HOB Products at Work

HOB has a wide range of software products, products that have proven themselves in real-world deployment scenarios and have convinced IT managers, administrators and users.

  Case Study: Pharmster
The Russian enterprise Pharmster develops technologies for pharmaceutical and hospital technology. Pharmster provides and installs medical equipment, and performs support services.
  My Home Is My Castle! A Forsa survey
A Forsa survey carried out in Germany in the Summer of 2008 on behalf of the BITKOM group shows that two-thirds of the respondents would prefer to work at home
kiru   Windows Terminal Server Computing and Desktop on Demand: Remote – Yet Right There
Municipal Data Processing Association Reutlingen-Ulm
  Secure Remote Access Solution at Spaarne Hospital in Haarlem (Netherlands)
Connecting home offices to Windows Server 2003 using HOB RD VPN
huk   Messaging Solution with HOBCOM for HUK Coburg
Print, fax and e-mail sent from a customer-specific host application using HOBCOM and TOPCALL Communication Server ONE
  Remote Access to WTS with strong authentication for N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek
Server based computing solution with HOB RD VPN
blum   Access to Windows, WTS and iSeries over the Internet for Blum Holiday-Tours GmbH
hiller   Secure Remote Access and Administration over the Internet at Hiller Objektmöbel
phoenix   Remote Access for Phoenix Reederei
Secure access from remote PCs or laptops with HOBLink JWT and HOB WebSecureProxy
eindhoven   Windows Remote Access for the Municipality of Eindhoven in the Netherlands
Server-based computing solution with HOBLink JWT and HOBLink Secure
tui   Mainframe Connectivity for Travel Agencies at TUI InfoTec
3270 monitor and printer functionality by networking the data center in Hanover over the Internet – implemented with HOBLink J-Term and HOBLink Secure
SSL/VPN   University of Wisconsin–Green Bay Deploys HOB RD VPN


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