Silver Partner

Silver Partners sell HOB solutions to their customers. Silver Partners are encouraged to participate in training, but are not required to do so. They do not handle product implementations nor provide ongoing end-user support.

Gold Partner

Gold Partners typically sell into a specific geographic territory and/or vertical industry segment, but are not required to do so. They are certified by the HOB Sales Team and are assigned to a dedicated HOB Partner Manager.

Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners are the most advanced managed channel partners in the HOB Partner Program. They have achieved our Sales and Technical Certifications and are fully capable of selling, implementing and supporting HOB solutions. Platinum Partners will be assigned to a dedicated HOB Partner Manager.

Platinum Partners procure the products directly from HOB. 

OEM Partner

HOB offers a wide range of solutions that may be integrated or bundled with 3rd party hardware or software solutions.

Technology Alliance Partners

For leading hardware and software vendors. Both partner's products (HOB and the TP) must be fully compatible and provide significant added value to the end-users. After mutual sign-off on the technical part, joint marketing campaigns will take the solution to the channels.

Joint Marketing Activities

HOB participates in joint marketing activities, in order to increase market visibility for both partners. Marketing actions are, e.g.:

• Newsletter
• Webinares
• Press Relations
• Joint Events