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HOB RD VPN Wins Double Gold for VPN/IPsec/SSL Innovation and Remote Access – the Golden Bridge Awards
HOB Takes Home Three Awards for HOB RD VPN in Ninth Annual Awards Program

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The New General Data Protection Regulation – What You Need to Know
In May 2016 a revision of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was concluded. This regulates any and all handling of personal data within the EU. In May 2018 the transition period ends and all changes will come into legal force.

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Control the Complexity!
Learn how to better navigate your way through the complicated landscape of secure remote computing, with its multitude of protocols and standards. After an interview with HOB’s Technical Marketing Manager and Security Evangelist Armin Graefe, Edward Amoroso, the founder and CEO of TAG Cyber clearly explains what he learned about the architecture of secure remote access, including security design goals and how to best approach the issues of scale, integration, and efficiency.

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Ransomware – No Problem for HOB Customers
WannaCry has been thoroughly discussed in the media, fear and indignation, with a touch of panic, resounded loudly throughout the press. Experts pointed fingers and politicians called either for cyber cops or stricter laws.

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HOB gives you a sneak peek at one of the new features in HOB RD VPN 2.2.Our patented and completely redesigned WebServerGate allows for a better, more precise and accurate link translation, resulting in fewer errors and lower vulnerability to unintended or maliciously effected exposure of confidential data, such as session ID’s.

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