  • Connection through server farm query or broadcast
  • Application Publishing from HOB
  • Supports Microsoft standard features, e.g., Application Serving and RemoteApp
  • Easy session configuration


  • Optimal distribution of users over the available servers.
  • Use of HOB Load Balancing with various parameters is possible.
    The following parameters, among others, can be set:
    • CPU load
    • Memory load
    • Network load
    • Input/Output activity
    • Number of hard-drive accesses
    • Disconnected sessions
    • Active sessions
    • Number of processes
    • Number of threads
    • Page-File usage
    • Paging activity
  • The parameters can be individually weighted
  • Servers in a farm can also be individually weighted
  • Faster creation of server farms in load-sharing clusters
  • More effective use of server hardware
  • No intervention in the network infrastructure
  • Application Publishing

Patented Solution

This HOB Load Balancing solution has been patented: "Controlling load-balanced access by user computers to server computers in a computer network," Patent number: US 6950849 B1.



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JR 08.12.11

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JR 24.01.13



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