HOB Achieves a Record Number of Parallel User Sessions

Cadolzburg, February 4, 2016 -

HOB, the German manufacturer for secure remote access to data and applications, has achieved the record number of 100,000 parallel RDP user sessions with the remote access solution HOB RD VPN. HOB RD VPN is a pure software solution that runs on all makes of standard servers. In the test, sample RDP sessions were used to simulate typical VPN- or network-traffic between clients and gateway. Hereby, the memory requirement amounted to only 12 GB RAM, of which 3 GB RAM were used by the operating system.

The following test environment was used for the tests:

- 4 CPUs, with 10 cores each and hyper threading
- 2 10Gbit network cards
- 512 GB RAM ? HOB RD VPN’s actual resource requirements: 13 GB RAM!

- Linux - Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

- xbttcp95, xbttcp23 (64-bit)

The test results have shown that with only one installation of the software on just one server, 100,000 sessions can be run in parallel without any loss of performance. In addition to this, the integrated load balancing and cluster-capability make it possible to use several servers at the same time. That makes this solution especially interesting for scenarios with an enormous amount of concurrent connections, such as can be found in a cloud or Internet of Things (IoT) environment. The resource-sparing HOB WebSecureProxy architecture, the solution’s core component, brings you benefits not only in the area of performance; it also greatly reduces hardware costs. "We are proud to be able to offer our customers an extraordinary product," declared Klaus Brandstätter, HOB’s CEO. "The test results show that the HOB WebSecureProxy is up to every challenge. We could prove that HOB RD VPN is not only especially secure, but also has an extremely high capacity."

About HOB

HOB is a mid-sized company, developing innovative and multiply rewarded software solutions that are marketed worldwide. The core competencies of the successful company HOB, founded in 1964, comprise server-based computing, secure remote access, also for desktop or mobile devices, VoIP and virtualization. HOB products are deployed in small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Further, some HOB products are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ by the German Federal Office for Information Security. HOB remote access solutions received the quality mark from TeleTrust "IT Security Made in Germany."


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