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HOB, Inc. Makes the Virtual Workplace a Reality with its Secure Remote Access Software


Hawthorne, NY (December 7, 2010) – HOB, Inc. today announced that it is addressing the concept of a virtual workplace with its secure remote access software – HOB RD VPN. Today’s enterprises are motivated to shed operational costs and improve employee productivity as a result of the current economic situation. The concept of a virtual workplace, or telecommuting, has increasingly been implemented by enterprises as a way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity as well as reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenses, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

According to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, 62 percent of employees believed they could perform their job duties at a remote location. The 2010 U.S. Remote Working Research survey also showed that more than half of the respondents stated that their company does not have a formal policy enabling employees to work remotely.

The following are key trends associated with the rise of virtual workplace/telecommuting:


“With remote access solutions at the backbone of virtual workplaces, employees are always connected to their corporate networks while visiting customers, business partners, at home or while in the field,” explained HOB's CEO Klaus Brandstätter. “The ability to securely, economically and reliably access enterprise resources from diverse platforms and terminals is, now and in the future, a not-to-be underestimated competitive advantage. Our HOB RD VPN software provides users with secure remote access to enterprise data and applications in addition to desktop computers – from anywhere and at any time.”


About HOB, Inc.

HOB, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of the software development and network service provider, HOB GmbH & Co. KG, which is headquartered in Cadolzburg, Germany. HOB, Inc. was founded in New Jersey in April 2000 and is currently headquartered in Hawthorne, NY. HOB GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-sized German software enterprise that develops and markets innovative remote access solutions worldwide. The core competencies of HOB, founded in 1964, comprise server-based computing, secure remote access, VoIP and virtualization. HOB products are deployed in small, mid-sized and large enterprises. One-third of the largest financial services providers are currently using HOB software. HOB has branch offices in France, Malta, the Netherlands, USA and Mexico. For more information, visit: www.hobsoft.com and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HOBsoft.




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