HOB RD Selector

Highly Performant Access to Server Farms with the HOB RD Selector

HOB RD Selector is the load balancing solution for Windows Remote Desktop Services. Within large server farms, HOB RD Selector optimizes the remote desktop access and thus ensures a highly performant access to the Remote Desktop Services. Server farms provide all users connected to them with the same applications. With HOB RD Selector, enterprises get a load balancing solution that results in an optimum utilization of the entire server farm. Numerous possible settings enable a fine-tuning that is directly adapted to the corresponding usage case. For the HOB RD Selector, HOB has developed an intelligent, parameterizable load balancing mechanism. Hereby, instead of the conventional “Round Robin” selection, weighted parameters are used. In this way, administrators can individually configure the servers’ load-grades within the server farm.

This can also be done with very large server farms: there is no limit to the number of servers that can be configured. For the user, this means that in the event of a disconnection, he will be reconnected to the same server and no data are lost. To use the HOB RD Selector, you need not install additional gateways nor any other hardware element. You can continue to use the existing Microsoft infrastructure. Even more, HOB RD Selector eliminates the procurement of new servers and extensive maintenance work, saving time and increasing cost-effectiveness in your enterprise IT.

The HOB Load Balancing solution has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office. The patent-nr. is US 6950849 B1.

Your Benefits

Cost savings through optimal use of the hardware
Increased performance provides an improved user experience
Extended and parameterized HOB Load Balancing also for the creation of big server farms
Supports Microsoft standard features, for example, Application Serving and RemoteApp
Optimal distribution of users over all available servers
Reconnection of disconnected sessions and protection against data loss
Connection either through server farm queries or broadcast
Convenient session configuration
  Flexible use of individual Remote Desktop applications

Technical Highlights

Definition of 13 different parameters for optimized HOB Load Balancing
Personalized weighting of the individual parameters
Different weighting of the servers in the network
Fast setup of server farms in the load distribution
Server Farm Manager
Application Publishing
Supports Microsoft functions such as Application Serving and RemoteApp
No single-point-of-failure
No intervention in the network infrastructure



LB 21.08.17