Flexible Access to Remote Desktop Servers with HOBLink JWT

With the Java remote desktop client HOBLink JWT, users get flexible access to Windows Remote Desktop Services applications or Windows workstations in the corporate network. The Java RDP client is completely platform independent. For central data management, many enterprises use Windows Terminal Servers on which Remote Desktop Services (RDS) are installed. For access to these servers, HOB provides the Java remote desktop client HOBLink JWT. In combination with HOB RD VPN, secure and flexible access over the Internet to Remote Desktop Servers, VDI or desktop

systems from any Java-capable platform is made possible. The integrated Wake-on-LAN function can be used to remotely boot and work on stationary computers at any time and from anywhere. As with all HOB solutions, HOBLink JWT was developed in Germany and fulfils the highest requirements for security and reliability. This proprietary software is fully scalable and thus makes for an easy, efficient and economical implementation of any size project.

Product Overview

Your Benefits

Neither installation nor administrator rights are needed on the client side
RDP access to Windows apps from any platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Central administration and configuration
Trouble-free printing in almost any use-scenario
Supports up to 16 monitors
Secure SSL (TLS) encryption is possible

Technical Highlights

VMware Horizon View ready
Automatic reconnection of disconnected sessions
Java WebStart support (requires no Java Plugins)
RDP 7 video redirection
Universal Printer Support for use with any printer
Automatic version control (smart update)
Session shadowing enables the administrator to monitor running client sessions
Smartcard redirection – supports logging in to a Windows Server
Secure encryption with SSL (TLS)
File transfer over the clipboard
Supports various keyboard layouts
Bi-directional audio and video redirection

Plugins and Optional Products



LB 21.08.17