HOB OEM Partner Program

Technology from HOB Creates Enduring Value


Develop powerful solutions with the “best of breed” connectivity clients from HOB, with which your customers can access their systems with Java-based or native solutions, or over apps. HOB software enables access to a multitude of targets, for example, to Microsoft RDS (RDP), Windows Desktops, Mac or Linux machines (X11), as well as to legacy server systems (3270, 5250, VT, etc.).

HOB also offers apps for native access from an Apple iPad or Android tablets to Windows Desktops, VDI and remote desktop services.

Our Java RDP client HOBLink JWT supports access to VDIs over VMware Horizon View.


With HOB SSL VPN, your customers can achieve a highly secure connection over the Internet to a network. Furthermore, this software solution enables communication encrypted at layers four to five with selected network targets, servers, VDIs and desktops, as well as with applications and Web applications such as MS OWA, SharePoint and many more. Fully transparent network access over TLS without installation of a VPN client on the client device is possible, contrary to other manufacturers. This process, designed by HOB, is patent protected.


With the patented HOBLink Anywhere Client you can provide your customers with secure access to the enterprise network without having to install on the client dedicated software or drivers. The universally deployable IPsec client allows communications encrypted on layer 3 to any VPN gateway.

Client for Mobile Devices

Your customers want secure, powerful access to Microsoft Exchange Server? With our sandbox solution HOBLink Mobile you can offer them a highly secure, lean and uncomplicated solution for smartphones and tablets. This app enables access to e-mail, calendars, contacts and notes, while at no time storing any of this confidential information on the client device. Furthermore, it does away with high procurement costs, trainings and the corresponding administrative work, which come with conventional solutions for mobile device management.

File Sharing and Synchronization

With HOBLink DASH your customers combine the advantages of cloud file sharing with secure data storage in their own computing center. Data can be synchronized and exchanged with a multitude of terminal devices, without using cloud services. This file sharing solution is installed on the enterprise servers and ensures that important data never leave the corporate premises. Thanks to the granular setting of rights, roles and rules, only pre-authorized persons are granted access to confidential systems.

RDP Load Balancing

With the patented RDP load balancing solution from HOB your customers can distribute the access, and therewith the load, evenly over your Windows Server systems. This effectively increases the performance and capacity of your customers’ IT. Individually adjustable parameters make the assignment of clients within the server farm with remote desktop services highly efficient. This ensures top performance even for large server farms.

VoIP Communication

With the Java-based SIP client you can offer your customers a browser-based, versatile and highly secure solution for VoIP communication, which is compatible with a multitude of platforms. The encrypted connection meets the highest security demands. For use on iOS and Android, corresponding apps are available.


For encryption on Apache HTTP servers, in most cases, OpenSSL with the corresponding module mod_SSL is used. With the SSL module mod_hob_ssl you can provide your customers with a highly secure alternative. This proprietary solution from von HOB contains the random number generator that was a deciding factor in the certification of our comprehensive and highly secure SSL VPN solution HOB RD VPN in accordance with the Common Criteria EAL4+.

App Security Software Development Kit

With the HOB eSecure Software Development Kit (SDK) your customers can integrate SSL-encryption into their self-developed apps. With this solution SSL on the client side and modern authentication processes on the server side can be implemented.

With HOB eSecure SDK you give your customers the ability to integrate HOB SSL into apps on the client side (Apple iOS and Android). At the same time, on the server side the most modern authentication processes can be implemented.

VPN, SSL VPN and Connectivity Technologies for a Multitude of Industry Solutions

Profit from having HOB as an OEM partner! Our VPN, SSL VPN and connectivity technologies support you especially in the development of high-quality solutions for the following areas: remote access, network security, Web security, mobile security, cloud computing, application delivery, app development, unified communications, Internet of things, Industry 4.0 and healthcare IT.

Why You Should Choose HOB as an OEM Partner

  • React quickly to changing markets with technology from HOB
  • Integrate the most comprehensive pure software solution on the market
  • Minimize your development expenses through the use of proven solutions
  • Profit from over 25 years of experience in software development
  • Improve your IT security with our proven, highly secure and proprietary SSL implementation
  • Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified
  • Fast implementation of the technology through professional technical support
  • Remain flexible with individual sales models