New IPsec VPN-Client – Flexible and Secure Remote Access Over the Internet

Connect Securely and Flexibly to the Enterprise Network: With the IPsec Client HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client

Cadolzburg, Jan 09, 2017 - The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client is an IPsec VPN client specially designed for secure access to centrally hosted enterprise data and applications. The access over IPsec is made easily, regardless of the make or manufacture of the installed gateway. This allows the Anywhere Client to be integrated quickly and simply into every existing IT infrastructure. The connection to the corporate network, thanks to the established encryption methods (AES, Intel AES-NI, 3DES) and IKE/ISAKMP standards (RFC 2401-ff), is always securely protected.

No Client-side Installation Required

A great advantage, as compared to other IPsec clients, is that with the HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client, no drivers need to be installed before you can start working with it. This greatly simplifies rollout and subsequent support. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client can be conveniently stored as an executable file on a USB stick or downloaded from an enterprise Web server and launched directly. Hereby, the users don't need to be given any administrative rights. On the client side, the only requirement is an up-to-date Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows Vista or newer). The fast and uncomplicated connection to the enterprise network helps make the Anywhere Client one of the most user-friendly IPsec VPN clients on the market. From the administrators' point of view, too, the HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client offers many advantages, as it truly eases the administrative workload.

No IP Address Conflicts

The NAT-T, NAT keepalive and UDP encapsulation (UDP ports 500/4500) functions enable IPsec-connections to be established over any router, firewall or WLAN-Hotspot. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client's additional dynamic NAT support reliably prevents IP address conflicts between the client-side network and the corporate network. This is especially helpful when, for example, you want to make an IPsec connection from a hotel to the enterprise network. It is just as possible to connect to several target networks. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client is available in a version with certificate support as well as a version without it.

Single Sign-on

In the just released software version 2.1, the version with certificate support presents a third way to use the HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client (Single Sign-on) can also be installed directly on the client device. This makes it possible for the user to authenticate himself before the Windows logon to the gateway. After the successful login, all the mapped network drives and directories are available to the user. This increases user-friendliness and provides higher security.

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