HOB Cyber Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

"IoT will have a bigger impact on companies than all previous IT developments."
(Michael Eugene Porter, US economist at Harvard)

For years, the matter of data security has had for many enterprises a high priority. The focus has been, and remains, on the security of internal componay databases, as well as all communications over the Internet and in the LAN. Previously, the main emphasis was on guaranteeing secure communications paths which are generated by employees via their terminal devices. The tremendous growth forecast for the Internet of Things will bring with it a similiar growth of vulnerabilities to cyber attacks in this area. HOB provides certified connecivity solutions "Made in Germany," designed for the special needs of IoT operators.

Growth Prognosis for IoT:

2016 ⇒ approx. 10 billion networked "things"
2020 ⇒ approx. 50 billion networked "things"

IoT – Demands and Solutions

Built upon a mature software architechture, which can manage a large number of SSL-encrypted clients ("things"), with high stability at great loads.

HOB has successfully tested HOB RD VPN with 100,000 parallel user sessions(TLS/SSL at load) on just one server.

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Data communications must meet the highest security demands.

HOB software has been certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ (BSI-DSZ-CC-0832-2014) by the by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

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Authentication and encryption for IoT clients

The Software Development Kit HOB eSecure SDK is a powerful tool for the implementation of SSL/TLS and modern authentication methods in IoT clients.

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The server software must be suitable for the creation of large data centers (IoT cloud solutions).

Servers running HOB RD VPN can be operated in clusters - also distributed geographically as geoclusters.

We know the challenges you will face with the IoT, and have the right products and services to help you meet them.