HOB International Offices

Note:  If an office in your country or region is not listed below, please check our list of HOB Channel Partners.

If you are selling HOB products in Mexico or Latin America and are looking for support, please contact erwin.palma@hobsoft.com

How to find our central office in Cadolzburg

HOB USA Headquarters

HOB Inc.
Headquarters NY
245 Saw Mill River Road
Suite # 106
Hawthorne, NY 10532
General information: info@hobsoft.com
Sales: sales@hobsoft.com
Support: support@hobsoft.com
Marketing: marketing@hobsoft.com
Phone: (646) 465-7649
Fax: (646) 437-3448


HOB Germany

HOB GmbH & Co. KG

Schwadermuehlstrasse 3
90556 Cadolzburg
Marketing Department
E-mail: marketing@hob.de
Phone: +49 9103 715-3715
Fax: +49 9103 715-271

HOB Malta

HOB Software Ltd.
HF 80
Industrial Estate
Hal Far BBG 06
Ms. Ellul
Phone: +356-222 42-241
Fax: +356-216 58-258